The Pros and Cons of Surveillance Security Systems

pros and cons surveillance security systems cornerstone protection

According to experts, every year 62 million security cameras are installed throughout the world to secure both domestic and commercial properties. Most of the video surveillance systems are IP based, including access control readers, door locks, and even fire prevention detector that makes them a great addition to your overall security system. The experts claim that the IP based devices are more popular these days as they bring significant benefits compared to the traditional CCTV cameras. However, they have their own downsides and give malicious individuals a chance for attacks, as opposed to traditional devices.

The downside of these systems serves as a wake-up call for some homeowners and businesses. These downsides should never be taken for granted.

Physical Exposure to Access Ports

The professional installation makes a great difference when using these devices as they need to be positioned in such a way that physical network ports are inaccessible or would require effort to access. With professional installation, it helps prevent intruders from simply walking up to an alarm security camera and accessing it by plugging their laptop in and siphoning sensitive data from a business or homeowner.

Device Vulnerabilities

Another great risk that these devices pose is that bugs or device problems are only discovered after the product has gone to market, and has been installed by consumers. Buying from the manufacturers that address these vulnerabilities and offer aftermarket support is always the better choice, instead of those that offer no aftermarket support.

surveillance security systems device vulnerabilities cornerstone protection

Using automation with surveillance wireless cameras is a better choice as they come with various benefits and the most common among them is that it reduces the risk attributed to human error. Also, the technology can significantly reduce the workload and knowledge needed to implement the best practices to keep your premise secure from threats. Using the surveillance video systems that are automation enabled helps the premises stay secure from the unwanted threats even if you’ve forgotten to set your alarm your able to check that as easy as using an app on your phone.

Using the outdoor surveillance camera systems with home automation ideas to brings excellent advantages that include the followings:

Deter Crime

Well, it’s the most important and common benefits of using home video surveillance systems. Once placed carefully, you are able to see their effects almost immediately. Even if they are installed in the least vulnerable areas, you will start feeling a sense of security, which is priceless.

You can prevent crime from occurring immediately whether you install the cameras in your home or in your business. Whether you’re experiencing problems such as theft, stalking, or any other surveillance security issue can provide you with the solutions as they empower you and prevent your home and office from becoming easy targets.

video surveillance deter crime cornerstone protection

Gather Surveillance

Another great advantage of using video surveillance security systems is that they become handy when you need to monitor the actions of the people around them. These systems are not only equipped with higher security but also give you peace of mind as well. This is particularly helpful when dealing with a legal scenario as you have all the proof in hand. With the help of the alarm systems, the legal authorities can see the series of events as they really unfolded with the options of being able to record.

Monitor Activities and Scenarios

Similar to the installation of these wireless video surveillance systems, keeping the premises secure is also easier as they can be easily be placed anywhere as long as there is a power source close by. These indoor home security cameras are available in almost every shape and size and can be installed at your desired location, for better security depending on your needs.

video surveillance monitor activities and scenarios cornerstone protection
These security systems make it possible for you to not let anyone or anything suspicious out of your sight and are highly recommended in the areas where theft incidents are quite common. Remember that the criminals are smart and simply installing CCTV cameras give themselves away, so there’s really no point in having them.

Maintain Records

The best thing about combining video surveillance technology with automation is, that you are able to keep a record of everything that has been happening around you. The surveillance video security systems are able to record everything they see as it’s happening, which means you have a record of everything that these cameras have seen.

You now know the benefits of having a surveillance security system. There may be cons to such systems. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


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