Touchless Video Doorbell for Enhanced Home Security

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As one of Kentucky’s leaders in home and business security, Cornerstone Protection is always looking for new ways to help our customers improve security. In this effort, we are now offering a new video doorbell that features touchless operation.

Unlike other video doorbells that require the press of a button to activate the chime, this smart doorbell uses artificial intelligence to detect guests and trigger the chime. In a time when people are worried about social distancing, this video doorbell can add an extra layer of protection to keep you and your family safe.

How Does The New Touchless Video Doorbell Works?

Your standard video doorbell might use motion detection to start recording video and a button to activate the chime. The new touchless doorbell uses artificial intelligence to detect humans, start recording and trigger the chime.
how touchless video doorbell works cornerstone protection

Smart Human Detection

With smart human detection instead of motion detection, this video doorbell eliminates unnecessary alerts because it will not get triggered by something like a pet. Instead, it only starts recording and sending alerts when it detects a human at the door.

Stand On Mat To Ring Doorbell

Instead of using a button to activate the chime, this doorbell comes with a doormat that guests can stand on. When a person stands on the mat, the doorbell is smart enough to know that it should activate the chime.

Live Video and Motion Triggered Recording

When the camera detects a person, it sends an alert to your phone and starts recording. If the person stands on the welcome mat, the touchless doorbell will activate the chime and prompt you through your phone to respond.

Unlock Your Door’s Potential

Once you get the alert, you can view the video feed from the app. The touchless video doorbell also has two-way audio so you can speak to guests. If the guest is someone that you do not need to interact with at the door, you can just have the conversation through the app without ever having to come into close contact with the visitor.

features of touchless doorbell cornerstone protection

Manage Visitors From Anywhere

Along with protecting your family when you are at home and making it easier to distance yourself from visitors, it can also protect deliveries and your front door when you are away. It automatically starts recording whenever it detects a human at the door and you can have conversations with people like delivery drivers even when you are out.

Beyond being able to see and talk to people at the door, the video doorbell offers the ability to work with other smart home devices. If you have a smart light at the front door, you can turn a light on for the visitor. If you have smart locks, you could unlock the door from the app. If you are not home, you could unlock the door and disarm the alarm to let in a trusted friend or family member.

Benefits and Features of the Touchless Video Doorbell

The touchless video doorbell is one of the latest technologies we are offering Kentucky homeowners. The following are some of the benefits and features of the touchless video doorbell:

  • See and talk to people at your front door
  • Hands-free operation prevents the spread of germs
  • Easy operation from a smartphone app
  • Works with other smart home devices
  • Full HD video and HDR for clear viewing
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision viewing
  • 150° vertical field of view
  • Uses AI for smart human detection
  • Sends alerts right to your smartphone
  • View live video and saved clips from your phone

The touchless video doorbell can integrate seamlessly with your smart home security system. It also offers enhanced home protection and convenience for greeting and screening visitors at your front door.

Contact Cornerstone Protection to learn more about the touchless video doorbell and other home security services we offer. We offer video doorbell installation and we can help you develop a security system that is customized for the needs of your home and family.

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