How Secure Are Smart Door Locks?

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Many homeowners and tenants are concerned about improving home security. Apart from the commonly used traditional ways of securing properties, there are better security solutions you can consider to enjoy peace of mind wherever you are. For instance, the latest technological developments taking place have impacted the security industry in many ways. One method of improving the safety of your home is installing a smart lock on the front door. Some individuals often ask the following questions:

  • What are smart locks?
  • How safe are door locks
  • Are smart locks convenient?

This article explains everything you want to know about smart locks.

What is a Smart Lock?

Most door locks are generally similar because of their design and functions. A smart lock can be connected to other devices like smartphones, or tablets via the internet. You will be able to monitor your house remotely using your mobile device. An internet connection is required to help you check everything taking place at your property.

Smart technology is popular nowadays because it comes with numerous benefits that can make your life easier. A digital lock is convenient because it gives you remote access to your house. Even if you forget to lock your door, you can check from any place where you’re enjoying your holiday. Digital locks are user-friendly because you can operate them using your tablet or smart phone. The lock comes with an app which you should install on your mobile device. Your device gives you an alert if your door has been opened while you’re away. Smart locks can protect your property even when you are not home. The alerts you get on your mobile phone are designed to help you take appropriate action in case of invasion.

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Common Features of Smart Locks

Smart locks share common but unique features, which include the following:

  • No key required: When you install a smart lock at your home, you will have no worries about issues such as losing a key or forgetting it at work. Most locks come with key codes used to open the door, not a physical key which can get lost. You can change the security code anytime to improve home security.
  • Mobile access: You can also use a mobile phone to lock or unlock the door. You only need an appropriate app on your mobile device to open the door for your kids or visitors you trust.
  • Customizable user codes: A digital log uses codes to open it. You can create custom codes for other members of the family so they can easily open the door when they get home. With a special PIN code, no one will get stranded when they arrive home even when you are not around.
  • Bump guard: A smart lock comes a security feature called a bump guard that keeps burglars outside. When someone uses a bumping tool, they can gain access to your home. However, this is not possible when you install a smart lock anti-bumping features.
  • Mobile alerts: You will receive a mobile alert when your door is opened or someone tampers with it. This will help you check all the movements around your home.
  • Backlight illumination: A smart key has a keypad with a backlight to allow you to operate it even in the dark. You don’t need to light the torch on your phone to open your smart key at night.
  • Programmable: If you feel that your smart home automation system has been compromised, you don’t need to change the key. Instead, you can reprogram your smart lock. This option saves you money because you don’t need to buy another lock.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks have the same locking mechanism as standard locks that are operated manually. However, when you install a smart lock, you will control the locking and unlocking processes electronically. You will also need to consider other necessary elements which can make the door close or open without human effort.

A smart lock is an electronic device that operates with a battery as its power source. The locks you get from CornerStone Protection have AA battery compartments. When your lock batteries are running low, it gives you an alert via your mobile device. Once you get the notification, you should replace them.

A smart lock connects to the internet via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave. This allows you to operate the lock remotely via a linked mobile device. Smart locks use digital keys instead of physical ones. A digital key is a code you can enter on the smart lock’s keypad. You can also send a command from your mobile application to lock or unlock the smart key.

benefits of smart locks cornerstone protection

Benefits of Smart Locks

Are smart locks safe? Yes. Smart locks are safe because they are digitally operated. The only people who can unlock smart locks are the ones with the appropriate codes or have devices linked to the home security system. You can link your smart lock with other home security systems like alarms and cameras to improve safety. This method allows you to monitor your home remotely to ensure that everything is safe.

If your security system is tampered with, you will receive an alert in real-time on your mobile device. For instance, CornerStone Protection offers 24-hour surveillance services on certain security packages. You can also check the video footage recorded at your place from the cloud storage.

Another advantage of a smart lock is that it allows you to automate the operations of the door or set reminders. If you forget to lock the door, it locks automatically when the programmed time arrives. The app also reminds you to check if you have locked the smart key.

Apart from providing security and personal safety, smart locks are convenient. You don’t need to carry a physical key every time because you can operate the locking system electronically. When you have a busy schedule, smart keys can make it easier for you to manage various properties rented to Airbnb.

smart lock installation cornerstone protection

Smart Lock Installation: Why Choose CornerStone Protection

Some people are skeptical about installing smart locks on their homes over different security concerns. For instance, some people worry about issues such as losing internet connection or batteries getting flat without changing them. However, when you enlist the services of experienced installers at CornerStone Protection, you can enjoy peace of mind because they handle everything professionally for you.

When you consult experts, they will help you choose the right security solution for your home and install it. All you need is to reach out, and experienced professionals will assist you. It is not recommended to install a smart lock system when you lack the necessary skills and expertise to handle such tasks. CornerStone Protection installers are qualified technicians with several years of experience dealing with similar issues. They also use state-of-the-art equipment when dealing with smart locking systems.


Can Keypad Door Locks be Hacked?

Since smart locks work via the internet, many people often wonder if keypad door locks can be hacked. Some smart locks perform better than others meaning that the devices can be hacked though rare. Therefore, purchasing a smart lock from authoritative and reputable security companies can help you overcome this challenge. To ensure that your lock is safe from hackers, you need to check the following features:

  • Two-factor authentication: A secure lock has a two-factor authentication service where you first get a code on your mobile number before unlocking the door. Without a verification code, it becomes impossible to attempt to log in or hack the smart lock.
  • Authentic smart locks use 128-bit encryption, the same used to keep credit card information safe.
  • With a longer and more complex password comprising different characters, it becomes difficult to hack the smart lock.
  • Z-wave technology also prevents your smart lock from being hacked by using strong encryption. Smart devices can link with each other via the internet to ensure maximum security at your home.

Dealing with a credible security company is vital to help you choose and install the best smart lock for you. Experts know how to address issues related to the hacking of smart locks.

It is essential to change your password regularly to protect your devices. Avoid using common names that can provide hints to hackers. Never share your password with unauthorized people since this can compromise your home Wi-Fi security.

unlock a door without using your key cornerstone protection

How to Unlock a Door Without Using Your Key?

When you lose your keys, you might face the challenge of failing to get inside your house. However, there are certain measures you can take to open the door without keys. Remember, these techniques apply to standard doors that are manually operated.

  • Lock picking: You must have a special lock-picking instrument. You need to insert it inside the keyhole and turn it slowly to unlock the door.
  • Raking: It also involves a special tool that pushes the pins one by one inside until the door is opened. You should slowly turn the instrument inside the keyhole to ensure that all pins are turned to the unlock position.
  • Use a screwdriver: Put the screwdriver in the space between the frame and door and make sure it aligns with the position of the lock. Turn the screwdriver slowly in different directions. A clicking sound is produced when you open the lock.
  • Bumping: This method involves the use of an instrument called a “bump key” into the keyhole. When you bump the instrument, it will move the pins, which allows you to unlock the door. With this trick, you will leave no damage or track that the door has been tampered with.
  • Bobby pin: A bobby pin is one of the simplest methods you can consider to unlock your door. This trick is ideal for tumbler locks that come with pins. To apply the trick, get two booby pins that can easily bend and remove the round heads on each. Leave the other pin straight and bend the other into an “L shape” on its end. Insert the straight pin into the lock and try to locate the first pin then lift it using the L-shaped pin. Make sure all the pins have been lifted to open your door. You should take your time to lift each pin.
  • Use a knife: Insert the knife between the door and the frame where the key is found. Try to force the knife to push the key knob open. This method can damage your door or injure your hands, so you need to be careful.
  • Credit card: This method is the same as the one that involves the use of a knife to open the door. Simply slide the credit card between the frame and the door where the jamb is and unlock the door.
  • Remove the hinges: When you try all others methods without success, you can try to remove the hinges if they are accessible. Remove the screws or bolts holding the door to gain entry into your home.

These tricks are effective since you can use them to open the door without a key. When you open the door, ensure you will replace the old lock because it might be damaged when you force it. You may also need to replace the door if it gets damaged while trying to open it using the above methods.


Bottom Line

Installing a smart lock on your door is an effective security solution that helps you improve home security. A digital lock functions with the internet and other connected devices such as smartphones or tablets. This helps you access the door remotely, especially if you integrate it with other security systems like alarms or cameras. It is important to enlist the services of an experienced security company with high levels of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to reap the best results from this kind of security system. For improved home security, you can consider CornerStone Protection to handle everything on your behalf. The professionals will give you peace of mind because of their extensive experience in dealing with similar security issues in the industry.

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