Cornerstone Protection Secures Mount Sterling Homes and Businesses with State of the Art Smart Security Systems

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Smart Security Systems for Mount Sterling, Kentucky Homes and Businesses

Cornerstone Protection offers a broad range of security solutions in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. We design and install all-in-one smart security and automation systems for Mount Sterling homes and businesses. We used some of the most advanced security alarm equipment on the current market, and our wireless systems integrate seamlessly with home automation features.

With smart security systems from Cornerstone Protection, you can manage and monitor your home or business security with a smartphone app. It allows you to control and check the system no matter where you are, and it also provides access to a broad range of home automation features. With our alarm systems, you can use remote access to monitor and manage your security alarm system, thermostat, smart lights, smart locks, security cameras, thermostat and meet more.

When you secure your Mount Sterling home or business with Cornerstone Protection, you get custom security solutions that are designed to reach the unique needs of your home or business. We start by performing a full in-person security assessment of the property and then design and install a security monitoring system that is right for you. All of our employees are trained security professionals, and we pride ourselves on providing the best security alarm systems in Mount Sterling, KY.

Regardless of your business or home security needs, Cornerstone Protection is ready to provide the best in security system design, installation, servicing and monitoring. Contact Cornerstone Protection to get the peace of mind that comes with having your alarm system installed by the best security systems company in Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

We offer affordable security systems in Mount Sterling, and you can rely on our pricing and guarantees.

As a local Kentucky security company, we offer the kind of service you can’t get from the national brands

Find out what makes Cornerstone Protection the best security systems company for Mount Sterling homes and businesses.

Why We’re Different

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  • “ We use to have an ADT alarm system…..we had some trouble with one of our sensors and started causing false alarms….ADT wanted to charge us a huge amount to repair our system. Cornerstone Protection doesn’t charge outrageous prices to maintain our alarm system..Thanks Cornerstone!! ”

    - Mike S., Kentucky

  • “ We absolutely love our interactive security system Cornerstone installed. We can control our garage door and we even get text alerts when our cleaning lady arms; disarms our burglar alarm system. We highly recommend Cornerstone Protection to install and monitor your burglar alarm system ”

    - Whitney W., Kentucky

We have 3 Elite UL Central Monitoring Stations to Protect Homes and Businesses that Use Our Security Systems in Mt. Sterling KY

mount sterling ky 3 UL certified home monitoring stations cornerstone protection

With a security system installed in your home or business, you will have a variety of different sensors placed throughout the property. This could include things like motion detectors, glass breaks, CCTV cameras, door and window contacts, smoke detectors, flood sensors and more. All of these sensors will communicate with a security alarm panel either wirelessly or through a hardwired connection.

The alarm panel communicates with our network of monitoring stations using technologies like a telephone landline, cellular communication systems or over the internet. In many cases, the security alarm panel has multiple communication paths to ensure reliability.

The alarm panel processes the signals that come from the many sensors that are used to protect the home or business. When the panel receives a signal from one of the security devices, it can then take some different actions depending on the type of sensor and the way the panel is programmed. It can then communicate with the monitoring station to inform on conditions like an intrusion, fire, flood and more.

Cornerstone Protection uses three UL listed home monitoring stations that are located in different areas of the United States. With three networked monitoring centers that have backup generators, signals can be handled efficiently and even if one station were to go down, signals can be routed to the other two to ensure constant monitoring no matter what the situation.

Mount Sterling Security Systems Services From Cornerstone Protection

At Cornerstone Protection, we are committed to providing the best security solutions for homes and businesses in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. With experience in Law Enforcement and a team of trained professional security experts, we offer unparalleled service for residential and commercial security systems.

With our experience, expertise, and dedication, we are the top security systems company in Central Kentucky. We use only the best security equipment, and we design our security alarm systems for the needs of the individual client. Whether it is for a business or a home, we will come out to assess your security needs and then we will design and install a security system that will provide reliable 24/7 protection.

Security systems from Cornerstone Protection can be configured in many different ways. We offer an extensive range of security products including CCTV cameras, motion detectors, touchscreen control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, smart locks, smart lights, doorbell cameras and more. Along with that, our systems can also integrate into your smart home automation features.

Our staff of security system installers and customer support professionals are fully trained and ready to help you with all of your home or business security system concerns. We offer an array of security system options and different monitoring solutions for homes and businesses in Mt. Sterling. Contact Cornerstone Protection to get the best security solutions available in Kentucky.

Security System Installer in Mount Sterling KY

With Cornerstone Protection security systems in Mount Sterling, KY, it’s easy to get affordable solutions for home security, business security and automation.

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