How Do You Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays?

how to keep home safe for christmas holidays cornerstone protection

We all love the holiday season, but it is not the most comfortable time of the year for a home safe. With all of the shopping, the potential for travel plans and preparing for guests to come over, it can be a little overwhelming.

While you may not be able to get rid of all of the holiday stress, your smart security system can do a lot to make the season more accessible and more enjoyable. With this post, we would like to show you some of the ways you can use your smart home security alarm system to take some of the stress out of the holidays while also protecting your home security.

Top 6 Ways to Keeping Your Home Safe During the Christmas Holidays

  • No Worries When You Travel
  • Preventing Package Theft
  • Safe at Home Against Fires
  • Welcome Your Guests With Ease
  • Safe Home Against Frozen Pipes
  • A Smarter Christmas Tree

01. No Worries When You Travel

Like most people, you probably worry about your home when you leave town. At Christmas time, this stress is heightened because you know burglars are on the prowl looking for the empty houses of holiday travelers.

With a reliable smart alarm system, you can put these worries to rest. With 24-hour monitoring, you know professionals are there waiting for signals to protect your home safe. Even if you do feel worried, you can always check your wireless alarm camera feeds from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Along with that, you can set up smart security alerts that will notify you of any suspicious activity.

home safe during the christmas holidays cornerstone protectionAs an additional layer of protection, you could schedule your smart lights to give the appearance of someone being at home. You could also choose a random lighting pattern to make it look more authentic. If you have a friend or neighbour, you can trust to keep an eye on things, you could even give them a unique code for your smart locks and to disarm the system.

02. Preventing Package Theft

Giving holiday gifts is a joyful experience, but if some of those gifts get stolen, it can put a real damper on the festivities. Package theft has become a real problem since so many of us have started shopping online for our holiday gifts. However, your burglar alarm system has solutions that can relieve stress and protect your deliveries.

With a smart doorbell, you can always know when your packages arrive, and you can keep an eye on what is happening at your front door. If you pair your doorbell camera with a smart lock, you could even let the delivery person drop packages off inside to make sure there is no possibility of theft.

Once the delivery person rings the bell, you will get an alert no matter where you are. You can then verify who they are by viewing the feed on your phone and talk to them through the two-way audio. You can then unlock the door from your phone and instruct the delivery person to leave the package inside.

03. Safe at Home Against Fires

If you have a fireplace, the holiday season is the perfect time to use it. A crackling fire safe can make the home feel cosier, and it can be a nice touch for the holiday festivities. As lovely as the fireplace may be, it can also come with some hazards. With that said, your alarm system is always working to protect home safe.
safe at home against fires cornerstone protection

With connected smoke alarm detectors, the smart safety system can alert you no matter where you are. You have audible alarms that can warn everyone in the home, plus you can get smartphone alerts when you are away. Not to mention, the monitoring station is always ready to dispatch emergency services when they are needed.

04. Welcome Your Guests With Ease

Getting together with family and friends is one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, you might have a lot of preparation to do and guests to entertain. Fortunately, your alarm system is ready to make this part of the holiday season easier as well.

With your smart locks and a connected doorbell, you can answer the door no matter where you are. In the middle of preparing that big holiday dinner when a bunch of guests arrives? No problem! With the ability to answer and unlock the door from your phone, you won’t even have to leave the kitchen to let them in.

As an additional benefit, your smart home safety system can also help with guests that may need to stay for a few days. If you have a family member staying over for a few nights, you can give them a temporary code to open the doors and disarm the system. With their temporary code, they can come and go when they need without having to get you to lock and unlock the doors for them.

05. Safe Home Against Frozen Pipes

As the holidays approach, the temperatures are going to start to drop. If you have any pipes in unheated areas of the house, there is always the potential for one of them to freeze. When pipes freeze, they tend to burst, and that is the last thing you need this holiday season to get home safe.
safe home against frozen pipes christmas holidays cornerstone protection
One way to protect against this is to put a temperature sensor near the pipes that may be at risk. You can then program the temperature sensor to send you an alert when it gets too cold in that area of the home. This will allow you to go turn on a space heater or find some other way to protect your pipes from freezing.

If your pipes do happen to freeze and burst, your alarm system can still be there to help. With flood sensors set up in the basement or crawlspace, your security system will be able to detect the problem to let you know that you need to turn the water off. If you want to automate the process, you could install an automatic shutoff valve that will close the main when the flood sensor is triggered.

06. A Smarter Christmas Tree

A best small home safe and security can even be used to make your Christmas tree smarter. Instead of having to crawl behind the tree to reach the plug for the lights, you could install a smart plug near your Christmas tree. With the smart plug connected to the alarm panel, you could then set a schedule for the lights to come on or you could just turn the lights on and off from your phone.

With some smart thinking and the right devices, you could even use your smart house alarm system to help with watering your Christmas tree. This is a great way to protect your tree from drying out. This will not only help the tree last longer, but it will also protect against the fire hazard of a dry Christmas tree.

All you need to do is set a water sensor up in the stand of the tree. You can then program your alarm system to send you an alert when the sensor goes dry. Along with that, it can also be processed to turn the lights off to protect against the possibility of a fire.

Final Thoughts

The team from Cornerstone Protection would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Our smart home alarm systems can make your life easier while keeping your home safe for the holidays. If you are interested in alarm systems, home automation, or security cameras, contact our support team today.

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