June 24 ,2017

Residential Security Systems

You buy a highly advanced smart LED TV for better picture quality, you make sure to buy a new phone every few years when the latest version is released and you even get the higher trim package in your car to make sure you are using the best technology while you enjoy the drive.  You like everything to be highly advanced because the latest is always the better, so why only get settled with a traditional CCTV camera to secure your home from the burglars? Just like any there technology in your life, the features and capabilities of a residential security also know to some as in-home security system has changed too.

Residential security systems

Of course, you can keep the windows and doors closed to keep the belongings and family secure from any unwanted incident, but there are steps you can take to keep your home safe without spending any money. But the problem is that the thieves are smart, just like you!

Securing your home with tough smart door locks seems a great step, but your property may still benefit greatly from a home security system, but do you know when and how exactly you need to upgrade your in-home security systems?

Here are 5 signs it’s time for you to upgrade residential security systems.

When you find the most advanced system

Although it’s not important to go for any new product that is launched in the market, you can play smart with buying the one with latest features like better security, advanced automation, and dependable service.

After all, having installed a CCTV camera that is only capable of keeping an eye on the burglars and not to record videos is not a smart choice. Using a CCTV camera with night vision and automatic video recording and a feature to store recorded videos in the master computer makes sense.

You want quick, easy access to your home & valuables

A safety locker in the bank may be great choice to keep your valuable items, but there may be something that you would want to be able to access at a moment, a home safe is the most convenient option.

But, the home safe lockers aren’t safe enough, so some added security would be an additional benefit. Depending on what’s being stored, an advanced security system may also work out to be less expensive than long-term storage in a bank. Remember, no matter how cleverly you think you’ve prepared the home, burglars train themselves to deal with the traditional security methods.

You’re away from home quite often

In nearly half of the burglary cases reported worldwide, the break-ins occur when people are away from home. Well, it makes sense as there’s no one at home to deal with the burglars and therefore you should consider installing in-home security systems if you’re away from home a lot.

Using an advanced security system allows you to not only have the property professionally monitored, but also ensure that the burglars don’t get away with your valuables. The smart in residential security systems can be programmed in many ways than you’ve ever thought. For example, these residential security systems come with various features like interactive security, video monitoring, automation and a lot more. Using a mobile app, you can double check if the doors are locked even when you’re at the workplace.

You have important valuables to protect

One of the most important reasons for installing a home security system is protecting valuables or family heirlooms. According to the studies, every year assets worth millions are stolen from essential properties. The sentimental value attached to many of the valuables in your home makes it a must to have the smart, automated and advanced in-home security systems installed for better security.

After all, having a replica of your great grandmother’s ring just isn’t the same as having the ring itself. The family heirlooms are not only valuable due to their financial value, but also because of the sentimental values attached to them.

Break-ins & burglaries occur in your locality

It’s not just the designer big houses in the posh area of the town get broken into, but the tiny apartments have their share in the total amount of valuables stolen. So, if any such incidence has occurred near your home recently, it’s worth your time and money to consider installing residential security systems to be sure about the safety of your loved ones.

The latest and technologically advanced security systems can be customized to your unique situation and requirement, which means they are way more useful and affordable than you think.

So now that you know when exactly you need to update your existing security system, remember that choosing the right one is quite a personal decision that should be made considering your requirements and the budget as well. If you need one, make sure to research well before you make the final decision.

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