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IQ Panel 2 Plus

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dual srf with powerG iq panel 2 plus cornerstone protection

Dual SRF With PowerG

PowerG & Legacy security devices in a single panel

Live Video camera on 7 inch screen iq panel2 plus cornerstone protection

Live View

View Live Alarm.com Video Cameras on the 7″ Screen

Live Answer to your front door iq panel 2 plus cornerstone protection

Live Answer

Hear & Answer SkyBell Video Doorbell with IQ Panel 2 Plus

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus easy setup welcome wizard cornerstone protection


Simple, easy install wizard speeds up installation time

qolsys iq panel 2 plus compatibility cornerstone protection

Smart Home Set

Security pair cameras, locks, lights, thermostats, garage openers, and more

glass break qolsys 2 plus panel cornerstone protection

Glassbreak Panel

Built-in glass break security to protect what matters most

qolsys iq panel 2 plus compatibility cornerstone protection

Smart Home Set

Security pair cameras, locks, lights, thermostats, garage openers, and more

qolsys iq 2 plus home screen panel view cornerstone protection
glass break qolsys 2 plus panel cornerstone protection

Glassbreak Panel

Built-in glass break security to protect what matters most

automatic touchless disarming with smartphone cornerstone protection

Touchless Disarming

Automatic Touchless Bluetooth disarming with up to 5 smartphones

lte & wi-fi dual path connectivity cornerstone protection

Dual-Path Connectivity

LTE & Wi-Fi Two simultaneous high speed pathways and security reliability

manage and control all iq panel2 plus features from mobile app cornerstone protection

Mobile Apps

Control and manage all of your favorite features from the palm of your hand

sent disarm photos through email or text messages cornerstone protection

Disarm Photos

Send disarm images via email or text each time code is entered

There is a Lot to Love About the IQ Panel 2 Plus

Advanced Security System Kit

The IQ Panel 2 Plus kit offers one of the most advanced smart alarm system platforms on the current market. With dual SRF, the IQ Panel 2+ PowerG is equipped to be backward compatible with your legacy sensors without the need for an expensive translator. The advanced PowerG wireless technology offers 4x the range of traditional systems, and it uses two-way military-grade encryption to protect transmissions and guard against false signals.

Easy to Use

This latest version of the IQ Panel 2 Plus also operates on the new Qolsys 2.2 software to offer a wide range of features. From the very beginning, the IQ Panel 2 Plus specifications are designed to make this the most user-friendly panel on the market. With the Easy Install Wizard and the IQ Panel 2 Plus manual, this platform is very easy to set up and program.

Quick Setup Process

Beyond the easy setup and programming process, the IQ Panel 2 Plus also comes with a range of handy features to improve security and make life easier. You have Bluetooth disarming for up to five smartphones, built-in glassbreak sensors, a 5MP camera for disarming photos, the ability to answer your SkyBell video doorbell from the panel, dual-path connectivity, and the ability to manage and protect many of your smart home devices.

Z-Wave Plus Technology

In addition to the many advanced safety features that come with the IQ Panel 2 Plus, this system is also equipped with Z-Wave Plus technology. With Z-Wave Plus, you can add a wide range of smart home automation technologies to your home alarm systems. To name a few, you have smart locks, smart lights, smart plugs, garage door openers, smart thermostats and more.

What is PowerG?

PowerG is a wireless technology that provides the reliability of wired systems with the flexibility that you get from wireless. It has a greater range than traditional wireless protocols, and it also uses advanced 128-bit AES encryption to protect the integrity of the signals.


Along with long-range communication and encryption that is leading the security industry, the Qolsys PowerG Sensors also uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to protect the signal integrity.


With FHSS, the IQ Panel 2 Plus and its devices continually change frequencies to prevent attempts to intercept or jam the system’s signals. Along with that, the rapid frequency changes also help the system to overcome interference that could hinder the operation of most wireless networks.

Featuring Power G

qolsys iq2 panel kit powerg one cornerstone protection
powerg legacy support 319 mhz cornerstone protection
qolsys iq plus powerg sensors cornerstone protection
iq panel 2 plus powerg legacy support 345 mhz cornerstone protection
powerg qolsys iq panel 2 plus review cornerstone protection
powerg legacy support 433 mhz cornerstone protection

Equipped With Live Answer

With a compatible IQ Panel 2 Plus doorbell camera, you can now unlock features like view, answer, and speak the door live from outside. With a device like the SkyBell doorbell security camera installed, you can immediately answer the door from the IQ Panel 2 Plus.


Using the 7-inch touchscreen panel display, you can view the video on the camera. If you have a compatible smart lock on the door, you can also unlock the door to let visitors enter. With a video doorbell camera that is equipped with two-way audio, you can also have a conversation with a visitor without having to open or go to the door.


Beyond being able to use Live Answer from the IQ Panel 2 Plus touchscreen display, you can also answer and interact with the Skybell doorbell video security camera from your smart device.

The IQ Panel 2 Plus kit comes ready to work with a smartphone app that will allow you to control features like your doorbell camera. Using the smartphone app and the doorbell camera, you can see who is at your door even when you are not at home. You can also talk to visitors right from your mobile app remotely.

iq panel 2 plus with powerg & dual srf cornerstone protection

IQ Panel 2 Plus With PowerG & Dual SRF

With Dual SRF and PowerG, you get the benefits of upgrading to the newest and most secure wireless technology available with a system that can still connect with and use many of your legacy devices. That means you can upgrade to the IQ Panel 2 Plus while being able to keep many of the existing wireless sensors from your old alarm system.

When you are setting up your new safety system, you can add new sensors that work with the improved PowerG protocol. Still, the IQ Panel 2 Plus has a special daughter card that makes it backward compatible with many of the most common legacy systems. That means you can still use some of your old devices without having to purchase an expensive translator.

live view camera with qolsys iq panel 2 plus features

Get Live View With the New IQ Panel 2 Plus

The wireless system that is ready to work with your smart home devices and surveillance cameras, the IQ Panel 2 Plus, offers the Live View feature. With Live View, users can monitor the connected camera feeds of their security system using the HD touchscreen display that comes with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 kit. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to bring the camera feeds up and to switch from camera to camera.


As a system that is ready to work with a smartphone app, you can also use the live view feature from a smartphone or tablet. That means you can check the camera feeds in your home no matter where you are. You have the complete ability to monitor cameras from the HD control panel or your smartphone. You will get a clear view of what the camera is seeing, and you can always see what is going on at your property at day and night with ultra HD view.

The Easy Install Wizard

IQ Panel 2 Plus is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-operate smart alarm platforms available. With the Easy Install Wizard, you have a series of on-screen prompts that can walk any person through the necessary process of getting the system up and running with very easy to understand step-by-step instructions.


When you select the Qolsys Easy Install Wizard, it starts by giving you a range of options for the different settings you wish to work. After you have made your selection, you can then go through the process one step at a time. Depending on the options you choose, and whether you have an existing security system account, this can include options like creating an account and trying the app. Beyond that, the Easy Install Wizard can also help you search for automatic system updates, run a cell test, connect your Wi-Fi, add wireless sensors, and help you connect Z-Wave smart home devices.

qolsys iq panel 2 plus installation wizard guide cornerstone protection
qolsys alarm panel plus monitoring cornerstone protection

Download User Guideline

The Easy Install Wizard, you will also have a range of resources that can help you when it comes to programming your IQ Panel 2 Plus installation, and for assisting the users in accessing many of the advanced features that come with this alarm system platform. Follow these links to access the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus installation manual and user guides:

iq panel 2 plus review guide cornerstone protection

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