Quick Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

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Follow Home Safety Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

At Cornerstone Protection your safety and security are of the utmost importance to us, whether it be at home or in the community. To avoid the many dangers children face while trick or treating, we are giving you just a few of our must-know quick tips to help make this spooktacular Halloween.

Is your child’s costume safe for him/her to be wearing?  Does it have a proper eye, nose, and mouth openings?  Can they walk around in it easily?  These are things we need to ask ourselves as we go to purchase a costume for our little ghoul or goblin.  If it’s missing some openings or hard for them to walk in, you take a risk of them falling or becoming injured in some way because of it.

As you are trick or treating with your little monster try attaching reflective tape to their costume or bags. This will help others that are out whether they are walking or driving be able to see them as they walk door to door.

While out trick or treating try going to community-sponsored events in your city or town. These events are held in well-lit areas with less traffic hazard possibilities. If you do decide to go door to door always walk with your child or allow them to walk with a buddy if age-appropriate.

When all is said and done and all the candy has made it home, make sure to go through all the trick or treat bags thoroughly before anyone gets into them.  Any unwrapped candy or candy that looks to have tampered with throw away immediately.

Hopefully, these quick spooktacular Halloween home security tips and guidelines will help you in planning for your night out with your little witches and werewolves. Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!




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