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Custom Healthcare Security Services

CornerStone Protection is a leading name for healthcare security systems in Kentucky. Whether you are operating a small private practice or a large multi-building campus, we offer healthcare security services that can meet your needs.


At CornerStone Protection, we understand that different businesses have different needs. That is why we offer custom security solutions for healthcare facilities. We know that a hospital security system would be different from a security system at a health clinic. Our experts are ready to take the time to evaluate your needs and listen to your concerns. We can then develop a healthcare security system that can meet or exceed your needs.

Our Healthcare Security Solutions

Every healthcare facility has unique security concerns. At CornerStone Protection, we offer a diverse range of security products and services to help healthcare businesses protect people and property.

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Hospital Security Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most advanced healthcare security solutions with support from expert professionals. We use only the best equipment when developing security systems. At CornerStone Protection, the safety and security of customers is always our top priority.

A Leading Name for Healthcare Security

CornerStone Protection is one of the top names for healthcare security in Kentucky. Along with that, we are a local company with real connections to the community. We take great pride in providing security solutions for local businesses. When you hire us, you get local security experts, local support professionals, and local installers from a local company.

01. Intrusion Detection Facilities

Our intrusion detection systems can be vital for establishing a secure healthcare facility. By performing a security review on the premises, our experts can identify any area that may be at risk for intrusion and we can use our technologies to mitigate the risk.


Using a range of sensors like door contacts, window contacts and motion detectors, we can create a system that will be effective at protecting your healthcare facility from intruders. Along with alerting our monitoring station, our intrusion detection systems can be set up to trigger an audible alarm and to send an alert to your phone.

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02. Hospital Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras can play a vital role in protecting your healthcare facility from crime. Cameras are often listed among the most effective burglary deterrents, and they can also provide significant evidence if there is ever an incident at your healthcare facility. Along with that, cameras might also be able to protect you from liability in the event of a lawsuit.


The team from CornerStone Protection offers an array of surveillance cameras with advanced features. This not only includes wireless cameras, but also cameras that are good for indoor use, outdoor cameras, HD recording, night vision and cameras with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. With our equipment and expertise, we can create a custom camera system for any healthcare business.

03. Access Control for Healthcare Security

Many healthcare facilities need to keep a strong grip on those who come and go from the premises. In hospitals, it might be to protect patients and staff. In a pharmaceutical plant, it might be to protect staff while also ensuring the control of materials. The team from CornerStone Protection understands these concerns and we offer an array of healthcare access control solutions that can work well.


Along with controlling access to the premises, we can also set up access control for different areas or rooms. Our access control solutions also come with easy-to-use management systems to make it easy to assign and revoke privileges. With CornerStone Protection, you can get access control based on key cards, PIN numbers and we even offer biometric authentication.

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04. Video Analytics Systems

On its own, your video surveillance system can be one of the most effective parts of healthcare security. Add in video analytics and you can take your camera system to the next level. With video analytics, you can use software to monitor video feeds and to make your surveillance system smarter and more effective.


A camera analytics platform can be programmed to monitor and analyze video in a number of ways. It can look for suspicious activity, monitor crowd activity, and recognize patterns that might be valuable to the operations of your business. The analytics can also be programmed to send alerts to security personnel to make them more effective.

05. 24/7 Monitoring for Healthcare Security

While the devices are the backbone of healthcare security solutions, they would not be complete without monitoring. Someone has to be there to receive signals and dispatch the correct response in the event of an alarm. With CornerStone Protection, you get the most reliable security monitoring for healthcare centers.


At CornerStone Protection, we pride ourselves on offering the best security available today. In that mission, we work with a network of three UL-certified security monitoring centers located at different areas of the country. This ensures that you can always count on a prompt response because the signals can always be routed to a different station if one of them is experiencing high volumes or a failure.

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06. Fully Integrated Healthcare Solutions

With intrusion detection, camera systems, and access control, you have a range of healthcare security services that can improve the protection of your facility, staff members, and patients. However, these systems can be more effective when they are all integrated in one platform. With CornerStone Protection, you get integrated healthcare security systems for greater convenience and better security.


With all of these systems working under a unified platform, they can work together to enhance healthcare security. Along with that, we can integrate fire protection and smart automation devices like smart lights and smart thermostats to make your facility safer and easier to manage. With this level of integration, you can do things like program lights to come on when a motion detector is tripped or get an alert to your phone when the fire alarm is triggered.

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Our Top of the Industry Guarantees

We are so confident in our equipment and our work that we offer some of the best guarantees in the security industry. When you choose CornerStone Protection, you get the peace of mind that comes with a system that is backed by our strong guarantee policies.

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With CornerStone Protection, you have a security company with the skills, knowledge, and experience of true security experts. We design custom commercial security systems for healthcare facilities and we offer some of the most advanced solutions for protecting patients, staff, visitors, and assets. Beyond design and installation, we also offer complete services for maintenance, support and monitoring. Contact our team to get started with a free consultation for healthcare security systems.

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