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CornerStone Protection alarm company provides home security solutions that are tailored for modern living. Our systems not only enhance protection at home, they also make life more convenient.

Intelligent Security Solutions for Home, Business, and Commercial Applications

CornerStone Protection security services have got you covered no matter what you need. We work with homeowners, businesses, industrial clients, and more.
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About Us

CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection is a security company founded by Shannon Stone and based in Lexington, Kentucky. We have been in business for 12 years providing reliable security service to the community. Shannon, the founder and a retired captain with 29 years of experience in the law enforcement community. Our team also has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the same security sector. Shannon and his team uses his expertise and techniques to help people stay safe by providing the best security solutions.


For all your security concerns, you are covered. Our services include home automation, video surveillance, and home and business alarm systems. We also offer exceptional customer service and 24/7 monitoring.


We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service, expertise, transparency, and authority. We are dependable when it comes to home and business security. When you call us, we are happy to assist you and provide credible information.


CornerStone Protection is the best option if you are concerned about getting quality security service. Contact us now and get more information about our services.

A Top-rated Installer and Supplier for Smart Security Solutions

CornerStone Protection uses the latest technology to offer the most advanced security solutions to our clients. With our expertise and dedication, you can rest assured that you have the protection you need.
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Our Experiences

With over 30 years of experience, we leverage our knowledge and expertise in the security and surveillance industry.
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Affordable Price

We offer advanced technology for protection at an affordable price, providing you with the best value in the market.
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Customer Satisfaction

CornerStone Protection is a top-rated local security system installer that offers 100% customer satisfaction.

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Remote Assistance is Available!

Training and Assistance is Available via Remote Connection

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Professional Security Camera Installation for Homes and Businesses

Security cameras are one of the best crime deterrents for homes and businesses. With CornerStone Protection, you get indoor and outdoor cameras with advanced features. From HD video recording and cloud storage to night vision and analytics, our cameras can catch it all.

–Smart Home–

Security and Home Automation from Your Smartphone

Our alarm systems offer the ultimate secure home solution. Along with managing and enhancing security, homeowners can manage their security devices from the same app. From smart lights and thermostats to smart locks and doorbell cameras, it all works together on one platform.

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Unlock the Power of Cloud Camera Systems

Get cloud service for security cameras and upgrade your security camera system! Enjoy the flexibility of storing and accessing footage from anywhere, with the ability to store more than ever before. Benefit from advanced analytics and remote reviewing, and take your surveillance game to the next level.
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Easy to Set Up

Our cloud systems are adaptable and easy to set up.

advanced cloud analytics cornerstone protection

Advanced Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics make your camera system smarter for enhanced protection.

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Multi-level Access Delegation

Our cloud system offers the ability to assign privileges based on the user’s role.

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24/7 Security Monitoring by a Real Person

The intelligence of an alarm system can only go so far on its own. With alarm home monitoring services by a real person, you can get better protection and prevent false alarms. It can make your home or business safer and ensure that you are not being a burden to emergency responders.
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Advanced Door Access Control From CornerStone Protection

Maintain control over the premises with advanced door access control security systems. We offer systems with biometrics, PIN codes, and key cards to keep your business safe.
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Control Who Can Access

maintain access records cornerstone protection

Maintain Access Records

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Enhance Safety

Protection with Off-duty Police Officers

We provide dependable security for businesses and communities with our off-duty police officer services. From retail stores to industrial facilities and events, our officers offer the protection you can trust.

standing police security guards cornerstone protection

Standing Guards

event police security cornerstone protection

Event Security

off duty security patrol service cornerstone protection

Patrol Services

traffic off duty security cornerstone protection

Traffic Control

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Free Consultation and Activation! Call Today

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Get Security System Repair Services From Experienced Professionals

We are a trusted security system repair company in Kentucky that can fix security systems from any provider. Our team can handle a wide range of repair tasks, including camera calibration & testing, battery replacement, signal troubleshooting, and resolution of complex issues.

Advantages of CornerStone Protection

We can help any homeowner or business owner enhance security at their residential or commercial premises. Just let us know what you need and your concerns, and we can help you build the right system.
Components: cornerstoneprotection CornerStone Protection Traditional Security Companies Simple DIY Security Solutions
Systems With Professional Installation Optional
Pick the Devices You Need
3 UL Certified Monitoring Stations
Wi-Fi and Cellular Communication Optional
Video Recording and Live Viewing
Complete Smart Home Features
Intelligent Pet Features
No Hidden Fees Optional
No Long-Term Contracts
Same Day Installation
Guaranteed Response Within 24 Hours
Locally Owned and Operated

Get Peace of Mind With 3 Simple Steps

CornerStone Protection security specialists can be consulted on the best options to secure the property.
Call Us (or We Can Call You)
Contact real experts to discuss your security concerns.
Discuss Your Needs
We’ll assist you with expert advice on the best solutions to secure your home.
Schedule a Site Visit
Days, nights, and weekends are all okay for us. And if you’re ready to purchase, CornerStone protection security specialists can do same-day installation.
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Team Members

Security Experts at CornerStone Protection

We have experienced security professionals ready to help you secure your home or business.

What Our Client Says

We Offer the Best Products in Smart Home Security Integrations

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Answers to the Most Common Questions

Being a homeowner you need to ensure 360-degree protection of your loved ones and belongings therefore, your home security system must have ultimate features like real-time alerts, remote monitoring, Wi-Fi and cellular communication, and intelligent pet features.

If you reside in a high-crime areas, you need smart home security camera installation with advanced features like HD video recording, greater night visibility, event-based recording, real-time alerts, door access control security. Security alarms, doorbell cameras, and smartlocks are also very important to ensure 100% protection against criminal activities.

A home security system typically includes equipment such as sensors for doors and windows, a control panel, motion detectors, a siren or alarm, and possibly cameras and a monitoring service.

Some security systems offer DIY installation. Depending on your security concerns, a DIY system might be enough. However, if you want confidence in a proper installation for the best protection, you need a professional security camera and home alarm installation.

That depends on the circumstances and who you ask. However, secure authentication for users is probably the most important feature of a security system.

Yes. Homes and businesses can have an entire network of smart devices working with the security system.

Yes. Our security panels come with battery backups that keep the security system running while the power is out

Our security professionals work closely with clients to provide the best solutions for every situation. Our team has a history in law enforcement, which gives us unique insights you can’t get from other providers.

Yes. We offer several options for upgrading home and business security. Even if your existing security system is from other company, we can upgrade it without any issues

If most of the devices and panel are wireless, you can bring the system with you when you move. We can also help you disconnect the system and set it up at your new home.

Yes. All devices come with warranties and if equipment malfunctions we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

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