Introducing Helix Security With Cornerstone Protection

Smart Security - Simplified.

The Helix Security System is an incredibly powerful, but extremely easy-to-use smart security system. It includes top security features from many premium smart security systems, but you can install it yourself in 15 minutes without drilling or pulling wires. And, there’s no contract – plans start at just $8.95 per month.

Helix Security Includes:

One Panel...Unlimited Possibilities.

Helix supports up to 96 wireless sensors on a single panel. And, it’s wireless reach is twice as far other wireless security systems, meaning it can be used to secure just about any small to medium sized structure.

Fire Protection

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Flood Protection

Motion Detection

Smart Locks

Security Cameras

Peace of Mind Anywhere in The World With SmartLink

There’s no new interfaces or panels to learn with Helix – your system is controlled entirely through your smartphone or tablet on the SmartLink app.


Connect to your security cameras from home to see what’s going on at work, lock your doors from the dentist office, or be notified of a fire when you’re out of town – it’s all possible with Helix alarm and home automation with SmartLink.

Wire-Free Installation in 15 Minutes.

There’s no need for a professional to install your Helix system (though we are here to assist if you would like us to). Installation can be done with just your smartphone and 15 minutes of your time. And it can be uninstalled just as easily, making it a great choice for those who are renting or leasing.

Helix installation guide

See how easy Helix is to install for yourself:

Managed By You, Remotely Monitored By Us 24/7

Helix Security System comes standard with Ethernet, connectivity and is automatically linked to all 3 of our monitoring areas. Each center provides for a backing up for the other two, so you’re covered even if the connection to the closest location is momentary disrupted.


Helix will also support GSM and CDMA cellular connections as a primary or backup so you’re secure even if your internet interconnection is down (additional device is required).

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