Benefits of Wireless Security Systems for Your Home

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Wireless security has come a long way. Back in the day, almost all the alarm systems that we installed were hardwired safety systems. Why? Because that was all that was offered. We remember drilling holes for keypads, door contacts, motion detectors, and then came the siren. We used very long drill bits and ran wires to everything. Crawling in attics and crawl spaces was a must to running all the wires, and often in the summertime was almost unbearable.

Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

The wireless home security technology only offered large expensive devices and the batteries didn’t last very long at all. This has all changed for automation systems. There are six good reasons to consider a wireless home security alarm system.

  • A Wireless Alarm is Smaller in Size
  • Battery Life
  • Bi-Directional Transmissions
  • Encryption
  • No Drilling
  • Quicker Installation Time

1. A Wireless Alarm is Smaller in Size

A Wireless touch system such as a door contact is very attractive. They have a smaller profile, and often we use high-density double-sided tape to attach the device to the doors. The motion detectors are the same size as hardwired motion detectors as well as DSC glass break detectors. They look great and we have a lot of Wi-Fi safety devices installed in our own homes.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of wireless security devices can range from 3 to 8 years without being replaced. The wireless home alarms systems devices have batteries that can be purchased from your local retail store. This eliminates the need for our customers to call us for service because they can replace the devices themselves. During our installations, we show our customers how to replace the wireless camera devices if they choose to or they can call us to replace them.

importance of wireless home alarms systems cornerstone protection

3. Bi-Directional Transmissions

Our devices are bi-directional which means that the Wi-Fi devices talk to the alarm system and the home alert system talks back to the alarm systems devices. In the event a battery becomes low or the safety device stops working then a notification is sent to the alert alarm system of the trouble condition. A hardwired device doesn’t offer this feature. The wireless alarm gives our customers call total safety protection.

4. Encryption

Our device transmits with 128 bit AES encryption. Because of the encryption, your devices are secure. This eliminates hackers from trying to alter signals or trying to compromise the alarm system. We feel very confident about installing an outdoor camera system with these enhanced safety features.

5. No Drilling

Wireless protection doesn’t need wires, which means no drilling. This is the importance of wireless security systems for existing homeowners. We install a lot of alarm systems in homes that are built and occupied. We have never met anyone that was excited about us drilling a lot of holes in their home. Home protection is a preferred choice over traditional hardwired protection systems.

6. Quicker Installation Time

Because of not having to drill holes and run wires, our installation time of a wireless security system is greatly reduced. Can you imagine the time required to install a hardwired system that involves drilling a lot of holes, and then having to run a wire to each device? It used to take sometimes a day or more to install a basic alarm system. With a wireless alarm system, the same system can be installed in a fraction of the time. Oftentimes we can quote a safety system and then install it the same day using wireless alarm monitoring. This means we spend less time on the install, and in and out time is reduced to a minimum.

benefits of wireless home security alarm system cornerstone protection

Wireless Alarms Systems Stats and Facts

Home monitoring systems act as an effective deterrent in the case of robberies and break-ins. Numerous statistics have shown that thieves are less likely to attempt to break into a home in which there is a home alarm system installed.

  • More than 4,300 robberies happen every day—or nearly 1.6 million annually—in the USA. Use our Safety Checklist to make your home less vulnerable to a break-in.
  • Historically, the risk of theft is higher for rental homes than occupant-owned assets. If you rent, consider the advantages of a wireless alarm and camera system.
  • More than $12.4 billion worth of assets was reported stolen in 2018, and only 26.1% was obtained. Read our tips to increase your possibilities of getting your stolen goods back.
  • The rate of household robberies tends to be most common in summer and a little less common in winter or spring. Learn how to secure your home before vacation properly.
  • Police solve about 13% of all reported thefts, mostly due to a reduction of witnesses or physical evidence. Find out how your monitored alarm system might help catch a burglar.
  • In 2018, 28% of all residential burglaries occurred during the daytime. Install interior and exterior motion-activated affordable home alarm systems so you can see what’s going on in and nearby your house when you’re away.


A wireless alarm monitoring service is a better choice than a hardwired alarm system. Inside CCTV cameras have several benefits such as smaller devices, extended battery life, bi-directional communication, encryption, no drilling, and minimum installation time.

The other benefits of wireless security systems are being able to install devices in places where a hardwired device isn’t practical. With surveillance systems, we can protect areas not connected to the home or business. This could be a detached garage or building. If you have a storage building that isn’t attached to the home or business, then wireless security is your answer. When the home or business is armed, so is the storage building.

We can also install wireless security in areas that are normally not covered by traditional hardwired systems. This could be a drawer containing firearms or valuables. Our Wi-Fi alarm systems can send alerts to your smartphone when the drawer is opened. This offers safety and protection for small children and visitors inside your home or business.

Feel free to contact us with CornerStone Protection. We enjoy talking to you about your security concerns and creating a customized solution for your lifestyle or business.

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