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Government Security Services and Solutions

Government institutions are vital for maintaining a functional society. Since government buildings and facilities can face a range of threats, the need for reliable government security systems is paramount.


The team from CornerStone Protection has the experience and expertise to offer a broad array of government security solutions. Whether you manage a state, federal, or local government property, we can develop a custom security system to meet your needs.

Government Building Security Systems

At CornerStone Protection, we understand that different government buildings have different security needs. That is why we offer a variety of solutions that can work for federal or local government security systems.

government building security systems cornerstone protection

The following are some of the security services we offer for government buildings in Kentucky:

It is our goal to help every client find the right security solution for their needs. To reach that goal, we offer free consultations for government security systems and we can send out an expert to perform a full security audit of the property.

Government Security and Life Safety Solutions in KY

We take great pride in being able to provide security solutions for different governmental organizations in Kentucky. Our teams work hard to make sure government buildings have the best security possible, and we can work with entities that span federal, state, and local government.

01. Intrusion Detection for Government Buildings

Whether it is federal, state or local, maintaining a secure building is one of the most important parts of managing a government property. For government buildings of all types and sizes, this makes intrusion protection critical for protecting staff, visitors and property.


When you work with CornerStone Protection, our experts can help you develop an effective intrusion detection system. This would include devices like motion detectors, door sensors and window contacts. Beyond security system monitoring, we could also install sirens to trigger an audible alarm or program the system to send alerts to security personnel and building managers.

intrusion detection for government buildings cornerstone protection
government security cameras cornerstone protection

02. Surveillance Cameras for Government Buildings

Cameras are often a key component in government security solutions. The presence of cameras can be an effective crime deterrent, and they can also provide important evidence in the event of an incident. With CornerStone Protection, you have access to some of the most advanced government security camera systems available today.


Our security professionals can come out to perform a full survey of the property to find all of the appropriate locations for security cameras. Our systems have wireless cameras, IP cameras, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, night vision, HD recording and PTZ capabilities. We can also install systems that offer viewing from monitors in a security station and the ability to monitor cameras from devices like laptops, phones and tablets.

03. Panic Buttons for Government Buildings

Whether you are talking about a state capitol, a courthouse or a transportation center, government properties are always at risk for violent crime. When this occurs, you need to be able to get a response from emergency services as quickly as possible. This is where the installation of panic alarms can be vital for protecting people at government buildings.


We can send out our experts to identify the best locations for panic buttons. Along with that, we can integrate wireless panic alarms that can be carried by different members of the staff. These buttons can be activated easily in an emergency and they can guarantee a fast response from police or other first responders.

panic buttons for government buildings cornerstone protection
security camera monitoring for education cornerstone protection

04. 24/7 Monitoring for Government Security

CornerStone Protection prides itself on providing some of the best onsite technology for government security solutions. While the devices and panel at the location are important, security system monitoring ensures that you get a response when you need it.


When you go with CornerStone Protection, you get reliable monitoring from a network of three UL-certified security monitoring stations. Our monitoring centers are certified for fire and intrusion alarms, and the integrated stations ensure that alarm signals never go unanswered. If there is ever high volume or technical difficulties at one station, the signals can always be rerouted to the other two.

05. Government Access Control Systems

Many government buildings need to maintain strict control of access to the property. Along with that, some government facilities may need to control access to different areas or rooms within the building. With CornerStone Protection, you get some of the most secure access control solutions for government buildings.


Our access control systems can work with PINs, key cards and biometric authentication. With our systems, you can control access to different entrances and exits, plus you have the ability to assign credentials that are specific to different areas or rooms. Our access control solutions are also easy to use, and it is easy to manage and assign credentials for different individuals.

government access control systems cornerstone protection
government video surveillance security cornerstone protection

06. Video Analytics

Government security services can increase the effectiveness of camera systems with our video analytics. With video analytics, the video data is analyzed by smart algorithms to identify different issues.


It can be used to identify threats or suspicious behavior and then send an alert to members of the security staff. This can make security personnel more effective and increase safety and security at government buildings.

07. Integrated Security Systems

Part of what makes CornerStone Protection one of the top names in government security is that we offer the ability to integrate different parts of the alarm system. Instead of having separate systems for intrusion protection, surveillance cameras and access control, you can unify the systems in one easy-to-use platform that makes it easier to manage security while also allowing the different components to work together.


Beyond that, you can also add smart automation devices to many of these systems. Along with security and fire alarms, these systems can also work for things like smart thermostats, smart lights and appliances.

integrated government security systems cornerstone protection
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Guarantees You Can Trust

As one of the top names for security systems company in Kentucky, CornerStone Protection is confident in the services we provide. We know we have some of the top experts and some of the best equipment available today. That is why we back our government security systems with some of the strongest guarantees in the industry.

Kentucky’s Best Government Alarm Company

CornerStone Protection is a name you can trust for all of your security system needs. We can work with government institutions of all sizes, and we offer an array of custom security solutions to meet a diverse array of concerns. If you are interested in government security systems in Kentucky, contact our team to start your free consultation.

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