Commercial Security Surveillance Systems|Corporate Security Surveillance Systems

June 27 ,2017

Commercial Security Surveillance Systems|Corporate Security Surveillance Systems

Commercial Security Surveillance Systems|Corporate Security Surveillance Systems

The best locations for commercial or corporate security cameras for better surveillance

In the previous year, the total value of reported stolen property was more than $12 million. A surprising fact about these theft incidents is that most of the businesses that reported a theft were businesses with security cameras. However, due to improper placement of these cameras the police were unable to locate or identify the burglars in most of cases. This makes it important for business owners to install commercial or corporate surveillance systems with well-placed cameras. This can help potentially identify intruders and help get back any stolen property.

The placement of commercial or corporate security cameras is one of the most important aspects for better security for your business. The correct placement of the security cameras makes it possible to view the target areas and reduce the existence of blind spots. Remember, the better the security cameras are placed, the better security you have. In order to help you identify the best suitable locations for the security cameras, we’ve gathered some information from experts and would like to share what they’ve got to say.

The most popular locations for Corporate  or Commercial Surveillance Systems

Parking lots

Anyone who visits your premises is likely to enter through the parking lot. So, using a commercial or corporate security surveillance system in the open areas such as parking lots, is a smarter choice. Make sure to adjust the field of view as it helps maximize the area you are monitoring . Also, these security cameras can be used to zoom in to point that license plate recognition is possible if there ever were an instance that it was needed.

Employee lounges

The employee lounge or break rooms are often the first and last places the employees visit in their shifts. Also, these locations are quite common for workplace disagreements or harassment. This makes it important to consider installing surveillance cameras in such locations as it provides evidence should you need it, while not upsetting employees.

Reception desks

As one of the highest traffic area of certain workplaces, installing the commercial or corporate surveillance systems in your reception helps ensure better security and footage of virtually anyone visiting your business. You may want to cover the security cameras with additional shield to make sure the cameras are not visible to the visitors or customers. Also for the added protection if at any time there is a robbery that takes place in your business is will help ensure they can’t see the security cameras you have. Covering these security cameras or simply getting the ones that are designed smaller will help if any type of situation may occur.


Another great place for the placement of the commercial or corporate security cameras is the dumpster area, that is usually secluded and away from the main building. Installing cameras in these areas is also important, as dumpster areas are often overlooked when designing a surveillance system. When these areas are overlooked it also makes the area more vulnerable for employees to steal from their work place and to become victims of possible robberies. Using the security cameras in these areas with effective audio recording can provide additional evidence when no one is around to witness any type of criminal acts or misconduct.

Office supply room

This area is one of the most important places for the business owners. Though items in this area may seem small and insignificant eventually they begin to add up, even the smallest items like pens or paper , can add up when you look at annual losses. Using 360 degree overhead cameras in such locations, is a great option to monitor the stored items, and to make sure the security of expensive equipment stays in the office.

The most effective tips for placement of Commercial or Corporate Surveillance  Systems

So, now that you know the most common and effective locations in a workplace for installation of security surveillance systems, it’s time to take a look at the tips on effective camera placements as failure to properly position might cost you valuable evidence and drive up security monitoring costs.

Avoid excessive back-lighting

When installing the security cameras at reception areas or other locations with multiple windows, remember that these cameras might have difficulty adjusting to intense back-lighting. Make sure to avoid excessive backlight to capture more detail and increase the chances of identification.

Keep lighting consistent

As mentioned above, security cameras face difficulty adjusting to intense backlight, so make sure that the cameras are installed in consistence with the proper lighting for better vision. Changes in the lighting can drastically alter the quality of video captured by the cameras. With proper lighting, you can count on your commercial security cameras to provide great footage should an event occur.

Choose the right camera for the location

While the security cameras are specially designed to capture video in almost any location, you need to consider which type of camera will work best for you and your business in different areas. Considering the right type of cameras in a particular location ensures better security. For example, when installing cameras in the office supply room make sure to get a small 360 degree overhead camera while the choice may change for other locations as these cameras are great for small areas. They might not work for capturing fine detail in larger areas such as parking lots.

Self installation vs Professional installation

When in doubt always go with a reputable security company for your surveillance installation. Self installation may be cheaper but in the long run you take to risk of not properly placing or installing your surveillance cameras. Thus, putting your business at risk for blind spots and faulty equipment. With your professional security installers they know precisely where to place surveillance cameras to give your business the maximum protection.

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