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The #1 Business & Home Alarm Monitoring Company in Paris Kentucky

With 24/7 alarm monitoring services and advanced technologies, our security systems in Paris KY provide the best in business protection and home security automation.

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Protect Your Home or Business with Paris, Kentucky Security Systems

CornerStone Protection provides Paris, Kentucky homeowners and businesses with a range of the latest security cameras, video surveillance, home automation, and security solutions.



We offer a range of three networked UL-certified smart home monitoring stations. With our business and home security services, you can monitor and manage the security of your home using our mobile app from a smartphone or laptop remotely.

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The Most Trusted Security System Supplier in Paris, Kentucky

CornerStone Protection gives you more than you would get from your standard security system. With indoor and outdoor home security cameras and a series of other security devices networked together, you get unmatched control over your home monitoring or business security solutions. With wireless security and 24/7 monitoring systems, your home is more secure and more convenient.


At CornerStone Protection, we provide security services that go beyond home automation systems and smart safety protection. We also provide a variety of devices for things like fire protection, burglar alarm, CO2 monitoring, flood sensors, wireless sensors, and more. It’s all on one platform to keep your home or business safe all the time.

Leading Security Installation Services in Paris, KY

Whether you are at home or on the road, it’s never been easier to keep your family and home safe and secure. In following the mind of your security needs, we provide affordable custom alarm installation and monitoring services, so you and your family can rest easy. With CornerStone Protection services, you won’t worry about your home or business security, because we offer reliable security monitoring systems for home and business.

Custom Security Solutions to Meet the Needs of Your Home or Business

The experts from CornerStone Protection are ready to customize your security alarm system to meet the needs of your home or business. Whether you are looking for the most advanced alarm system or need necessary protection, we are ready to help you design the system you need. It is our mission to help every client get the best security they need at a price they can afford.

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Home Automation

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Camera Monitoring

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Intruder Alarms

Customize Your Alarm System Today

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Our Clients are at the Center of What We Do -Professional & Powerful Security Protection for Home or Business

CornerStone Protection is the fastest-growing security systems service provider for home automation and security in Paris, Kentucky. We offer affordable custom security and alarm systems design to meet your daily security needs and fit your monthly budget. Using our state-of-the-art security system technology, we can design alarms systems that are right for any home or business security.


Now, it is the perfect time to start designing a security alarm systems for your home or business. As experts in home security and automation, we create affordable smart security systems that can offer your home or business the advance protection it needs.

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Installing a Home Security Systems in 3 Simple Steps

Our security experts will visit you and show how to secure your home or business with the best alarm systems and monitoring for FREE.

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You’ll be connected with a security specialist who can help you instantly with your problems.

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Discuss Your Needs

Home security consultation is free. We’re happy to help you figure out the best way to monitor and secure your home or business.

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Day, nighttime, and weekends all work for us. And if you’re ready to purchase, installation can often be done the same day.

How Home Security Systems Work

When One Of Your Sensors Is Triggered, CornerStone Protection Responds Within Seconds

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Signal Sent

Your security panel will immediately send a signal to any of the 3 elite UL verified alarm monitoring and dispatch centers.

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Signal Received

A CornerStone Protection dispatcher will immediately assess the situation and call you to confirm that everything is okay.

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Action Taken

If you need assistance, we will notify emergency personnel and authorities to take immediate action.

Personal, Immediate Support

Our answer time for alerts triggered by life-threatening situations and property intrusion is less than 15 seconds on average, and help is only a few seconds away.

24/7 Home Surveillance Service

Our 3 Elite UL-listed security monitoring and dispatch centers are equipped to perform 24-hour surveillance monitoring of your home or business.

Keeping You Protected With Home Security and Automation Technologies from CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection is a proven full-service home security monitoring company in Paris, KY, a security service you can trust. When you hire CornerStone Protection, you get some of the most advanced wireless system technology from a team of expert security system installers. With security and automation in one platform, you get the best in protection in a system that is easy to use and convenient.


When you contact CornerStone Protection, you will get a free home security consultation. Our experts will assess your needs and help you to find the best security solutions to protect your home. Along with standard security devices like motion detectors, fire and burglar alarm, we can also integrate devices like smart lights, smart thermostats, garage doors, smart locks, and more.

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With Our Smart Paris Kentucky Security Systems, Homes and Businesses are Protected by a Network of 3 UL-Certified Monitoring Stations

Complete Security System Installation

Our security experts will start by designing your alarm system. After that, the security system installation will proceed by placing the necessary sensors in different locations. The system could include devices like door contacts, windows sensors, motion detectors, image sensors, fire protection devices, and more. The wireless devices connect with the control panel, and the panel communicates with the monitoring center.

24/7 Home Monitoring Service

Our alarm systems communicate with a network of 3 UL-certified monitoring stations. When one of the devices detects an event, it will send a signal to the security panel. From there, the panel could send you an alert, or it may send a message to the security monitoring station. Depending on the type of security system, it could communicate with the monitoring station through landline, cellular, or internet. In many cases, the system will have multiple communication paths to add an extra layer of protection.

UL-Certified Central Station

All three of our security monitoring stations are UL verified to monitor for intrusion and fire. With a network of three stations, all located in different areas of the country, you get peace of mind knowing that someone is always there to receive the signals. If one station goes offline or experiences heavy traffic, the signals can still be rerouted to other stations to ensure the safety of your home or business.

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Contact CornerStone Protection for Security Services in Paris, Kentucky

At CornerStone Protection, we are committed to providing the best in home automation system solutions. We have a team of security professionals who are dedicated to providing every customer with first-rate alarm systems service they can rely on. We hire only the best-trained security system installers to make sure we are the most reliable security alarm monitoring providers for homes and businesses in Paris, Kentucky.


When you hire CornerStone Protection, you know you are getting the top name for Paris, Kentucky security systems. We are a local company, and we pride ourselves on providing our community with security monitoring services that will protect home or business needs.


CornerStone Protection is the only security company you need for all of your home or business protection, monitoring, and automation needs. We offer advanced technologies and devices that include indoor and outdoor security cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, and burglar alarm security. We also install Skybell doorbell video cameras, smart locks, and all kinds of security sensors to monitor your home or business.


With a wide range of security services and devices, our systems can check for open windows and doors to control and monitor almost any device or appliance remotely. You can build your security systems as per your needs. We also have an expert customer support team and some of the best security system installers in the business. If you are looking for the best in a Paris, Kentucky security company that does it all, CornerStone Protection is the only name you need to know.

Your Home and Business Security is Our Priority in Making Your Life Safer

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