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CornerStone Protection offers a wide range of home security cameras and systems to enhance safety at your home and protect your family.

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We Offer Professional Security Cameras Installation for Home in Kentucky

CornerStone Protection is founded on the simple belief that safety should be convenient and accessible. We do care, and we want to help you secure the things you value most in life. Regardless of the indoor, outdoor, IP, Cloud Storage, and more, we have the latest home security system with cameras. Our teams can even customize systems to meet your needs.


We also offer same-day security camera installation and monitoring for the home. Keep an eye on your kids, elderly parents, or pets, even when you can’t be at home.

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Indoor Camera

Monitor your indoor security cameras to watch live HD video clips remotely and receive instant alerts. Increase awareness inside with a night vision indoor motion detector camera. These devices have features like 1080p HD live feeds, recorded clips and more. They can also capture clear video in low-light conditions.

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Outdoor Camera

Keep your property safe and watch everything outside your home with the best outdoor security cameras with night vision. See live 1080p HD video with motion detection, and robust quality video feeds remotely through a mobile app. You’ll be able to see everything, even in low or poor lighting conditions.
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IP Camera

Security IP cameras allow you to control and send recorded videos or images over the internet. You can easily adjust the light levels between day and night and can see feeds 24/7. We offer various IP camera systems such as – Thermal, Box, Bullet, Dome, Turret, PTZs, and more.

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Doorbell HD Camera

Enhance home protection with a security camera for the front door. These devices can watch the front door and alert you if anyone comes by. It can also push notifications to your phone and allow you to see and talk to visitors at the front door.

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Best Features of Home Security Cameras

Protecting your home is a top priority, and you want to make sure you get the right security cameras for your home. With the right cameras, you can feel secure knowing that footage of any suspicious activity will be recorded and available for viewing. Find out the best features of security cameras for homes to ensure that you are getting maximum protection.

Watch from Anywhere

Watch over your home, pets, or kids anytime with your smartphone or tablet. Don’t lose sight of the things you care about most.

Live View Monitoring

Don’t miss a moment of events at your home. With the live view from anywhere, peace of mind is yours.

Vision, Dusk to Dawn

Get clear inside or outside views of your home, day or night. Infrared night vision can help you see things you might otherwise miss.

security cameras for home cornerstone protection
security cameras for home cornerstone protection

Email Notifications

With programmable alerts, keep track whenever something happens. The email will be sent automatically as an alarm.

Capture Snapshots

Capture special moments with any web-based device from anywhere. Or snap a picture and save it for later.

Motion Detection

Stay aware if anything happens. Installing a movement detector means having safety against burglars.

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We’ll Put Our Home Security Camera Systems Against Any From the Competition

We offer the best wired security camera systems available today. Along with that, we also have advanced wireless security camera systems. From night vision and analytics to live monitoring and cloud storage, we have you covered. Check out our devices and home automation solutions to see how we stack up with the competition.

Doorbell Camera Indoor Camera Outdoor Camera
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Night Vision
Motion Detection
Cloud Video Recording
2-Way Audio
Weather Proof
High Field of 360' View
24/7 Monitoring
Intrusion Detection
Mobile App
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Cloud Surveillance Cameras For Homes

The days of needing VHS tapes of DVRs for your home surveillance system are over. With cloud storage for home security cameras, you can make the system more flexible and accessible. Cloud service for security cameras can make footage accessible over the internet.


There are many advantages to using cloud storage cameras. One of the main benefits is that you can access the footage from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to monitor their premises remotely or for homeowners who want to preserve an eye on their property while they are away.


Peace of Mind With Remote Monitoring Cameras

A remote video monitoring system can offer an added layer of safety. With camera monitoring services, your system connects to the internet and it can be monitored by a real person. Instead of just recording events, this professional monitor can act if they see anything suspicious on the cameras.


Along with having a real person monitoring the surveillance system, it can also work with home automation and other devices in the home. For example, you could program the system to start recording if a door sensor or motion detector is triggered. With home automation and video, you can get enhanced protection for your home.

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Security Camera Monitoring From a Convenient App

Our home monitoring system with cameras can provide the peace of mind you deserve. Along with recording and storing data, you can also view and monitor from anywhere. With the convenient app, you can see live feeds from anywhere. You can also view clips on the go or receive important notifications.

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Camera Solutions Can Keep Your Home Safe

A high-resolution security camera can be an effective crime deterrent. Most criminals won’t want to stop at your home if they see that you have cameras around the property.

Easy Access to Security Camera Footage

Our systems make it easy to find the footage you want. From saved clips to easily scanning footage, you can find the clips you need with ease.
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Expert Security Camera Repair Service From CornerStone Protection

For security camera repair services near Kentucky, contact CornerStone Protection. Our teams offer expert home camera security installation and repair. We can make sure your devices are working and restore service when it fails. We can diagnose issues with the system and offer upgrades or replacements. We can also work on cameras installed by other companies.


Along with that, we offer a range of video camera repair services for homes. From installing new systems to upgrades and repairs, you can rely on CornerStone Protection. We also offer services for live monitoring, cloud storage, and access control.

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Get Answers to the Most Common Questions We Hear

There is no single answer to the best security cameras. It all depends on the needs of the customer. However, our experts can help you find the right cameras for your home.

The best camera placement will also depend on the circumstances. Front doors and back doors are common locations. Driveways are also good for camera placement. Our experts can assess your property and help you find the best placement for your cameras.

There are several surveillance camera features you might want to consider. HD recording is an essential for modern systems. You also might want motion triggered cameras, wireless installation, night vision, cloud storage and two-way audio.

The benefits of wireless camera systems are many. However, when compared to wired systems, the two primary benefits are flexibility and ease of installation. You can install wireless cameras in less time, and they often have more installation options without the need for a wire.

Many customers ask if fake cameras are an effective deterrent. The answer is yes and no. Some criminals might be deterred. However, an experienced burglar is unlikely to be fooled. Fake cameras also won’t do anything to help you if a crime does occur.

The best way to achieve reliable surveillance at night is to upgrade to night vision cameras. However, you could install lights near the cameras to improve visibility for nighttime recording.

It is possible to build your own home camera system. You can even buy kits that come with the basic parts. If you want something more advanced, you could take the time to learn about camera systems and their design. However, most homeowners will be better served by hiring professionals to design and install the system.

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