Reduce Mass Shootings With AI Gun Detection

Incidents of rampant use of guns on unsuspecting victims are common in the US, and they often lead to loss of life and injuries. However, the good news is that you can prevent such issues by using AI gun detection in schools, hospitals, factories, government buildings or anywhere there may be a public threat. This solution significantly reduces cases of mass shootings by detecting signs of weapons to help targets respond on time.

key features of gun detection cornerstone protection

Key Features of Shooter Detection Systems

With gun detection software, you can create a gun-free zone around public premises in Kentucky. Here are the key features of the active shooter detection.

What to Expect From Gun Detection Systems

CornerStone Protection offers different products of gun protection that include the following:
ai gun detection cameras cornerstone protection

Intruder Detection

AI gun detection cameras can detect intruders and weapons before they cause harm to civilians.
active shooter crowd detection cornerstone protection

Crowd Detection

The AI gun detection system is designed to monitor crowds for suspicious movements that can compromise the safety of other people.

loitering detection cornerstone protection

Loitering Detection

AI loitering detection helps identify early signs of active shooter incidents to safeguard communities from potential threats.

Benefits of Gun Detection Technology

Gun detection solution comes with the following benefits:

Gun detection helps identify individuals carrying dangerous weapons like guns and knives and then automatically alerts operators, guards, or law enforcement agents.

This method connects with existing security cameras, so it is easy to install.

The software provides accurate results in a few seconds.

The technology provides real-time monitoring from the cloud.

benefits of gun detection technology cornerstone protection
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Meet Our Team

Founded by Shannon Stone, CornerStone Protection is a security company based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company has been providing reliable security services to surrounding communities for 12 years now. Shannon is a retired police captain with 29 years of experience in law enforcement service. The company boasts a combined 30 years of experience and expertise in the security sector. Services offered include home automation, home and business alarm systems, video surveillance, and gun detection technology. We offer quality customer service, transparency, expertise, and authority. For all your security needs, we have you covered.

How AI Gun Detection Technology Works

Gun detection system is designed to detect individuals carrying weapons like firearms or knives in public spaces. Mass shootings in places like schools, churches, and shopping malls are common in the US, and this is when the gun detection solution comes in handy. Once the system detects hidden weapons in a crowd, it alerts the operators or law enforcement agents.


Weapon detection technology prevents active shooter incidents by helping operators assess and analyze the situation for potential threats. Once the danger has been detected, the system alerts the operators to help the individuals under security threat to take necessary measures to protect themselves.

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Markets We Serve

CornerStone Protection is a leading local alarm security company based in Central Kentucky. We specialize in home security solutions, business security systems, and provide professional installation, and UL-listed monitoring services in Lexington, Kentucky, and surrounding areas. CornerStone Protection is an authorized dealer of Alarm.com.  Our expertise, experience, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness make us a dependable security partner in protecting your property.

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Retail Stores

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Protect Your Property by Utilizing Gun Detection Technology

At CornerStone Protection, we prioritize the protection of life. Our detection technology is powerful and designed to help build a safer world. By partnering with us today, you can make a difference in your community.


If you are concerned about safeguarding your property and people from gun threats, contact us now for more information about our AI gun detection services.

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