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Modern businesses face all sorts of threats. It does not only include external threats that may come from outsiders, but there is also the possibility of internal threats. All sizes have effective solutions for controlling access to different facilities and different areas within facilities.


As a leader in Kentucky business security, CornerStone Protection offers a wide array of security and access control solutions. We can work with businesses of all sizes to address their concerns, and we even have solutions that are perfect for access control systems for small businesses. With our systems, you can control access for better security while still maintaining a convenient environment for employees and guests.

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Why is the Essential Benefits for Business Security?

Advantages of access control systems for business include a range of systems and devices that are designed to grant or deny entry. For many years, key card door entry systems were the gold standard for access security control. However, you now have a range of technological solutions that can be used to improve security on the premises while also making it easier to manage and control access.


By getting away from the traditional lock and key as the foundation of door entry systems, you can enhance business security and improve operations in several different ways. The following are a few of the benefits that come with having commercial security with secure access entry systems:

Why Door Access Control Systems is Important for Managing Your Business

Having a keyless door entry system for business goes beyond the primary security concerns of who is coming and going at different times. With the right access security systems, you can provide trusted individuals with the means to access a building without having to issue them a key that could be duplicated.


Along with that, you can give them different levels of access depending on their role at your organization. If you have areas with sensitive materials, your access security systems can make sure they are only available to those who have been trusted with permission to access the room they are kept in.


With every person having unique credentials, an access panel system can also be good for identifying irregularities. Maybe an employee is accessing an area at an unusual time. If a crime is committed at the facility, you could use the access panel records to see who was in the building at the time of the incident. A good door access control system for business will be able to show you who is coming and going and what doors they are using.

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Types of Security Access Control Systems

Access control for Lexington, Kentucky businesses can come in many forms. Some of the more common three types of access panel control systems include PIN/Password systems, physical credentials, and biometrics.

Pin / Password Never Maintain Records

The PIN/Password method of controlling access is one of the simplest. With this type of system, each user is assigned a unique PIN or password that can allow them access based on the permissions they have. A keypad would be at each door covered by the key card entry system, and users would input their PIN or password to unlock the door. Systems that use PINs and passwords tend to be easy to manage and affordable, but they are not as good for maintaining records. If physical credentials are lost, you know to deactivate the permissions right away. With a PIN or password, you might not always know when an access code is compromised.
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Physical Access Control Easy to Use

With a system based on physical access management (PAM) credentials, each user would be given a physical object like a keycard or a key fob that can be used to unlock the door. The access card entry systems or device will be linked to the user’s identity, and an administrator can manage the permissions of different users from a control dashboard.


With a card access system, you can have swipe cards that have a magnetic strip or you can have proximity cards that have a chip that is scanned by a proximity reader. A key fob system for business access control can send a wireless signal that unlocks the wireless lock to provide authorized access. There are even systems that can assign unique identifier codes to a smartphone that can then be used to open the door lock using a Bluetooth signal.

Biometrics Reader is a Smart Access Control

Biometric office access control is a system that uses a unique physical trait of the user to manage access. This could be a fingerprint, handprint, the iris or retina of the user’s eye, voice control or facial recognition. This is one of the most secure options because these traits are unique to the individual and they cannot be copied.
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Access Control Solution to Minimize Business Threats

CornerStone Protection offers a complete design of access control services for small businesses and all sizes in Central Kentucky, USA. We can help you control access with systems and devices that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

How to Choose the Right Access Control Security Systems

Different organizations are going to need different types of security management access systems. Finding the right wireless access control will require the consideration of a few points.

With our history in law enforcement off-duty services and our extensive experience in business security, we can help you find the control access system that is right for your needs. We offer a wide array of access control products and we can build a custom system that will provide the security you need while also being easy to manage and easy to use.

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Custom Design for Your Business Access Control System

Expert will help you

We will start by assessing your needs. Our security expert will ask you a range of questions to learn more about your business and the concerns you have with controlling access. After that, we will send one of our experts out to investigate the property and help you develop a system that will work well for your security.

Customized system for more security

Using this information, our security expert will design a customized system. From there, we will move on to access control installation to improve business security and employee safety. This will include installing readers, setting up the access security control panel, connecting the locks to the system, and programming. We will also teach you or a designated administrator how to use the system, and how to manage permissions and security control systems records.

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CornerStone Protection works with a wide array of security products. Contact our team to learn more about access control systems services in Lexington, Kentucky and other surrounding areas. We have experts standing by, and we are ready to discuss your security concerns and schedule a meeting to design your access control system.

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