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Smarter Business Security Systems with Cornerstone Protection

At the end of the day, the goals are simple safety and security

Business Alarm Systems, Solutions & Services For Small or Any Sized Businesses

Cornerstone Protection is Kentucky's leader in Smart Business Alarm Company, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your commercial or corporation.

Have you heard of false alarm complaints and excessive service fees, when dealing with a commercial security service provider? Cornerstone Protection is your answer to a secure, reliable, affordable business security company in Kentucky to deliver world-class 24/7 customer service.

Medium or small business security systems are easily customized to your corporate’s unique configuration and your needs. We have the skill experience and know-how to design, install, and service your business alarm systems.

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We know you've probably been burned by business security companies in the past, that's why we set out with a mission to be different with our business security alarm systems to the next level.

Custom Security Solution For Any Type of Business We Protect

Professional Business Alarm Services For All Your Commercial Security Systems Needs

Inventory and Retail Security

Retail businesses can be an attractive target for criminals. It includes not only shoplifters but also the potential for business burglary and theft by employees. Cornerstone Protection provides Kentucky retail establishments with commercial alarm systems that will adequately protect inventory while also helping the business to maintain an inviting environment for customers.

Association that operates in the food & beverage industry has unique security concerns that can only be addressed with business security solutions. The professionals from Cornerstone Protection can evaluate the security concerns of your restaurant, bar or club to design custom security alarm systems for business. We provide services for security business, access control system installation, business surveillance systems, commercial security camera systems, intrusion detection, fire alarm system installation and more.

Healthcare facilities have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for personnel, patients, and visitors. Whether it is an independent doctor’s office, a hospital or a research facility, the professional security team from Cornerstone Protection has the skills, knowledge, and experience to develop and install video surveillance monitoring systems that are suited the needs of companies protection in the healthcare industry.

Manufacturing and industrial facilities have security concerns that go beyond that of your average organization. At Cornerstone Protection, we specialize in developing custom security solutions for business that meet the complex demands common to facilities in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. It includes services like monitoring fire alarm systems, workers life safety, business surveillance, access control solutions, intrusion detection, CCTV security system and more.

Cornerstone Protection provides commercial security services for the modern office workplace. Depending on the needs of your office, we can build systems that cover perimeter security, fire detection, door access card reader system, video surveillance monitor, security access control systems, commercial fire alarms, security cameras and more. Our smart business services can effectively protect central Kentucky office buildings from crimes against property and people.

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Power The Business Security And Automation To The Next Level

Connect your security panel, lights, locks, thermostats, video camera and more, for consistent automation and control.

Explore our business automation and security systems

  • outdoor video security camera cornerstone protection
    Outdoor Video Camera
  • security access control systems cornerstone protection
    Access Control Device
  • security cameras for small business cornerstone protection
    Dome Video Camera
  • light control system cornerstone protection
    Lighting Control
  • commercial thermostat cornerstone protection
    Smart Thermostat
  • door sensor cornerstone protection
    Door Sensor
  • image sensor cornerstone protection
    Image Sensor
  • is smart lock safe cornerstone protection
    Smart Locks
  • video camera system cornerstone protection
    Rear Video Camera
  • room temperature sensor cornerstone protection
    Temperature Sensor
Power the smart business security
outdoor video security camera cornerstone protection security access control systems cornerstone protection security cameras for small business cornerstone protection door sensor cornerstone protection image sensor cornerstone protection room temperature sensor cornerstone protection light control system cornerstone protection video camera system cornerstone protection is smart lock safe cornerstone protection commercial thermostat cornerstone protection

Explore our business automation and security systems

Outdoor Video Camera

Our business security camera systems provide complete coverage for the exterior of enterprise properties. Our systems come with features like remote monitoring, HD recording and night vision camera. Connect your smart device to view live feeds from your camera and to capture specific clips at any time.

outdoor video security camera cornerstone protection

We offer easy to use access control solutions that can work for any firm. Managers can add and delete users with ease, change employee permissions, set privileges for different rooms and receive notifications for access events.

security access control systems cornerstone protection

High-traffic areas can benefit significantly from the 360° visibility of our dome cameras. With cameras that can record 24/7 and send video to secure cloud base storage, you know your footage is always safe and ready to access no matter where you are.

security cameras for small business cornerstone protection

Automated lighting systems are the best solution for making sure the right lights are on at the right time. Make sure your corporate areas are well-lit during the day and that your security lights are on at night with smart commercial lighting.

light control system cornerstone protection

Save costs on your heating and cooling while maintaining a comfortable environment for employees and customers. Manage schedules for heating and cooling, monitor your HVAC system when you are away and track your energy usage with a smart thermostat wifi.

commercial thermostat cornerstone protection

Door sensors are the perfect solution to guard against intrusion or burglary. Our door entry systems for business can be set up to detect entry at main entrances, back doors, offices, supply rooms and more.

door sensor cornerstone protection

An image sensor in camera can provide valuable information if there is activity in a restricted area. By taking a picture whenever motion is detected, you can know what is going on in sensitive areas of your building.

image sensor cornerstone protection

With commercial grade smart locks, you have one of the best building access control systems available. These locks can be used to protect your organisation building or specific rooms in your office, and you can assign unique unlocking codes for different employees. Along with that, you can also enjoy features like remote locking door and unlocking.

is smart lock safe cornerstone protection

Security video camera system provide increased security for areas that may be secluded or less visible by installing commercial security cameras.

video camera system cornerstone protection

Working with a smart thermostat or temperature sensors can be used to monitor and manage the temperature in different areas. If you have rooms that need to be kept at a specific temperature, these sensors can be the perfect solution for making sure it never gets too hot or too cold.

room temperature sensor cornerstone protection

More Over 1000+ Customers

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90 Days Risk Free Trial

Cornerstone Protection don’t sell services we bring our customer’s life Safe & Secure home solution. You can try our 90 days Free Trial. After 100% stisfaction you can continue our services. No hidden charge & 100% Money back guarantee.

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Affordable Business Security Solutions

  • Did someone enter the inventory room after hours?
  • Was that a false alarm or a genuine one?
  • Was the security alarm switched on tonight?

Every company has its unique security concerns. Along with protecting the property and people at the company, a security alarm system needs to function in a way that lends itself well to the operation of the company. With a security system from Cornerstone Protection, companies in Central Kentucky get premium business security service that will not interfere with activities.

At Cornerstone Protection, we specialize in designing and installing security solutions for today’s modern corporations. We perform a full audit of the client’s security needs to ensure a system that is customizable for the needs of the individual company. We then install the system and train personnel on the features and functions of the security system.

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business automation insights cornerstone protection


With our security systems for business, you gain greater visibility over activities at your company, allowing you to make smarter decisions.The easy to understand reports provide insights into business operations, offering you the ability to identify patterns and detect unexpected changes.

business automation insights visiual trends cornerstone protection
business automation insights uncover activity cornerstone protection
business automation insights simple interface cornerstone protection
business track access cornerstone protection

Track access events and different locations

Identify activity patterns and customer traffic trends

identify activity patterns cornerstone protection
discover unexpected entries cornerstone protection

Discover activities such as unexpected entries during off hours or energy waste and safety concerns like doors being left open

Track time & date records for each user disarming the system

track time for disarming systems cornerstone protection
an automated report from several locations cornerstone protection

Reporting for one or more locations

Manage reporting schedules and check info daily, weekly or monthly

report managing schedules of your business security activities cornerstone protection

Our Best in the Business Guarantee

Alarm security systems for business that performs beyond the roles and the establishment. Kentucky businesses want to know that they are working with reliable security professionals that are going to be there when they require them. When you settle with Cornerstone Protection, you get the following guarantees with your business security systems:

business security guarantee cornerstone protection
same day security systems installation guarantee cornerstone protection
The On-Time Guarantee

We guarantee the on time installation of business security systems. If we do not reach the granted upon the date of completion, we will pay you $250 for every day past the deadline.

deductible guarantee cornerstone protection
Deductible Guarantee

If your company encounters a loss as the result of faulty alarm equipment, we will pay you for up to $500 on your insurance deductible.

100 percent satisfaction with security system installation cornerstone protection
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the business security system installation and maintenance services, we will provide a full refund..

no false alarm by cornerstone protection
False Alarm Warranty

We cover the false alarm prevention fees for the first two years after installation. If you have a false alarm during this period, just let us know, and we’ll cover the cost.

Don’t think these guarantees are special? Call your current KY Business Alarm Companies to see if they can match them.

Top 6Business Monitoring Services That Can Help Your Business Secure

01 lexington business monitoring and services cornerstone protection
01 lexington business monitoring and services cornerstone protection

Remote Monitoring

Remote burglar alarm monitoring is one of the most fundamental services for protecting against property loss. With an array of sensors and security surveillance equipment, business monitoring systems can provide effective intrusion protection for organisations of all sizes. Our systems are monitored 24/7 from 3 UL certified monitoring stations to provide Kentucky businesses with the best business burglar alarm systems currently available.

02 video surveillance services in kentucky cornerstone protection
02 video surveillance services in kentucky cornerstone protection

Business Surveillance System

With a business video surveillance system customized to the needs of your organization, you can rest assured, knowing that your property and employees have the protection they need. Cornerstone Protection provides the latest digital video surveillance systems for business in Central Kentucky. We design and install home and business security monitoring systems that have features like high-quality 1080p (HD) video surveillance recording that store your videos onsite, remote monitoring and motion activation.

03 access control services cornerstone protection
03 access control services cornerstone protection

Business Access Control

An access control system is a must-have for many of today’s businesses. These systems make it easy to manage who can enter the premises of your business, and they also provide a detailed record of who is accessing the corporation, at what time and from which entry point. You can very quickly add and remove users, and you can even check the access records from any place in the world using a phone, tablet or laptop.

04 fire alarm services cornerstone protection
04 fire alarm services cornerstone protection

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Businesses need protection from more than just criminal activity. To provide for your business’s complete alarm monitoring needs, Cornerstone Protection offers commercial fire alarm systems for companies in the Lexington, Kentucky region. If one of your business fire alarm sensors is tripped, our monitoring service can alert the necessary emergency services and contact a representative of your company to make sure you are aware of the situation.

05 business burglar alarm services cornerstone protection
05 business burglar alarm services cornerstone protection

Business Alarm Security

Cornerstone Protection provides complete security solutions for businesses in Lexington KY and the entire Central Kentucky region. It includes a full array of security sensors for motion detectors, sensors for doors, windows and other access points, and we also install security alarm for fires and floods. We can also establish glass breaks, business security cameras, commercial grade locks, smart lights and a wide range of other sensors like door sensor, alarm sensor, a motion sensor to ensure the highest levels of protection for your organizations and its employees.

06 business security service cornerstone protection
06 business security service cornerstone protection

Smart Business Automation

Our business security systems can integrate into smart automation features to provide a complete security experience. With commercial alarm monitoring service from Cornerstone Protection, you have features like intelligent lights, locksmith service, garage door automation, thermostats, smart CCTV systems, and more. With a connected smartphone or tablet, you can also get security alerts to manage and monitor your business security system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

6Reasons why Kentucky Business Security Companies Trust Cornerstone Protection with their Business Security Solutions

01 28 years in business experience cornerstone protection
28 Years Experiences

Cornerstone Protection was founded by a real law enforcement professional. As a 28-year law enforcement veteran, Captain Shannon Stone has firsthand experience in the field. In establishing Cornerstone Protection, he decided to use his experience as a law enforcement professional to provide homes security and businesses solutions in the Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and Central Kentucky region with better, more reliable security services and solutions.

02 true security experts cornerstone protection
Advanced Security Professionals

At Cornerstone Protection, we only hire true security professionals. Whether you are talking to our telephone support team, getting an onsite security audit, having a system installed or getting business alarm monitoring services, you know that you are working with an experienced professional that has the necessary skills, training, and knowledge.

03 business alarm equipment installation cornerstone protection
Best Security Equipments

Some security alarm companies recommend and install inferior equipment to increase profits. At Cornerstone Protection, we only use the best security equipment, and we make our recommendations based on the needs of the client – not our bottom line. It is our philosophy that it is better to provide businesses with the best security possible, rather than trying to make little extra money on the install.

04 custom business security systems cornerstone protection
Custom Business Solutions

All of our security systems are customizable to the needs of the individual business with affordable security systems prices. We'll not try to sell you a pre-packaged box system that is not designed for your needs. We start by performing an onsite security audit to assess the security concerns of the client, and then we build security alarm systems for small businesses that are designed to meet those needs.

05 customer service satisfaction cornerstone protection
24/7 Faster Customer Service

We understand the importance of active, knowledgeable customer service. When our clients need assistance, they get the help of a real human representative. Our customer service representatives are standing by 24 hours a day, and they are ready to help our businesses owners with all of their concerns.

06 business guarantees cornerstone protection
Best Business Guarantee

Cornerstone Protection sells more than security systems, and we sell peace of mind. We back our business security systems with our Best in the Business Guarantees. We are so assured in the quality and reliability of our security solutions that we provide a range of guarantees that are unmatched in the industry.

What Makes Us Different

We’ll Visit Your Home or Business And Show You How To Best Secure Your Business For Free

what makes cornerstone protection different
Training & User Guide

We will provide complete training for you and your company staff, and we supply a comprehensive user guide for an alarm system for business.

Monitoring System

Our surveillance systems for businesses are UL listed for burglary and commercial fire alarm monitoring. That means a network of three monitoring stations, each with a backup generator.

Remote Access

Your security system will be proactive instead of reactive. As long as you have an internet-connected device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.), you can check on business control systems and manage and monitor many of the features from anywhere in the world.

100% Custom Alarm

For every institution has its individual security concerns. Cornerstone Protection installs business security systems that are 100% customized to the needs of any company size.

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