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With crime rates always on the rise, we as a society a constantly concerned with the safety of our residential, business, and families. With so many different house safety systems options out there, how can you decide which one is the best for your needs? One of our top-rated alarm system company at Cornerstone Protection have an IQ2 security panel. We have listed some features to help you see why it is one of our favorite safety panels.

Qolsys IQ 2 Security Panel Features

The Qolsys IQ 2 security panel is a smart safety device with many features including a 7” HD Touch Display, 5 MegaPixel built-in HD camera, an attractive and modern interface with crispy clean design and finishing. It has dual mode connectivity with LTE and Bluetooth dual-path connection which keeps you in control of all your smart devices making your residential and your network more secure. It has a complete list of totally new features which will make you think that the IQ2 safety board is your best choice for your apartment safety. Here we will discuss all the new features of this new safety board.

  • Dual-Path Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Disarming
  • Encrypted Sensors
  • Security Panel Camera
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Glass Break Detection

Dual-Path Connectivity:

In the protection industry, many systems are built to connect to the network through landlines or 2G-3G cellular technologies. These technologies are very slow in terms of network connectivity, but those days are gone, the new IQ 2 safety panel comes with the capability of a dual-path connection, allowing you to connect with LTE cellular networks, and Wi-Fi simultaneously. These network connections are used to remotely arm and disarm, auto-updates, and many other essential features, so a reliable and fast connection makes the panel and you’re residential more secure.

Bluetooth Disarming:

When leaving home for work or returning home, you do not need to go to the panel and arm or disarm the automated alarm system. IQ 2 alarm panel comes with a mobiqolsys iq 2 panel Bluetooth disarming cornerstone protectionle application to connect to the panel through a dedicated Bluetooth radio frequency to arm or disarm the alarm system via your mobile device. And this application is not limited to device numbers, every family member can control the wireless touch home security and alarm systems via smartphone as the panel allows up to 5 devices to connect to the Bluetooth radio frequency for controlling the safety panel remotely.

Encrypted Sensors:

The hijacking of the home safety and alarm system is always done by hacking the sensors making the sensors behave incorrectly and not sending the sensor data to the custom alarm systems. This results in the protection system not responding to the abnormal activity in your home. Keeping that issue in mind, the IQ alarm panel 2 plus comes with S-Line encrypted sensors, which provides a very secure connection for every door and window of each room of your home making the protection system more reliable in terms of hacking.

Home Security Panel Camera:

There are many people coming in and going out of the home on a daily basis aside from family members. To keep an Kentucky iq 2 security panel cornerstone protectioneye on who is coming and going out of the home every IQ 2 security panels has a built-in HD 5 Mega-Pixel camera which captures the picture of every person who is manually arming or disarming the system and these photos are directly sent to your connected smartphone device so that you can keep an eye on everyone who is coming in and going out of the home.

Z-Wave Plus:

There are so many smart devices to control home appliances in every home. These smart devices must all be connected wireless technologies to controlled by the protection panel to make each and every device secure. These types of devices include smart lights, locks, refrigerators, music players, thermostats, air-conditioners, garage openers, and many more. With an increasing number of these devices, a special wireless technology called Z-Wave Plus is used in the new IQ2 security panel. It also allows it so that you can connect up to 128 different devices to your safety panel allowing you to control them all from your smartphone.

Glass Break Detection:

The new IQ 2 security panel comes with dual microphones and a QUALCOMM Quadcore processor built-in, the microphones on the panel are always working to detect the breaking of glass and if it happens the alarm sounds and pane notifies you of the situation via text, email, or phone call. These are just a few of the reasons why the IQ2 safety panels are our favorite.

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