6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Business Security System

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Running a business is more than a full-time job. Managing the operations of the company is likely to take up most of your time, and you probably run into inconveniences almost every day. Security systems for business can help you monitor your company and lessen the impact of a burglary.

While you may have accepted this responsibility when you started your business, it does not mean that you can’t look for ways to make your life easier. With security systems for business, you can streamline safety at your company and use some of the features to improve efficiency.

Here are the Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Security Systems for Business Advantages

  • Smart Camera Integration
  • Remote Control from Anywhere
  • It’s Always Working
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Smart Thermostat for Improved Efficiency
  • Smart Lights

➊ Smart Camera Integration

A video monitoring system is one of the smartest investments a company owner can make. Security Camera systems for business are one of the most effective crime deterrents available, and it can also help to protect your company against lawsuits. Along with that, some insurers may offer discounts for installing video surveillance at your job location.

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While a standalone camera system will help, several benefits come with having cameras that integrate with a smart alarm system. To start, you will be able to monitor the camera feeds from the connected safety app on your phone. Beyond that, you can set up the system to send you alerts for different types of activity. Some smart camera platforms even can tell the difference between regular activity and things that may be suspicious.

➋ Remote Control from Anywhere

With older alarm systems, you would have to stand in front of the keypad and push buttons to control the system. With a smart commercial alarm system, you can manage your alarms with the connected smartphone app. That means that you can control the system wherever you may be on the premises of your business, or you can take control when you are away.

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One way this can make things more convenient is during opening and closing. When you open in the morning, you won’t have to rush to the control panel to disarm the system. When you close for the night, you won’t have to hurry out the door after arming the alarm system. Along with that, you can do things like checking your cameras, access smart lights, or change the temperature on your smart thermostat.

➌ It’s Always Working

A conventional alarm system is pretty good at detecting intruders when it is armed, but that is about as far as it goes. With a smart company alarm, you get a system that has the intelligence to work for you 24 hours a day. Not only that, but you can also manage safety at several company locations from one convenient dashboard. With security alarm systems for business that has intelligence, it is always monitoring the sensors. Even when it is disarmed, it can alert you to suspicious activity. Along with that, it can tell when it is supposed to be armed. If you forget to arm the alarm system, it can send you an alert, and you can arm the system from your phone.

➍ Access Control Solutions

A smart alarm monitoring system can also offer you better business access control solutions. Instead of having to give physical keys to trusted employees, you can program keyless entry codes. These codes can be added and removed with ease, and you can even provide different employees with different levels of access. The security systems for business can also keep detailed access records, so you know who is coming and going at different times.

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Along with improving safety for small businesses, a keyless entry system can also make the business more convenient. If you are running late, you can unlock the doors and disarm the alarms so your employees can start opening for you. If you take the day off, you can set the alarm to send you an alert with a video clip when the doors are unlocked at the beginning of the day and when your employees close up for the night.

➎ Smart Thermostat for Improved Efficiency

With a smart thermostat added to your business alarm system, you can save money on your utility bills. You can program schedules for heating and cooling and get detailed reports about energy consumption. You can also control and monitor the HVAC system from the same smartphone app that connects to your smart wireless system.

The smart thermostat can also be used to protect your inventory. If you have items that are sensitive to high or low temperatures, you can place a temperature sensor in the storeroom. You can then set the smart thermostat to make sure the storage area is kept at the right temperature to protect those items.

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➏ Smart Lights

Smart lights are another feature that can make your profession more convenient and more efficient. The lights can be programmed to work on the schedule of your business. When you are open for business, all of the lights can be on for customers, and when you are closed, you can turn off any unnecessary lights.

Beyond programming the lights, you can also control all of your smart lights from the system app. If you want to turn the lights off or on in one area, you won’t have to walk over to a switch; you quickly open the app on your phone, and you can do it from anywhere. You could even program some of the lights to come on in response to different events. Whether it is the opening of a door or a motion sensor is triggered, you can program the lights to come on automatically.

Final Thoughts

Cornerstone Protection is one of the leading installers of security systems for businesses in Kentucky. We can offer business alarm solutions, automation features, and video surveillance all on one platform. Our professional’s team can help you design a system that is customized for the safety needs of your business. Call us now for a free consultation.

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