8 Important Advantages of Smart Home Automation

advantages of smart home cornerstone protection

If you are concerned with smart home automation, you might be thinking about installing a security system. Of course, installing wireless alarm systems is the essential advantages of smart home to protect your family and possessions. Still, you may not realize how far alarm technology has come in the last few years.

If you are still thinking about those home automation alarm systems with their simple pushbutton keypads and confusing panels, you are way behind modern alarm technology. Thanks to advances in fields like cloud computing and machine learning, a home alarm can now leverage home technology to provide better protection and more convenience.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Homes?

For homeowners that are interested in improved protection, there are some significant advantages to installing wireless alarms. In this post, we are going to explain some of the advantages of smart home established by CornerStone Protection.

  • User-Friendly Controls
  • The Convenience of Smart Home Solutions
  • Better Security
  • Intelligent Home
  • Energy Savings & Management
  • Remote Access
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Communication
  • Customization

advantages of home automation cornerstone protection

User-Friendly Controls

One of the most noticeable differences for the user is going to be the controls for the alarm system. With an alarm system, the traditional keypad is replaced with a touchscreen display. Instead of something that looks like a bulky calculator, you have a control panel that looks more like a tablet. The smart control panel also uses touch and swipe controls, which are far more familiar to most users.

With touchscreen controls and an intuitive interface, users will have a much easier time managing their home alarm. When you use the control panel, you will see menus that can guide you through a wide range of different features and it is easy to program in new settings. Along with that, many of these systems are compatible with mobile apps that can make it even easier to manage and monitor your residence’s protection.

smart home security system user friendly controls cornerstone protection

The Convenience of Smart Home Solutions

Daily life events can make a person’s life very busy. With needing to be at the office all day to being unable to make it back at the same time your kids make it in the door. When you are not at the house you are always worried about the protection of your family and residents. But with automation & alarm systems, you can be at your office as well as a residence. You may be able to physically be there but, you can still watch your place and monitor what is happening. All while conveniently sitting and working in your office. With this remote access for a smart home, you turn off the lights; arm the wireless system, lock the doors, see who enters the house, and even adjust the thermostat.

Better Security

This may seem like stating the obvious, but alarm systems are smarter than their older counterparts. With a traditional alarm system, you had devices that connect to a security panel, and the alarm panel would communicate with a monitoring service. That is still true of the smart home security system, but the advances in technology help to add new layers of protection that were not possible with older alarm systems.

When you had one of the traditional alarm systems installed, the installer would program it to respond in different ways to different events and the system had to be armed for it to respond at all in some situations. While an automation system can still be programmed for various features and responses, it also has the potential to provide continuous protection even when it isn’t armed. It can send you text alerts to let you know when your kids get back; it can alert you to the system being disarmed when you are away from home; it can even keep access records to let you know who is arming and disarming the way at different times.

smart home alarm monitoring cornerstone protection

Intelligent Home

The advantages of smart home automation are growing in popularity and consumers now have a wide range of connected devices that can be used to make their lives easier and improve efficiency around the house. While this technology is getting more popular, you need to be careful when connecting home devices to the internet or through wireless alarms. Not automation is as secure as you may think and some of them can be vulnerable to attack.

When you get an alarm system that supports automation features, you get all of this wireless technology in a secure platform. The smart systems installed by Cornerstone Protection use features like advanced encryption to protect your devices and your home. Along with the alarm features, we can also install home automation devices like thermostats, locks, garage doors, lights, plugs, doorbells, and more.

monitoring systems for home cornerstone protection

Energy Savings & Management

Home monitoring systems can be very useful in managing the energy consumption of your house if used properly. The signifies done by using an intelligent alarm system with smart devices. An example of energy consumption would be adjusting the settings of your thermostat based on your daily activities. The thermostat would change the settings making it respond automatically. You are also able to sync these types of devices with your other smart devices for example, when the lights are on it would mean someone is at the apartment and the system would adjust the settings according to that. This helps make your place much more energy-efficient and while helping lower your ac electric bill.

Remote Access

The advantages of smart home are the best features that can connect with a smartphone app to allow for remote access. Sure, the app can be used around the house as a convenient controller or to monitor your cameras, but it also adds many great features for accessing the security system when you are away from home.

With an alarm operation and the compatible app, you can arm and disarm the way without going to the control panel. If you forgot to lock the door, it can send you an alert and give you the option to lock the door without having to return back. If a family member needs to get into the house when you are away from residence, you can also unlock the door and disarm the system to provide access. These are just a few of the remote access features you can expect when you have a smart home automation controller.

Enhanced Monitoring and Communication

Older alarm systems connected with the monitoring service through a telephone landline. This could leave the system vulnerable to the phone line being cut. With the newer smart systems, the control panel can use multiple paths of communication. They can communicate over your home internet connection and they can also connect using an internal cellular communication method. With multi-path connectivity, your system is protected against some of the common ways criminals may try to compromise your alarm system.

When you go with the security system company, you get a monitoring service that meets the highest standards. Our panels connect to a network of three UL-certified monitoring centers. With three stations, all approved for fire and intrusion monitoring, your signals are guaranteed to reach a monitoring professional and get the correct response.

better home automation alarm system cornerstone protection


Alarm systems are compatible with a wider range of devices than traditional alarm panels. Just to name a few, you have your motion sensors, smoke detectors, indoor and outdoor security cameras, smart locks, lights, thermostats, flood sensors, voice control systems, wireless interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ceiling fan controllers, and more. With so many devices to choose from and a wider range of programmable features, alarm systems offer a level of customization that was not possible in the past.

For example, the system could be programmed to turn on all the home lights when the smoke detector trips the fire alarm. If there is a fire at night, having the lights come on automatically could help you and your family reach safety. You could also purchase devices to shut off the water if the method detects flooding. If you are away from the house when a pipe burst, this could prevent a considerable amount of water damage.


For better safety and an alarm system that is designed to fit your lifestyle and your needs, alarm technology is the way to go. If you are interested in installing a smart home security system in Lexington, Kentucky, or the surrounding areas, contact CornerStone Protection for a free consultation today.

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