Why CornerStone Protection is Better than SimpliSafe Security

which is better cornerstone protection vs simplisafe

As a Lexington resident, which is better SimpliSafe or CornerStone Protection is important because you want to keep your home secure and your family safe. At CornerStone Protection, we offer products and services you can use every day of the week. Many of the customers who contact us want to know how we compare to national brands such as SimpliSafe. Before you set up a free consultation with us, see how SimpliSafe vs Cornerstone Protection compares to make sure we’re the best choice.

Comparing CornerStone Protection and SimpliSafe: Features and Benefits

  • Key Features and Technology
  • Reliability and Performance
  • Customization and Flexibility
  • User Experience and Ease of Use
  • Expert Reviews and Recommendations

Key Features and Technology

One of the main things you should look at is what you get with a home security system or plan. SimpliSafe offers standard products that include window and door alarms, indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, smart alarms, and keypads and fobs. While the base system starts at less than $300, each individual product you buy can cost as much as $300 or more apiece.

When you compare a CornerStone Protection security system vs SimpliSafe system, you’ll find that we offer the same products. Our home security systems include indoor and outdoor cameras, a video doorbell, security panels, and other products. The Skybell doorbell is one great option that sends a live video feed from your door to your phone or computer. You can easily see who is on the other side before you open it. We also offer a lot of home automation add-ons such as fire alarms, smart thermostats, and even smart lights for your home and yard.

Reliability and Performance

Though SimpliSafe offers free monitoring, you get more with a premium plan. The base plan only sends alerts when it detects motion in your home. You’ll then need to open the app to view your camera and see what caused the alert. A step up from this monitoring plan is one that includes monitoring of both security and fire hazards 24/7. The most expensive plan is the only one that contacts the local police department during an emergency.

To compare CornerStone Protection security system to SimpliSafe security options, you need to see how our monitoring works. Not only do we offer 24/7 remote monitoring, but you can choose an option that fits your budget. You don’t need to worry about what might happen when you’re away at work or hanging out with friends because we will always monitor your home for signs of trouble. With our panic buttons, you can call for help during an emergency without worrying that your plan doesn’t include outside support. Another bonus is that you get alerts sent right to your phone at the first sign of a problem.

home security systems compare cornerstone protection vs simplisafe

Customization and Flexibility

Whether you look at a CornerStone Protection doorbell vs SimpliSafe doorbell or any of the other similar products, you will quickly find that SimpliSafe offers DIY installation. As an online customer, you even have the chance to design and build the best system for you that includes all of the features and products you want. Keep in mind that while SimpliSafe bills itself as an affordable choice, your price will rise quite a bit as you add more to your system. You need to purchase both a keypad and a base station before you pick your sensors and cameras. Every sensor or camera you add causes your price to rise.

At CornerStone Protection, you get the custom options and flexibility you need. We never push you into buying anything you don’t need or want. While you can choose individual products, we also have three security packages. Get a security panel, live LTE monitoring, and three monitoring stations with our basic silver plan. Upgrade to the gold plan to add real-time text alerts, smart home automation, live viewing on your devices, and remote arm and disarm options. Choose the platinum plan to get all of these features along with interior and doorbell cameras and cloud storage.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Compare a CornerStone Protection alarm system vs Simplisafe to see how easily you can use each one. SimpliSafe gives you a base station, motion sensor, entry sensor, and keypad. You need to install all of those items yourself, which can take more time than you expected. SimpliSafe also asks you to pick between self-monitoring and professional monitoring. To use smart home features like a thermostat or lighting, you need to pay extra.

Many customers find that CornerStone Protection comes out on top when they compare SimpliSafe vs CornerStone Protection monitoring. While SimpliSafe offers 24/7 monitoring, it costs more to have a professional keep an eye on your home. We build the cost of that monitoring into our price and offer a free consultation to help you see how much a new security system will cost based on what you want. Our systems give you remote access to your home for no additional fee, too.

compare cornerStone protection security system to simplisafe security

Expert Reviews and Recommendations

While both SimpliSafe and CornerStone Protection get good recommendations and reviews, some of those reviews focused on what one offers that the other does not. With our platinum plan, CornerStone Protection gives you 24/7 cloud storage. You never need to worry about what will happen if your camera’s memory card reaches its limit. It’s easy to log in and delete any of the footage you no longer need and make copies of old footage when you need them. While SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring when you pay extra, CornerStone Protection includes professional monitoring with most plans.

Experts often point out that SimpliSafe requires a monthly subscription plan to unlock some of the features that you need such as smart home integration. Even if you already have a smart thermostat and similar products, you cannot use them with your security system unless you purchase a subscription. Getting remote access to your system through your phone also costs extra.

While a SimpliSafe camera vs CornerStone Protection camera comparison shows you that both offer the same types of cameras, CornerStone Protection offers easy integration. You use just one app to check on your monitors, view your camera feeds, and use any smart home features. This app works with any of the smart home products you buy from us and those you purchase from other places. Use the app with Google Home or Alexa and disarm the system via a Bluetooth connection.

Is CornerStone Protection Security Better Than SimpliSafe?

Now that you know how a SimpliSafe vs CornerStone Protection outdoor camera compares and how all of the other products stack up, you will see why so many Lexington homeowners turn to us. We’re a local company with a strong understanding of what our customers need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find even more reasons to trust your home and family’s safety to us.

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