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Hire Off Duty Police Officers Kentucky

Cornerstone Protection was founded on law enforcement principles by experts in the field. The company is owned and founded by full-time, sworn law enforcement principals. We have been providing top-level security services in Lexington, KY and the Central Kentucky area for years.

Cornerstone Protection specializes in providing off-duty police officers for security services including executive protection, premium security services, or any other situation requiring the professionalism and high-level security that comes with having a real police officer on location. When the average security guard isn’t enough, an off-duty police officer can step up to provide the protection you need.

Top 15 Kentucky Off Duty Police Services (ODPS)

Through their extensive training and experience, off-duty police officers have knowledge that is not available to most private security personnel.

Off-Duty Law Enforcement

Why Off-Duty Law Enforcement Is Better Than Your Average Security Guard Service ?

The training standards can vary significantly from one private security company to the next. In some cases, security guards can obtain certification with just a few hours of training. A police officer not only undergoes extensive training at the beginning of his or her career, but they are also required to continue training throughout the course of their careers.

Most private security guards have limited experience dealing with issues of crime and protection. Some might not have any experience. A real off duty police officer has spent years protecting the public, and they have experience with a wide range of situations. When an action is needed, an off duty police officer will know how to respond.

The actions and behaviors of your security personnel will reflect upon your organization. When you hire off duty law enforcement, you get professionals that are trained to interact with the public in security situations. When you have an off duty police officer on the job, you can rest assured that they will carry themselves to the highest standards of professionalism.

Through their extensive training and experience, off duty police officers have knowledge that is not available to most private security personnel. They are well skilled in the law, they understand the rights of citizens, and they know how to identify potential threats and criminal behaviors. There is no substitute for the knowledge of experienced law enforcement professionals.

Law enforcement isn’t just a job for a police officer. They are dedicated professionals, sworn to protect, serve and uphold the law. Whether they are on or off duty, these are ideals they strive to represent every day. When you hire an off duty police officer, you know you have a professional you can trust to act in the way that is ethical and to perform their duties of a police officer to the highest standards.

Hire An Off-Duty Police Officer

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