Can I Upgrade My ADT Alarm System?

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The right alarm system can keep your Lexington home safe and reduce your risk of being a robber victim. Some homes in the area have systems from ADT, which changed from wired to wireless devices in the past. To keep an account in good standing, the company required that the customer upgrade to a 4G wireless system. We can show you how to upgrade your home security monitoring existing equipment and get the protection you want whether you want to stay with ADT or not.

Sticking with ADT

If you already have alarm monitoring with existing equipment, you might decide to save some money and stick with ADT. The company gives you a few options such as calling the customer support hotline. You need to provide your name and account number to the rep. ADT allows you to upgrade to the Pulse system for less as long as you were a customer for two years or longer. As a customer for less time, you’ll need to buy new equipment to upgrade the entire system.

Can ADT Use an Existing Alarm System?

Though ADT can use an existing alarm system and any equipment you have, it will still charge a monthly fee. Rates start at around $20 a month. The company will send a technician to your home to make sure everything works properly. They are also responsible for connecting the devices to the ADT network there is no guarantee that you can use every security product you own though. ADT may require that you replace some of your equipment with new ones from the company.

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Can I Use ADT System with Another Company?

By the time you purchase all of the required alarms, cameras, and other products from ADT, you might spend more than you planned. Don’t worry about what to do with that equipment if you cancel your plan though because you can usually take it to another company. We can often work with all parts of your monitor existing alarm system to keep your home safe.

Can You Upgrade Existing Alarm System?

Learning how to upgrade old ADT security system equipment is helpful if you no longer want to work with the company. You may find that the monthly fees are too high or that you don’t get as much protection as you need. While you can do some upgrades yourself, you can always contact us to get help, too.

Make the Switch to Wireless

It wasn’t long ago that wired systems were your only option, but you can now install a wireless system. Instead of worrying about someone breaking in when the power goes out and the system does now, the battery will keep all of the components working. Another benefit is that you can add password protection. No one can access the system or use any features unless they know your password.

Choose the Right Cameras

Upgrade your old alarm monitoring existing system with one or more new cameras. The problem with using old cameras is that your home and yard can change. There’s no guarantee that they will offer the same amount of coverage as trees and plants grow or you add features to your home. Outdoor cameras use night vision to capture things that you usually cannot see at night. With indoor cameras, you can keep an eye on your home when you’re on vacation or at work. They even let you log in as needed to check your home. We often recommend that you use existing home security system products with a doorbell camera, too. This lets you see who is outside before you open the door.

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Install Smart Features

As you look at how to upgrade your outdated security system, you’ll often find suggestions for smart features. One example is a smart door lock. This type of lock uses a keypad rather than a key. You set up a code that gives you access to your home, but you can also create codes for your family and friends. Smart locks even let you design temporary codes that cleaners and others can use.

Improve Your Lighting

Use lighting as an ADT home security upgrade. Motion-activated lights are the best option for most Lexington homes. They detect the smallest amount of motion and automatically turn on, which can send some would-be robbers running for the hills. We usually recommend that you put at least one light on your garage and one on each corner of your home. Moving lights are another nice option because they do not stay in the same spot every hour. They move back and forth to capture any potential threats. You might consider emergency security lights, too. These lights use battery power and work during outages.

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How to Upgrade My ADT System with Home Automation?

Whether you have existing security system monitoring through ADT or you ended your contract, you can use your old equipment with a new home automation system. Home automation essentially lets you do the things that you want and need to do without lifting a finger. Motion and burglar detectors tell when they detect someone entering your home and can automatically contact your service provider or the police. Smart window alarms monitor every window in your home for pressure changes that happen when someone breaks or raises the window. If you or any of your loved ones often forget to lock the windows, you’ll like that the alarms look for possible problems.

We offer many products that make a strong home automation system that protects your home. Choose a new thermostat that lets you change the temperature on the go and schedule settings for the future or a garage door opener that stops others from getting in your garage. The opener can do along with a keypad on the outside of the door, too.

Why live with an old ADT system that may not work anymore or doesn’t offer the protection that you need? Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our alarm monitoring service for existing system will work for you.

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