8 Ways a Smart Home Can Improve Your Life

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Modern life is busy. Managing a home, caring for a family, having a career – it is a lot for any person to handle.

At Cornerstone Protection, we know you want to do everything you can to keep your family safe. We also recognize the fact that people live busy lives and they need home security solutions that make their lives easier. That is why our teams work so hard to develop effective home security solutions that can work for any home.


8 Ways How Smart Homes Make Your Life Easier

In this post, we are going to cover some of the ways Cornerstone Protection can make home security easier for any home.

  • Customizable Security
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Control Your Home From Your Phone
  • Notifications Sent to Your Phone
  • Smart Camera System
  • See and Speak
  • Wireless Disarming
  • Complete Home Automation


1. Customizable Security

We know that no two families or homes are the same. People have diverse lifestyles, and different homes have different security concerns. We won’t sell you some basic boxed security system because it is easier for us or because it is more profitable – we will consult with you to make sure we understand your security needs.

New customers can start by calling our support team for a free security consultation. We can also send a security expert to your home to perform an assessment. Based on your concerns and the security assessment of your property, we will then make a range of recommendations to design a system that will meet your needs as an individual.


2. Wireless Security Systems

how to make your home a smart home cornerstone protection
Wireless security technology has come a long way in recent years. In the past, the signals were less reliable than they are now, and the signal security was less dependable. With modern wireless security tech, the signals can be almost as reliable as a hardwired system, and they now deploy strong encryption to protect signal security.

Our security professionals often recommend wireless security system technology because we believe it is a much better fit for today’s homeowners. Wireless systems are easier to install and more versatile. You are not limited to locations where wires can be run, and it makes it easier if you ever need to add devices or upgrade the system in the future.

These days, the popularity of wireless security systems is growing because of their easy and beneficial features. Not only that, the use of wireless alarm systems for apartments is also making things easier for building owners.


3. Control Your Home From Your Phone

manage and control the security system from cornerstone protection

All of our home security systems come with a simple touchscreen panel that makes management and monitoring easy. Beyond that, you can also manage and control the system from a smartphone app. Want to check the home security cameras? Just open the app on your phone. Want to make sure the system is armed? Just check its status from your phone.

Being able to control and monitor your home alarm system from an app makes security much easier. You do not have to go to a set control pad to check the system’s status or go to a monitor to see your camera feeds. It’s all right there in your pocket, and you can access all the features you need anywhere your phone has an internet connection. That means you can even manage and monitor the system when you are away from home.

Be worry-free by installing an outdoor home security monitoring camera to protect your home and your family. Most importantly, many find this wireless security the best home monitoring system for the elderly because they are easy to use.


4. Notifications Sent to Your Phone

auto notification sender security system cornerstone protection

Being able to check your system from your phone is great, but you are probably too busy to keep the app open all the time. Our security systems solve this problem by offering the ability to set up notifications for different events. With notifications pushed to your phone, you can be aware of the most important things to make your smart home.

These notifications are very easy to set up, and you can choose different types of events for the alerts. As an example, you can get an alert any time someone disarms the system. You can also get alerts for when a camera records a new clip. You can also choose to receive alerts for activity from specific users.


5. Smart Camera System

how to make a smart house cornerstone protection

If you are looking for effective crime deterrents, it is hard to beat surveillance cameras. Most criminals would rather not be caught on film as they commit crimes. However, cameras are passive devices. This means they just record, but they don’t do anything to stop the criminal or alert the police. But what if your cameras could be smarter?

At Cornerstone Protection, we offer surveillance camera systems backed by intelligent video analytics. With smart analytics, the cameras can alert you to suspicious activity. These cameras can not only tell the difference between humans and animals, but they are also smart enough to detect the difference between normal activity and activity that might need your attention.

To increase the security of your home, install this type of modern and reliable surveillance security system. If you are a working parent or have an older person in your home you can install inside home surveillance cameras to be able to check on them while you are away.

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6. See and Speak

Cameras with two-way audio can be another way to make home security more convenient. This is a common feature we offer with our doorbell cameras. Beyond just being able to see someone at your door, you will be able to have a conversation with them.

This is obviously great for security because you can see people at the front door and talk to them without having to open or even go to the door. All you need to do is open the app on your phone. If you have smart locks integrated with the system, you can even unlock the door to let the visitor in if it is someone you know.

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7. Wireless Disarming

If you have ever had one of those old alarm systems with the keypad, you know how tricky the disarming process can be. You have to rush in the door and get to the keypad to disarm it before it sets the alarm off. If you take too long, you then have to deal with the siren and you might have to talk to people from the monitoring station.

With wireless disarming, this problem is a thing of the past. Wireless disarming works by putting a unique identifier code on the phone of the user. The panel can then use Bluetooth to detect the arrival of that user and it will automatically disarm the system when they come home.


8. Complete Home Automation

complete home automation system cornerstone protection

Cornerstone Protection does more than home security – we are also leaders in home automation. Our alarm panels support a variety of security repair services that can make your life easier while also integrating with your home security. This includes garage door openers, window blinds, thermostats, lights, locks, and more.

What makes this even more powerful is that you can program these features to work together. As an example, you can program the system to turn on a backyard light if the smart camera analytics detect a person in your backyard at night. You can also make life easier by programming scenes to adjust a variety of features at the same time. For instance, you could make a bedtime scene that arms the panel, turns the lights off in certain areas, locks the doors, and adjusts the temperature.

Let us help modernize your lifestyle with our impressive home automation security system that contains many features. You can get a bundle of home automation benefits after installing it.

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All Under One Platform

A big part of what makes security from Cornerstone Protection so easy is that we unify everything in one platform. When you work with our experts, you get intrusion detection, surveillance cameras, alarms, home automation, fire protection, and CO detectors all in one simple platform that you can access and manage from your phone.

This simplifies home security in a way that makes it perfect for fitting in with a busy lifestyle and a busy family. Check the status of your alarm system and then view your cameras all in one place. This is home security and safety made easy.

Contact our team to learn more about Cornerstone Protection and what we can do for security at your home. We have experts ready to provide free consultation on how to make a smart home.

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