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As a business owner, you always have the security of your building on your mind. On top of that, you also need to think about the safety of your employees as well as your clients or customers. Two of the more popular methods used by business owners around Lexington, Kentucky are guards and video monitoring services. Did you know you can cut your security costs by 50% with the right camera monitoring services? Find out more about these services and how they compare to security guards.

Remote Video Surveillance: A Cost-Effective Solution for Enhanced Security

  • Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Business
  • How Do Camera Monitoring Services Work?
  • Live Monitoring
  • Cloud Surveillance
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring vs. Guards Cost Effectiveness
  • How Much Do Security Guards Cost?
  • How Much Does Remote Video Surveillance Cost?
  • Save Money with Video Surveillance

Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Business

At CornerStone Protection, you get the custom remote surveillance you need. Do you have a large building with multiple access points? Maybe you have clients and/or employees who come and go during the day or night. You pick a system that works best for your needs. Some of the other benefits of a remote system include;

  • The cameras protect the building and anyone inside 24/7.
  • You get extra liability coverage when an accident occurs.
  • A good system will prevent crime and reduce the risk of theft or robbery.
  • There are many products that work with the system, such as alarms that contact police quickly.
  • You can choose as many optional features and cameras as you would like.

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How Do Camera Monitoring Services Work?

Remote surveillance is a good alternative to the security systems used in the past. Once we install the cameras, they connect to the security video monitoring service. The camera captures a live video feed, which it sends to a separate station. You don’t need to set aside space to store old tapes or write over those tapes with new videos. Not only do you save a copy of the recorded footage, but you never miss anything that happens in the building.
Live Monitoring

Lexington business owners often work with us because we offer live monitoring of each facility. Whether you have a factory, store, office complex, or any other commercial building, live monitoring comes in handy. You don’t need to watch your property 24/7 because we do that for you. Even if you have two or more cameras, you can rest assured that our team is always watching each feed. This lets you know about a problem as soon as it arises and not the next time you stop by.
Cloud Surveillance

Choosing a security camera monitoring service gives you the option of using cloud surveillance. As we said above, this saves you some space because you don’t need to keep old tapes on hand. Every piece of footage a camera records goes to the cloud, which stores a copy. As long as you have enough available storage, you never need to delete old footage.

Another bonus is you don’t need to worry about a criminal messing with the footage. When someone breaks into the building, they may steal the tape that recorded them. Cloud storage gives you a backup copy. Even if the criminal knocks out one camera, you have others monitoring them and proof of their actions.

Other benefits of cloud surveillance can include:

  • Cloud storage works with all of your existing cameras and any new ones you buy.
  • We offer analytics to help you get more out of your system, such as face recognition software.
  • You can choose private cloud storage to ensure no one else can view the footage.
  • We’ll help you pick the best location for cloud storage.

Video Surveillance Monitoring vs. Guards Cost Effectiveness

Some Lexington commercial property owners opt for security guards because they think guards are the best and most affordable option. Once you compare the remote video monitoring service cost to the cost of a guard though, you might be surprised at the difference.

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How Much Do Security Guards Cost?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards and surveillance officers earn around $15 an hour. This may not seem like a lot until you consider that comes to more than $400 a week. Security guards usually earn overtime, which is 1.5 times their hourly wage for every hour over 40 hours they work in a week.

You have the choice of hiring your own guards or working with a firm. Security firms often charge more for their guards. When you hire guards, you’re responsible for taking taxes out of their checks and covering any injuries they have on the job. You’ll also give them paid vacation days and sick days. If you need guards on a 24/7 schedule, the costs can really add up. Keep in mind that the cost of hiring armed guards is even higher. Armed guards can cost twice as much as a standard guard.

How Much Does Surveillance Cost?

In most cases, the security camera monitoring service cost you pay is much less than what you would pay for an army of guards. The upfront costs are usually a little higher. You may need to invest in new cameras or window sensors and other options for the system. Not only do you pay for those products, but you also pay someone to install them.

Keep in mind that product and installation costs are one-time only costs. You never need to pay again unless you decide to upgrade your business security system. The only other cost you pay is the monthly monitoring service fee. This ranges based on how many cameras you have and the storage option you pick. Many Lexington business owners can get rid of their guards, pick a video monitoring system, and save up to 50%.

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Save Money with Video Surveillance

Saving money goes beyond just replacing security guards with a better video surveillance system. You can also save on the cost of your business insurance. Many insurers give you a big discount when they see proof of a camera system. You have an easier way to file claims later and a reduced risk of needing to use your policy.

There are quite a few to save on the cost of your system or your monitoring, too:

Pick only the equipment and tools you need. While another company may push you to buy products that don’t serve your business, we ensure you get the custom system you need to protect your building, workers, and customers.

Choose the best places for your cameras before you install them. You want to make sure you don’t have any blind spots that won’t pick up on people moving through those areas. Checking out the locations ahead of time ensures you don’t need to spend money on more cameras or better ones later.

Talk with your insurer about possible discounts ahead of time. Some insurance providers give their customers money to put towards new systems because of how much they save later.

Look for bundles. When you bundle multiple products, you can usually save some money. You might get a deal when you choose 24/7 monitoring with new cameras and cloud storage.

Are you looking for camera monitoring services and have a business in or around Lexington, KY? Contact us to see how we can help you start saving money on surveillance and more.

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