The Importance of Home Security: How CornerStone Protection Keeps Your Family Safe

how cornerstone protection keeps your family safe

Having a place you call home is a great achievement in life since we all need shelter. However, you can still face challenges that can put your life and property at risk if your house is not properly secured. For instance, issues like theft or disasters such as fire outbreaks are common and they can lead to financial losses or even death in some situations. Although traditional safety methods can protect your property, we are living in a digital world that requires digital solutions to address complex problems.

Against this background, it is important to prioritize a home security system installation to enjoy peace of mind. If you live in Kentucky, CornerStone Protection is your best companion that can meet all your needs. Read on to learn the importance of home security and how Cornerstone Protection can keep your family safe with its innovative systems and excellent customer service.

The Need for Comprehensive Home Security

Cases of burglaries, property damage, and theft are common in different places and often lead to financial losses and emotional stress. However, you can avoid being a victim by investing in a home security system. You can do this by installing a comprehensive home security system offered by CornerStone Protection to suit the needs of homeowners and tenants.
There are several reasons why you need a home security system which include the following:

    1. Protection
    2. Deter Thieves
    3. Peace of Mind
    4. Convenience
    5. Lower Home Insurance Premiums
  • CornerStone Protection’s Advanced Technology
    1. Wireless Camera Systems
    2. Home Automation
    3. Access Control
  • Tailored Security Solutions for Every Need
    1. Intrusion Detection
    2. Alarm Monitoring
    3. Access Control
    4. Video Surveillance
    5. Fire Alarms
    6. Smart Technology
  • Cutting-Edge Technology for Real-Time Monitoring
    1. Live Monitoring
    2. Indoor Cameras
    3. Video Doorbell
  • Solutions for Commercial Security
    1. Motion Detection
    2. Alarm Monitoring
    3. Access Control
    4. Video Surveillance
    5. Fire Alarms
    6. Smart Technology


First and foremost, the primary purpose of a security system is to protect the inhabitants inside and property from incidents such as burglary, fire, intrusion, and other disasters. With the right security system, you can monitor your home from any place. It offers you alerts on impending threats to your property, and you can take appropriate action before damage is done.

Deter Thieves

Home security systems provided by CornerStone Protection, such as cameras for video surveillance, alarms, and yard signs have proven to be effective in deterring burglars from entering protected properties. Most burglars plan their criminal activities, and others are just opportunists. However, if they realize that the property is protected by an alarm or other security system, they will not attempt to break for fear of being detected.

Peace of Mind

Whether you are at home or away on vacation, you should be able to enjoy peace of mind if you install a security system. Modern wireless security systems allow you to check your property from any place using a smartphone.


Comprehensive home security systems have exceptional features that provide convenience. Home automation allows you to perform various tasks remotely without moving from your seat or bed. For instance, you can operate internet-connected door lock systems, thermostats, and lights using remote control. Furthermore, these systems are energy efficient.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums

When you choose the right security system for your home, you can get a premium discount of up to 20% from your insurance provider. If your home is protected, it means insurance claims will be reduced. Additionally, video footage makes the process of filing an insurance claim easy.

When you enlist the services of ConerStone Protection, you can get a security option designed to suit your needs. Even if you rent a house, you can still get a security system designed for renters that comes with different features.

cornerstone protection smart home advanced technology

CornerStone Protection’s Advanced Technology

CornerStone Protection’s advanced technology allows you to integrate all your security systems and access them from your mobile phone. Some of the technologies you can expect to get include motion sensors, window and door sensors, remote access, and video surveillance. When you download and install the mobile app on your smartphone, you can control the security system of your home from any place. You will get notifications on your mobile device about activities that may take place at your home while you’re away.

Wireless Camera Systems

CornerStone Protection company provides modern camera systems that are designed to suit the needs of different homeowners and renters. Security cameras are very effective when it comes to protecting homes and businesses since they provide video footage that can be used to track thieves. The good thing about wireless cameras is that they offer the following features that improve security.

  • Video recording
  • cloud storage
  • Remote monitoring
  • Crime detection and prevention
  • Real-time notification

Video surveillance is powered by features that include IP cameras, HD video, night video, and video analytics. When you install this security system, you can check your home if it is safe from any place as long as you have access to the internet.

Apart from recording videos, camera systems can be programmed to send notifications to your smartphone upon detecting suspicious movements at your residence. For example, they can detect different types of movements and sound. Motion detectors are designed to differentiate pet movement from human beings. Once you get the notification on your phone, you need to take appropriate action to keep intruders away from your place.

CornerStone Protection’s advanced security systems are convenient because they work with smartphones. In other words, you will be carrying your home security in your pocket wherever you go. Even when you go on holiday, you can control access to your apartment. For instance, you can open the door for maintenance team using your phone while you are thousands of miles away.

The wireless camera system stores data in the cloud which makes it easy for you to check your home any time even when you are at work. If the camera system is combined with your alarm system, you will receive real-time alerts if something happens at your home. The playback feature also allows you to review different video clips stored in the cloud.

Home Automation

You can use the same app to manage different security devices. For instance, you can use your smartphone to control things like lighting, doorbell cameras, smart locks, and thermostats in your home without moving to the base station. The app lets you integrate all devices so that you manage your home without any issues.

If you are renting someone’s property, CornerStone Protection’s safety system allows you to add smart locks, lights, temperature sensors, and others. However, you may need to seek approval from your landlord if you want to include major upgrades on the apartment. Furthermore, check the home security system installation cost to make an informed decision, especially when staying in rented accommodation.

Access Control

CornerStone Protection offers advanced door access control options that allow you to prevent unwanted people from entering your property. For instance, security systems that include key cards, PIN codes, and biometrics, make it impossible for one to enter the building if they don’t have the right tools to use. They enhance safety since authorized people only can get inside the house.

The access control system also keeps access records at your home for security reasons. If you lose your access key card or you are mugged, chances are high that it can be used by the culprit when you are away. If such a thing happens, CornerStone Protection can retrieve access records at your house to trace the criminals.
tailored security solutions for every needs cornerstone protection

Tailored Security Solutions for Every Need

CornerStone Protection provides security solutions that are tailored to suit the unique needs of different users. Both homeowners and tenants are covered since they can order customized services that suit their properties. Some of the tailored security systems offered by CornerStone include motion sensors, lights, thermostats, smart locks, carbon monoxide detectors, fan controllers, and others.

Intrusion Detection

Motion detection systems are designed to prevent burglars. If the system detects motion around the place, it triggers the alarm or sends a notification to the homeowner. Thieves are deterred by alarm sounds since they will quickly leave the place for fear of being apprehended. Depending on your house, a technician can recommend the appropriate motion detection system you can install.

Alarm Monitoring

Cloud security cameras are smart since they can store video footage for an extended period. Storage space is not an issue like other methods used to store data. As a result, you can analyze video footage any time you want. Users can also choose 24/7 alarm monitoring services from CornerStone Protection which comes with real-time monitoring. A human being will be monitoring your home in a control room somewhere and they will readily act when something happens.

Access Control

If you are a tenant, you still need to control the people who will enter the property. Even the landowner should not gain entrance into the place whenever they want. You can achieve this by installing smart locks that can be controlled from your mobile phone. This option involves the installation of sensors around windows and doors. When someone attempts to open the window or door, you will get an alert on your mobile phone.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can also be utilized in homes to improve security. This option comes with features like IP cameras, HD video, night vision, video analytics as well as cloud storage. This security system provides real-time data to help you know everything taking place at your home. Even when you go out of the country, you can still access important information about the security system at your home. Make sure you have your smartphone and access to the internet to use this home security system.

Fire Alarms

A fire outbreak can cause terrible financial losses if appropriate action is not taken. One way of preventing this problem involves the installation of fire alarms which are designed to detect smoke and fire in your home. They send signals which help the responsible security services to take appropriate action to prevent disaster. A smart thermostat also helps regulate temperature in your home. With this device, you can lower your monthly energy bills since it helps improve efficiency.

Smart Technology

CornerStone provides smart technology that is crafted to enhance security and improve efficiency, and productivity. For instance, you can program your lights to follow the normal lighting patterns even when you are away from your home. If passersby see your outside lights turning on, they will think that someone is home. As a result, no one will try to break into your home.

Customized security options offered by CornerStone Protection can suit the needs of different people depending on the types of their homes. It is a good idea to consult a professional in the field of home security camera installation service to make a good decision.
real time alarm monitoring of your home cornerstone protection

Cutting-Edge Technology for Real-Time Monitoring

CornerStone Protection is a market leader in providing cutting-edge technology that provides real-time monitoring of your home. Users who choose 24/7 surveillance services are guaranteed of full protection because all incidences can be responded to in real-time. You will have no worries if your property is under constant surveillance.

Live Monitoring

Live monitoring is another excellent service offered by CornerStone Protection. Instead of relying on video footage recorded by cameras only, people will be manning your home and respond quickly when something happens. This service is worth your money because it is packaged in a way to suit the needs of various property owners. The service is available throughout the year which means security risks are significantly reduced.

Indoor Cameras

You can also closely monitor everything that takes place inside your home via indoor cameras. These cutting-edge devices offered by CornerStone Protection allow you to keep a close eye on your kids, the housekeeper, or your pets when you are not home. You can also use the cameras to capture memorable events you can share with your loved ones in the future.

The security system allows you to watch video footage captured inside your house on your smartphone. With this option, you will never miss anything that happens in your home since you can use the playback feature to view everything. Outdoor cameras also provide the same utility, especially if you want to monitor your property when you are away.

Video Doorbell

An HD video doorbell is another excellent technology you can consider to improve your home security. When someone presses the doorbell, the camera installed in a strategic position takes a video that you can view on your smartphone to see the person before opening the door. This helps you avoid the risk of opening the door without identifying your visitor first.

When you have a doorbell camera, you may not need to open your door for everyone. This facility allows you to chat with the person outside. If you are not interested in meeting the visitor, you can dismiss them. The good thing about the doorbell video system is that it allows you to interact with visitors in real time before letting them in. If you are not home, you can still get a notification on your smartphone. These smart home technologies are integrated so you can access them from the same app on your mobile device.

Solutions for Commercial Security

CornerStone Protection is your one-stop when it comes to provision of quality security services. The company also provides security systems for commercial properties to improve the safety of workers and visitors. Large corporations are usually targets by thieves, hence the need to have special security solutions in place. CornerStone offers services to different industries including healthcare sector, government buildings, retail stores, apartment buildings, and others.

Handling security matters in a large and diverse environment can be challenging and this is why you need to enlist the services of CornerStone Protection. To make your operations seamless, you will need to install security solutions like access control, alarm systems, surveillance, fire alarms as well as intrusion detection.

Motion Detection

Unauthorized visitors should not be tolerated in any workplace since they can cause problems. Thieves can also take advantage of poorly lit or inaccessible areas to gain entrance into the company premises. However, with motion detection systems, you can keep all undesired elements away from your organization. They provides alerts whenever suspicious movements are detected.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring provides full protection of your business because they scare away burglars. Most criminals first check if there is an alarm system around the property before attempting to break-in. the presence of this system is a great deterrent that can keep your place safe. With 24/7 alarm monitoring, CornerStone Professionals can respond to all threats discovered in a short period. If your business does not have an alarm, it’s a good idea to invest in one.

Access Control

Controlling human traffic in big industries can be a challenge that disrupts smooth operations or lead to injuries. To avoid this, you can get the right access control system from CornerStone Protection. This system allows you to manage access to different areas or rooms around the facility. In large corporations, access cards and other advanced technologies are used to control the movement of people.

Video Surveillance

CornerStone Protection is your one-stop shop when it comes to designing and installation of video surveillance systems. This option has exceptional features such as IP cameras, night vision, HD video, cloud storage, and video analytics. Apart from enhancing security in the company, video surveillance can also be utilized to enhance productivity. Managers can track the activities of their employees in real time. They can also use the system to promote safety in the company by checking for obstacles that can cause harm to visitors.

Fire Alarms

Fire outbreaks can happen when you least expect them, and they can cause severe losses to the company, terrible injuries, or loss of life. To protect your property, you can consider installing CornerStone’s fire alarm system. You need to combine it with the entire security system for the company.

The good thing about fire alarms is that they can detect signs of fire and send signals to the monitoring team to ensure a quick response. If you experience a fire outbreak, your business will not suffer heavy losses because of the existence of a fire alarm.

Smart Technology

Smart technology offered by CornerStone Protection helps improve efficiency and productivity in the company. Different solutions are custom designed to suit the needs of small and large businesses. To get the best option for your business, it is imperative to consult a technician first to make an informed decision.
cornerstone protection commitment to customer satisfaction

CornerStone Protection’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The success of an organization depends on its capability to meet the needs of its customers. CornerStone Protection boasts of providing unmatched customer service to clients in different markets where it operates. The company has a team of dedicated and trained technicians in the area of security who are readily available to answer all the questions you might have before choosing a security system.

CornerStone employees provide installations of all the security systems which they sell as well as ongoing support to their customers. They prioritize the needs of their clients to make them feel valued so they can continue doing business with the company. One way of doing this is by providing real-time responses to ensure that all customer needs are resolved.

CornerStone Protection offers a remote desktop app that can be used by clients to report issues with their home security systems. The app allows the customers and the support team to interact in a friendly manner. What makes the company proud in its operations is that the customers regard it as a valuable partner. It is seen as a reliable and honest company with a good reputation in areas where it operates.

CornerStone Protection’s commitment is also reinforced by its desire to respond to each customer or potential client within the shortest time. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. When you send a message to the team, they will call you back.

Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected] between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the email service is open between 10 AM and 4 PM. Therefore, you need to choose the most appropriate communication method if you want help.


If you want to keep your home safe from thieves and other disasters that can lead to property damage, you need to install a reliable home security system. You can get this from CornerStone Protection, a home security system installation near Kentucky. It provides exceptional technology that is tailored to suit the needs of different people. More importantly, customers are guaranteed excellent services and user-friendly solutions. When you choose the best system that suits your needs, you can relax knowing that your loved ones and property are safe.

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CornerStone Protection

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