Home Security Cameras

Adding a home security camera system increases your peace of mind and security while also keeping an eye on what’s going on to deter crime before it happens.

Professional Security Camera Installation in Kentucky

CornerStone Protection is founded on the simple belief that security can be better and can make you feel safe. So we do care and provide security over the things in your life you value most. Regardless of the indoor, outdoor, and front door, we have the latest security cameras that meet your needs. We also offer same-day installation and custom security camera monitoring services for home. Keep your eyes on your kids, elderly parents, or pets, and be there even when you are not at home.

SkyBell Doorbell Camera

Get notifications and see crisp, explicit HD videos of who’s at your front door with the function of two-way communication and save clips if necessary.

skybell video doorbell security camera cornerstone protection
outdoor security cameras for home cornerstone protection

Outdoor Security Cameras

Keep your property or home safe and watch everything outside your home with the latest outdoor security cameras. See live 1080p HD video with motion detection, and robust quality video feeds remotely through a mobile app, even in dark or poor lighting environments.

Indoor Security Cameras

Shift among your indoor security cameras to watch live HD video clips remotely and receive instant alerts. Increase surveillance  inside with a night vision indoor motion camera with a 1080p HD live stream or recorded videos, even in dark or low-light surroundings inside your home.

indoor wireless security cameras cornerstone protection
ip security camera system cornerstone protection

IP Security Camera System

With a wide range of features and digital video camera technologies, an Internet Protocol (IP) security camera allows you to control and send recorded videos or images over the Internet. You can easily adjust the light levels between day and night and can see color 24/7 wirelessly and remotely. We offer varieties of IP cameras such as – Thermal IP Cameras, Box, Bullet, Covert, Wireless, Dome, Turret, Fisheye, PTzs, and more.

Advanced IP Camera Features

Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Want to switch the location of your security cameras in home? No problem! We can provide you with video surveillance cameras that can be used both inside and outside, wherever you want. Get an affordable wireless outdoor and indoor security camera system from CornerStone Protection.

indoor and outdoor security cameras cornerstone protection

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Wireless Home Security Cameras Features

Get a professional wireless camera system installation today to secure your property from burglaries and intruders.

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Watch Your Home from Anywhere

Watch over your home, pets, or kids anytime with your smartphone or tablet. Don’t lose sight of the things you care about most.

instant alarm notification to your mobile phone cornerstone protection

Stay Informed with Email Notifications

With programmable alerts, keep track whenever something happens. The email will be sent automatically as an alarm.

live home camera monitoring day and night cornerstone protection

Live View Monitoring

Don’t miss a moment of whatever happens in your home. With the live view from everywhere, peace of mind is yours.

save video clips and watch later cornerstone protection

Record Moment & Take Snapshots

Capture special moments with any web-based device from anywhere. Or snap a picture and save it for later.

infrared night vision and day night color security camera cornerstone protection

Vision, Dusk to Dawn

Get clear inside or outside view of your home, day or night. See activities with Infrared night vision that you might miss.

motion detection security cameras cornerstone protection

Motion Detection

Stay warned if anything happens. Installing a motion detector means having safety against burglars.

Monitor & Control Home From Your Smartphone

With the CornerStone Protection mobile app, having a smartphone is like you’re always home. Using our mobile app, you can quickly check any or all of your home surveillance cameras, and even speak with people at your front door.

Our Best Tab/Mobile App Features

monitor and control home from smart devices remotely cornerstone protection

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Security Cameras Systems for Home

Intelligent detection
intelligent detection cornerstone protection
Privacy Protection
kentucky privacy protection from cornerstone protection
Two-Way Audio Communication
two way audio communication cornerstone protection
Multiple Views
video monitoring system multiple views cornerstone protection
Secure Local Storage For Sensitive Areas
secure local storage for sensitive areas cornerstone protection
A Wider Capture Of Your Home
a wider capture of your home surveillance camera cornerstone protection

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