Commercial Security Systems and Solutions by Industry

Custom commercial security solutions by your need for even the most complex of applications.

#1 Commercial Security Systems Service in Kentucky

CornerStone Protection has the experience and expertise to handle any small business to enterprise security project. We work on properties of all sizes and also we have worked with commercial operations in a range of industries. For each industry, we provide tailor-made commercial alarm system installation services.


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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

We offer a broad array of security solutions for healthcare facilities. We understand the unique challenges that exist at hospitals and other healthcare centers and we are prepared to design and install healthcare security systems that can protect patients, healthcare staff and visitors. Whether you operate a large healthcare complex or something as small as a doctor’s office, Cornerstone Protection has the experience and expertise to meet your security concerns. Learn More


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Security Services for Government Buildings

Cornerstone Protection offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for federal, state and local government buildings. We can cover everything from access control to security cameras, and we have the expertise to help you maintain a high level of security at all government-run facilities. We can work with government agencies that range from law enforcement to technical organizations and bureaucratic institutions to design and install government security systems to meet any goal. Learn More


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Security Systems for School and Education

Schools and other educational institutions need to put a high priority on providing a safe environment for students and faculty. With Cornerstone Protection, you have a team of security experts that can design custom security systems for schools and other institutions of education. Our teams work with some of the most advanced security technologies and we have the necessary experience to handle any job. We can cover single school buildings or security solutions intended to be deployed across large campuses. Learn More

Retail Stores

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Alarm Systems for Retail Stores

Without the proper security measures, retail operations can have significant issues with crime. At Cornerstone Protection, we have the expertise and skill to develop systems for retail security and loss prevention. We can build and deploy retail security systems for everything from small storefronts to large department stores. From intrusion detection and security cameras to smart security devices, we offer an array of retail security services to help retail operations prevent theft while also protecting customers and employees. Learn More

Office Buildings

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Advanced Security Systems for Office Buildings

Cornerstone Protection offers an array of security solutions for office buildings in Kentucky. We have access control systems, intrusion detection devices and surveillance camera systems. Beyond office security monitoring, we also offer a range of fire protection devices to keep the occupants of the office building safe. No matter the size of the building, the team at Cornerstone Protection has the skills and expertise to build a custom office security system for any commercial building.

Apartment Buildings

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Security Camera Systems for Apartment Buildings

Offering safety and security is one of the top concerns for many apartment building managers. With Cornerstone Protection, you get the highest levels of security to provide you and your residents with peace of mind. We have access control for the building and for common areas, camera systems that can keep a watchful eye on the premises and we offer an array of solutions to enhance safety and security. We have the tools to make your buildings safer, more secure and easier to manage.

Banking Institutions

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Heightened Security for Banking Institutions

As an attractive target for crime, banking institutions need the best security solutions they can find. Cornerstone Protection covers a range of security systems for banks and other financial institutions and we can build a custom system to meet the needs of the organization. Whether it is surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, panic buttons or access control, we have the skills and the expertise to provide solutions that will protect your staff, customers and assets.


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Enhanced Security for Warehouses

Warehouses need to do everything they can to prevent the theft of the goods they store. With warehouse security solutions from Cornerstone Protection, you can get the security you need in a platform that is easy to manage. We have a warehouse security camera system watching vulnerable areas on the property, intrusion detection to prevent burglaries and access control for managing entrances and exits. We can even incorporate systems like smart lights and smart climate control to help create a more efficient operation.

Manufacturing Facilities

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Commercial Security Systems for Manufacturing Facilities

Managing the security of a large manufacturing facility can be difficult. These facilities often have multiple buildings, a large staff and many entrances and exits. Cornerstone Protection offers integrated security solutions that can help to manage a manufacturing facility while also improving security. Whether you need security cameras, intrusion alarms, access control solutions or smart technology, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Industrial Applications

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Security Systems for Industrial Operations

Industrial operations present complex challenges as it concerns security. The experts at Cornerstone Protection have the experience to evaluate these concerns and develop security solutions that will protect your workers and the facility. We offer a range of access control solutions that can be deployed across large areas, security cameras that offer features like night vision and HD recording and intrusion detection to prevent burglary. We can combine all of this into one easy-to-use platform to provide enhanced security while also making the facility easier to manage.

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We Offer Core Security Systems for Commercial Buildings

CornerStone Protection is one of the leading names for commercial burglar alarm systems in Kentucky. We have the skills and expertise to meet the demands of commercial operations in any industry and our experts can help you design a custom system that will meet your unique concerns.

We offer some of the best commercial security monitoring services for everything from intrusion detection and video surveillance to fire alarms and smart technology. Contact our team to learn more about the best commercial surveillance camera available today.

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Intrusion Detection

Prevent break-ins and unauthorized access with our intrusion detection systems. Our technicians can design and install advanced intrusion detection systems to protect your property from burglary and other intrusion crimes.

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24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Our security monitoring centers can keep watch over your commercial property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With three UL-certified monitoring stations, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

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Access Control

Get some of the most secure access control systems available today. Manage access for the facility, different rooms, areas, and assign user different levels of access privilege with advanced access control systems from CornerStone Protection.

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Video Surveillance

We can design and install video surveillance for any commercial operation. With features like HD video, night vision, IP cameras, video analytics, and cloud storage, your property will under the watchful eye of some of the best surveillance.

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Fire Alarms

Get full protection by integrating fire alarms with your commercial security system. Our systems can detect and send signals to ensure a fast response in the event of a fire. Help protect your business if such a problem were to occur.

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Smart Technology

CornerStone Protection also offers smart technology to make sure your operation is more efficient and more productive. Beyond smart security, your commercial property can benefit from features like smart lights & smart climate control systems.

Integrated Security Solutions from CornerStone Protection

Our experts work with businesses both large and small to design custom security that can be deployed for single locations or for multi-location operations. We offer standalone solutions or fully-integrated systems and we take great pride in offering the most comprehensive security solutions available today. If you are ready to start working with the commercial security systems lexington ky, contact our team for a free consultation.

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