Daylight Saving Time Is The Perfect Reminder For Home Safety

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Daylight saving time is coming to an end. While many of us view adjusting to the change as a bit of a burden, daylight saving time can provide homeowners with a reminder to perform a variety of annual home safety tasks.

How to Keep Your Family Safe in Daylight Saving Time

This is a great time of year because it provides more daylight in the evening hours after work and school. But there is some safety advice you should know before Daylight saving time begins. This article will give you seven ways to keep your family safe!

  • Security and Safety Between Life and Death
  • Possibility To Remind People
  • Smoke Detector
  • Battery Replacement
  • Change The Smoke Alarm
  • CO Tester Spray
  • Fire Extinguisher

Security and Safety Between Life and Death

As the owner of a company that specializes in home security and safety, I often see safety issues that many homeowners overlook. These issues might not seem like a big deal most of the time, but addressing them can be the difference between life and death under certain circumstances.

Possibility To Remind People

Being a local business owner and a safety expert, I would like to use the end of daylight saving time as an opportunity to remind people of important safety tasks they should tend to each year. These home safety tips do not require a lot of time or skill. Any person can take these safety measures in just a few hours over the weekend.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are a great place to start. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the risk of dying in a home fire is 55% lower when the home has working smoke alarms.

Start by pushing the test button to make sure the alarm sounds. You can also test the smoke sensor by lighting a few matches and letting the smoke flow into the device. Another option is to buy smoke detector testing spray from a local home improvement store.

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Battery Replacement

Homeowners should check and consider changing the batteries in the smoke detectors. The frequency with which the batteries need to be changed will depend on the type of smoke detector. If the device uses regular batteries, you probably need to change them at least once a year. Some other types of smoke detectors have batteries that can last up to ten years. I recommend checking the instructions that came with the smoke detector. If you can’t find the instructions, you might be able to find guidance online.


Change The Smoke Alarm

This is also a smart time to check the age of your smoke detectors. The sensitivity of the sensors will diminish over time. Most experts would recommend replacing your smoke detectors every ten years. Just remove the device from the wall or ceiling to look at the back. You should see a date for when the device was manufactured. If it was more than ten years ago, it is time to replace the smoke detector.

CO Tester Spray

Homeowners should also check their carbon monoxide detectors once a year. This process is similar to testing smoke detectors. You will need to press the test button to sound the alarm. You will need CO tester spray instead of smoke detector testing spray when you check the sensor. You should be able to find this test spray at your local home improvement store.

Just like with the smoke detector, you will also want to check and possibly change the batteries. Take the unit down to check its age as well. With CO detectors, the expected life is about five to seven years. Make sure to install new carbon monoxide detectors if they are more than five years old.

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Fire Extinguisher

Finally, I recommend checking your home fire extinguisher. If it has a pressure gauge, make sure the reading is in the proper operating range. Look for signs of damage. Check to see if the pin is in place, look for leakage, dents and check the quality of the seals. If there are any issues, you might need to replace the fire extinguisher or take it in for professional servicing.

The last step is to find the age of the fire extinguisher. You should be able to find a date either stamped on the body or on a paper tag attached to the fire extinguisher. Along with that, there should be instructions concerning the expected life and the frequency with which it should be charged or professionally serviced. If it is past due for service or replacement, take action.


Much of home safety is about the little things you do. Steps like checking smoke and CO detectors can go a long way toward preventing tragedy. If you would like to learn more about home safety and security, I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact Cornerstone Protection at 859-353-6020.