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The #1 Commercial and Residential
Alarm Company in Berea, Kentucky

Security Systems Berea KY provides 24/7 protection for homes and businesses using state of the art alarm system technology and expert designs.

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Security System Service for Homes and Businesses in Berea, KY

Cornerstone Protection offers an array of security systems, surveillance systems and automation systems for homes and businesses in Berea, Kentucky.

Our alarm monitoring systems are fully networked – offering you the convenience to connect with, monitor, and manage your home or business security system from a phone, tablet, or computer.

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Berea, Kentucky’s Most Trusted Supplier for Security Systems

Cornerstone Protection offers more than just control over your all-in-one smart security system. With our home and business security alarm system, you can wirelessly monitor and manage devices throughout your home or business. This includes things like security cameras and surveillance systems, smart lights, smart thermostats, and smart lights.

Beyond smart automation and security solution, Cornerstone Protection also offers devices that can protect your home or business in a number of different ways. Along with security system installation, we also offer fire protection devices, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detection and more.

A Leading Security and Home Monitoring Service in Berea, KY

Berea’s top home security company, Cornerstone Protection offers wireless alarm and home automation systems. This means no wires or phone lines that can be cut, and it provides our customers with a clean professional look. First-rate security Berea alarm systems that provide you with 24/7 protection while being convenient and easy to operate.

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Why Choose Cornerstone Protection
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Custom Alarm Systems Designed for Your Berea Home Security

Cornerstone Protection designs every alarm system to meet the needs of the individual home or business. We go out of our way to customize security to fit your budget and match your lifestyle. Whether you want all of the most advanced features or just the basics, our security professionals can be there to help design custom residential and commercial security alarms benefits to meet your needs.

Home Alarm Systems

  • Custom home automation
  • Automated security alerts
  • Remote Access

Surveillance Camera

  • Live footage
  • Color at Night 24/7
  • Indoor/Outdoor cameras

Intruder Alarm System

  • Burglar security system
  • Smoke fire, CO detectors & alarms
  • Flood/Image/Motion Sensors
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Customize your alarm system today.

Solutions for Home Security and Business Security at an Affordable Price

Cornerstone Protection, the best security system company in Berea, Kentucky, can design alarm systems to meet the needs of any home or business. With our security alarm systems, you can do more to keep your property safe and save money – making this the perfect time to start working on your new alarm system.

We design and install custom home and business security and surveillance system packages that can fit any budget while still providing a high level of protection.

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We’ll visit your home for free and show you how to protect your home, garage and family better.

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When Your Security Alarm System is Triggered, Cornerstone Protection Response Within Seconds

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SignaL Sent

Your security panel will instantly send a signal to any of 3 Elite UL certified monitoring and dispatch centers.

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Signal Received

A Cornerstone Protection dispatcher will immediately evaluate the situation and call you to confirm that everything is okay.

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Action Taken

If you are in need of assistance, we will notify emergency personnel and authorities to take immediate action.

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Our response time for alarms triggered by life-threatening emergencies and property intrusion is less than 15 seconds on average.

24/7 Safe Alarm Monitoring Service

Cornerstone Protection's 3 Elite UL listed monitoring and dispatch centers are equipped to deliver constant alarm security monitoring of your home or business.

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Security Alarm Services in Berea, KY from Cornerstone Protection

As a leader in Berea home alarm systems, Cornerstone Protection is dedicated to providing the best in security system solutions. It is our mission to provide customers with the highest quality and best service for home and business security systems. To fulfill our commitment to supplying the best smart security solutions, we hire only the best and most qualified professionals and we use on the best equipment.

We are the most reliable and most trusted alarm system supplier in the Berea, Kentucky area for smart alarm systems and automation. Homes and businesses can depend on our smart alarm systems to provide 24/7 security and protection.

Cornerstone Protection offers an array of security components such as touchscreen control panels, wireless cameras, glass break detectors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, image sensors, flood sensors, temperature sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, night vision surveillance systems, carbon monoxide detectors and much more.

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