Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home Security In Lexington, KY?

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Do you have a home security system? Is it one of those older systems with the numeric keypad and simple dot-matrix display? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it might be time to consider the options you have for upgrading Lexington alarm systems.

Home security technology has come a long way in recent years. Newer alarm systems are more accessible and they offer more capabilities. With the assistance of a trusted home security company in Lexington, Kentucky, homeowners can develop custom security solutions for a very reasonable price.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading Your Home Security System

Read on to learn about some of the reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to a modern smart security system.

  • Newer Alarm Technology
  • Great Convenience Features
  • Integrated Camera Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Home Automation Features

1. Newer Alarm Technology

Newer technologies can do a lot more to secure your home. Not only that, but they are made to be more convenient for today’s homeowners. One example is the communications technology. Most old alarm systems need a landline to send signals. With newer alarm technology, you have systems that can communicate over LTE or internet. This can be more convenient for Lexington alarm installation, and it can even improve security.

Beyond that, you also have features like wireless sensors, touchscreen control panels and intelligent alarm systems that can learn from user activity. When you put it all together, you get smart alarm systems that are not only more capable and more secure, they are also easier to use and more adaptable to the needs of the user.

2. Great Convenience Features

Beyond being more secure, modern alarm systems are known for being much more convenient than the security panels of the past. One of the reasons why these systems are more convenient is because of the panel design. The new touchscreen panels are easier to use and they have more computing power for more features.

Take the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 as an example. It has a 7” touchscreen display panel that runs on the Android operating system. The touch controls are familiar and easy to learn, and it offers tutorials to walk users through some of the more advanced features. Along with that, it also had wireless disarming from a smartphone and the ability to connect with and control a wide range of home automation devices.

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3. Integrated Camera Systems

With older security technology, you would need one system for intrusion detection and alarms, and different a system for security cameras. This would increase the cost of home security, and it also meant the two different phases of home security could not be programmed to work together. With today’s modern security systems, cameras, intrusion detection and alarms can all work on the same panel.

Newer home alarm panels have the ability to support wireless surveillance cameras. Users can check the feeds or watch recorded clips from the touchscreen panel or on their phones. You can even program the cameras to work with the intrusion detection devices. As an example, you could program a camera near your front door to start recording when the door opens.

4. Remote Monitoring and Control

Another great feature of modern alarm systems is that they come with the ability to allow the owner to monitor and control the alarm system even when they are away from home. All you need is a device like a smartphone or tablet and the compatible app. That means that whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, you can always see what is going on with your home security.

If you have security cameras, you can check the feeds at any time. With a panel like the Qolsys IQ 4, you can get disarm pictures sent directly to your phone to see who is trying to disarm the system. You could also check to make sure the system is armed after you leave for work or disarm the system for a friend or family member who may have stopped by when you are away. Most alarm panels can also be programmed to send alerts to your phone based on different types of activity.

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5. Home Automation Features

Most smart alarm systems also support home automation devices. Along with protecting your home, this can be a more secure way to handle home automation. Some of the devices include smart locks, smart lights, digital voice assistants, smart thermostats and smart blinds.

And it isn’t even just about controlling these devices from your alarm system. With home automation integrated with home security, you can program the devices to work together for a safer, more secure home. For instance, you could make it so a light automatically comes on when movement is detected outside the home. You could also use smart locks in combination with a smart doorbell to make it so you can answer the door and let guests in from your phone.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your home security system. With the help of a Lexington or Richmond alarm system company, you can implement one of these advanced systems and do more to secure your home while also making it more convenient. Check this site to learn more about the ways smart alarm systems can benefit Kentucky homeowners.

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