Fire Prevention Year Around with All-in-One Home Security Systems

June 29 ,2017

Fire Prevention Year Around with All-in-One Home Security Systems

All-in-One Home Security Systems, Fire & Smoke Detection

Fire prevention year around with All-in-One Home Security    Systems

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that total 3,275 people died and 15,775 injured in over 1.2 million fire incidents in 2014 across the country. While the number of fire incidents has declined 22% from 2005, but still it’s a considerable number that makes it important for every homeowner to make sure installing an advanced and reliable All-in-One Home Security system to make a safer environment for your family, pets, or guest. Make sure to get help of the highly advanced All-in-One Home Security System for better fire prevention. Take stock of the fire safety at your home and make appropriate changes to protect your most priceless valuables from loss, injury, or even death.
Check out these tips!

Install Smoke Alarm Properly

The best practice to prevent any fire incident at your home is to install a smoke alarm system, but keep in mind that they can only detect and warn you of smoke or fire, if they are installed properly and professionally.
Identify the locations that need to be secure with a fire alarm. For example, each bathroom, corridor, bedroom, kitchen, even the laundry room must have them. And if you have a basement, be sure there is an advanced smoke detection on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the next level of your home.
Also, be sure to install them at a distance of 12 inches away from the ceiling. These All-In-One Home Security Systems are advanced, but make sure to let them detect the threat.Avoid installing fire detectors near doors or windows as the drafts can interfere with their functioning.

Test & Maintain your smoke alarm system

Installing a highly advanced fire alarm system is a great choice but nothing works better if the system is not taken care of. It is advised to change the smoke detector batteries once per year, but do you follow that advice?
It may be easy to lose track of the maintenance, but when you are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, you just can’t take that risk. Instead of leaving the safety of your family to chance, with a All-in-One Security System you can be notified when it is time to check and change the batteries for your smoke detectors, with a simple reminder from your monitoring company, or from your phone.

Teach Your Family about Fire preparedness

Do you know that even a small spark can get completely out of control within seconds, and cause significant damage to an entire home? And it only takes a few minutes to fill up with smoke. It’s important for your entire family to understand the potential dangers they may face during a fire and to know how they can handle the situation whenever the situation may arise.
Teach your family about the dangers and how to respond during the situations. Sitting down every few months to discuss what should be done in case of a fire is a great way to help prepare your family should one ever occur.

Avoid Common Electrical Pitfalls

In most of the fire incident cases, the reason is short circuit in the electric wires. So, it’s always a great choice to make sure using highly effective and reliable power cables and make sure your home is safe from any incident that may take place due to electrical problem. In many cases, a simple bit of prevention can mean the difference between life and death. So, make sure to choose a reliable All-in-One Home Security System, to help protect your home if such a problem were to occur.
Make sure to not overload extension cords or power strips.Spend the few extra bucks on a reliable power strip for better protection .The better you get at preparing and preventing the safer you are from unwanted fire incidents.
If you’re currently do not have any working fire alarms in any of your rooms in your house, contacting a reliable Alarm Company can help you start the process of getting an All-in-One Security System, that can help prevent any unwanted fire incidents. These systems are specially designed to inform you about any potential threats and keep your home and family feeling safe a secure.

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