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Protect students and teachers with custom security solutions for schools and other education facilities.

Education Security Solutions in Kentucky

School security and safety concerns have changed a lot in recent years. Today’s students and educators face threats and security concerns that were almost non-existent just a few decades ago. With today’s threat landscape being so different, there is a much greater need for education security systems.


At CornerStone Protection, we understand these concerns and we have the skills and expertise to offer some of the most effective school monitoring systems. Whether you need school safety and security services for a university campus, K-12 schools, or a daycare center, we can build a custom alarm system that will provide enhanced protection for staff, students, and visitors.

School Security and Surveillance Solutions from CP

As one of the leading school security system installers in Kentucky, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to education security. Along with our unparalleled expertise, we offer an array of school security solutions that can work standalone or as a part of a larger system to provide the best commercial security and safety for any education institution.

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The following are some of the products and services we offer for education security systems:

We are dedicated to school safety solutions & security at CornerStone Protection. From local K-12 school security to the largest universities, our experts will work with you to develop a school alarm system that will meet the needs of your institution.

A Leading Name for Education Security Systems in Kentucky

CornerStone Protection is a local security system provider and we have local experts that are ready to design and install security systems for education providers. We are one of the leading names for security solutions in Kentucky and we take great pride in the work we do in the community.

01. School Security Camera Systems

Surveillance cameras are more than just a great crime deterrent – they can also expand the reach of security personnel at your school. With proper placement of school security cameras, you can provide your security officers with the vision they need to protect the property, students, and faculty.


Our team has the expertise to survey any educational facility to identify all points that would benefit from security camera coverage. We also offer an array of surveillance cameras that come with advanced features for better school safety and security services. We have CCTV solutions with indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, HD recording, night vision, PTZ cameras, IP cameras, and remote surveillance.

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02. Intrusion Detection for Education Centers

Schools can be subject to crime at any time. Whether it is when classes are being held, during a holiday, or at night when the school is closed, you need intrusion detection to protect the property, staff, and students. This is where intrusion detection from CornerStone Protection can come in handy.


CornerStone Protection can protect schools and other education facilities with our security systems for intrusion detection. We offer devices like door sensors, window sensors, and motion detectors to provide protection against intruders. These devices can be programmed to alert our monitoring stations for an emergency response, trigger an audible alarm, or send alerts to the phones of staff members and security officers.

03. School Access Control Systems

Schools need to be able to manage entry to the building. With modern access control solutions, you can make sure that the only people coming to the school are those who really belong there. These systems can work to protect the building and students when the school is open, and they can also provide protection when the school is closed.


With CornerStone Protection, you have an array of advanced access control solutions for education. Our systems offer a variety of options for access control credentials, and they make managing and assigning access privileges simple and convenient. You can also get complete records concerning those who have accessed the school to see who is coming and going at different times.

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04. 24/7 Monitoring for Education Security Systems

While the on-site devices are vital for school safety and security, monitoring is also an important part of providing protection. Cameras and devices can provide valuable insights to your security personnel, but monitoring can ensure that there is always a professional watching and ready to respond.


When you get school security from CornerStone Protection, you have access to one of the most effective security monitoring services available today. We work with three interconnected monitoring stations that are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These professionals are always ready to respond when an alarm signal comes in, and with three stations working together, you have a level of redundancy to ensure that you get the response you need, when you need it.

05. Panic Buttons for Kentucky Schools

It is an unfortunate reality, but schools are often targets for some of the worst crimes. During these events, you need to be able to summon an emergency response as fast as possible. That is why panic buttons can be one of the most vital elements of developing a plan for school safety and security.


The experts from CornerStone Protection can assess the school property and assign the most effective locations for panic alarms in the school. Along with that, we can also offer wireless panic alarms that can be carried by designated personnel at the school. When these panic buttons are activated, the security professionals at our monitoring stations know to dispatch emergency services as fast as possible.

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06. Video Analytics for Education Security

Surveillance cameras can work well to enhance school security on their own, but they can be more effective when they are backed by video analytics. With video analytics, you have smart algorithms that watch the camera feeds and analyze the activity. These analytics systems can be trained to identify different security and safety issues to alert security officers when there is a problem.


When the camera system has the support of analytics, your security personnel can get alerted to issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. As an example, a camera by the back entrance might detect a suspicious visitor. The analytics could flag this event and send an alert to the school’s security guards. With this alert, they can check the camera feed from a mobile device or go to see if the person belongs at the school.

07. Integrated Education Security System

The team from CornerStone Protection offers a range of advanced video monitoring security solutions for schools. As standalone systems, things like intrusion detection, surveillance cameras and access control can be very effective for enhancing safety at schools and other educational institutions. However, when you integrate the systems together, they can take school security to the next level.


With education security from CornerStone Protection, you can integrate all of these systems into one easy-to-use platform. That means you can do things like get alerts, check camera feeds and assign access privileges from one platform. The systems can even work together to make for a system that is smarter and more effective. Depending on your needs, you can also integrate features like fire alarms, smart lights, and smart thermostats.

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As one of the top alarm system providers in the region, we know how guarantees can help provide additional peace of mind for our clients. With our school security systems, you can expect the following guarantees from CornerStone Protection:

Protecting Schools With Security Systems From CornerStone Protection

When it comes to the safety of students and teachers, you can’t settle for anything but the best. The team from CornerStone Protection takes great pride in providing the best safety and security for schools and other education facilities, and we will take our time to consult with you to develop the best system possible.


For more information about education security systems, contact our experts today. We offer free consultations for school security systems & we can arrange for a security professional to come to your building or campus to provide a security review of the property.

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