Privacy Policy For Cornerstone Protection

Our Policy Means Protecting Your Privacy

At Cornerstone Protection, safeguarding your privacy is our top priority. Our Privacy Policy is framed to reflect that priority. In this Privacy Policy, you’ll find a full description of how we collect and use your personal information, and you can rest confirmed/assured that we will always strive to uphold both the letter and the essence of this Policy. Be aware that we consider visiting and using cornerstoneprotection.com an explicit acceptance of the practices this Privacy Policy describes.

What visitor information does Cornerstone Protection gather? How is this information used?

Data Privacy
Maintaining data privacy is a matter of using data only in appropriate ways. Data and information that companies acquire, both actively and passively, should only be used in ways that its original owners agree to. Failure to keep customer data private is a severe offense; companies that fail in this way are subject to penalties from the Federal Trade Commission. Companies have, in the past, sold, rented, or shared the information entrusted to them by their customers to third parties without first securing those customers’ approval.


Every computer that connects to the internet is assigned both a domain name (e.g., google.com) and an IP Address (e.g., Visitors who request pages from the Cornerstone Protection website do so via an HTTP request made from our Web Server. This request information, including domain names and IP addresses, is automatically logged. None of this information conveys any of your personal information. 


The only information we gather and record automatically are the items listed below:


  • Referring Site IP Address – if you were referred to our site by another
  • Your IP Address
  • The web address of the page which linked you to our site, if any
  • Product Information on the Make and Version of your Browser (e.g., Internet Explorer 1)
  • Your Computer’s Operating System (e.g., Windows or Macintosh)
  • Words or Phrases you may have used to find our site via a Search Engine (e.g., Bing, Google, etc.)

The information described above is in no way unique or special; virtually all Web Servers collect such data in the course of ordinary Internet users. Cornerstone Protection has two reasons for collecting this information. First, we find aggregated visitor traffic data useful for improving the compatibility of our site with all visitors’ Operating Systems and Browsers. Second, we have an honest desire to cultivate more visitor traffic over time to offer our services to a broader range of possible customers near us. To this end, we analyze the necessary data described above to inform our future promotional efforts in the interest of making our Internet presence more useful and easier to find.

Our Cookie Policies

Cookies are small data files our Web Server sends to your Browser for local storage on your computer’s hard drive. Cookie files are passive and incapable of reading other data from your hard disk. They cannot, for example, read other cookie files created by other sites. Cookies are deployed by the Cornerstone Protection website to enable us to offer personalization features to site visitors. Our cookies allow our site to remember user experience settings, e.g., wallpaper preferences, language preferences you may have made during previous visits.


Your Browser’s settings allow you to choose whether or not it will accept cookies. Check your browser’s help features to find out how you can prevent any cookie acquisitions or to notify you each time a cookie send to your computer. You may choose not to accept cookies from our site, but we cannot guarantee the quality of your experience on our website if you do so. Some features may be unavailable or may not work as intended without cookies. Most internet browsers are stated by default to accept cookies, but your Browser software should include “help” information (check your toolbar) that will show you how to refuse all cookies, disable or remove existing cookies, or alert you to each new cookie as it is offered. Refusing browser cookies may limit your experience of our site and make some features unavailable.

Does Cornerstone Protection Collect Other Information?

We may collect and record some forms of information with your authorization – either directly from you or identified third parties. This information may be directly solicited by our employees, including service technicians, customer care representatives, monitoring station operators, responders, and sales and service consultants.


We may also collect information solicited through our website. Our general policy is allowing visitors to access as much information as possible on our site without revealing any personal information if they choose not to. We may collect personal information through other interactions. Your payment history, for instance, may be a source of personal information.

Personal Information Defined

“Personal information” in this context refers strictly to information provided to or collected by us that identifies you as a unique individual. It includes information that we receive, with your permission, from other sources. Examples include telephone numbers, name, street address, gender, marital status, home/business status, family composition, payment history, credit card or banking records, and credit references.

What We Do With Your Personal Information?

We put your personal information to work helping us provide the security products and services you receive from us. Ways in which we use personal information include:


  • To better understand your security needs.
  • To tell which products and services are suited to your needs.
  • Notify you of new products and services when they become available.
  • To confirm your identity.
  • To set up an action plan for alarm responses. (This includes your passcodes.)
  • In confirming or canceling an alarm when triggered.
  • To answer your questions regarding your account.
  • To notify authorities or responders when their assistance is required.
  • To assess creditworthiness.
  • To collect payments for services rendered and process those payments.

The “Identified Purposes” listed above are all understood when you give personal information to us directly or permit us to collect data from third parties. Your consent to the process is implied by your provision of the knowledge or your permission.

Does Cornerstone Protection Share Information With Third Parties?

Cornerstone Protection has a fundamental obligation to keep your personal information confidential. There are a few exceptional circumstances which may override this obligation:

We will disclose personal information if and when you explicitly authorize it, such as transmitting an alarm certificate to your insurance provider.

We may disclose personal information when we have a legal obligation to do so or when we believe such disclosure is necessary to:

  • Comply with the law or due legal process.
  • Safeguard our property and rights.
  • Prevent the misuse or unauthorized abuse of our site.

Protect the safety and property of our users or members of the public. (This means, among other things, that we may disclose personal information about you if you provide false information or attempt to assume a mistaken identity, mainly if such disclosure is part of investigating such actions).

We disclose personal information under legally-permitted circumstances, such as determining creditworthiness or collecting delinquent debts. Methods used in such cases must be both legal and reasonable.

We do not sell, rent, share, or loan any of your personal information to third parties. Third parties performing functions on our behalf may receive personal information; in such cases, they, like us, are obliged to maintain the strictest confidentiality with your information.

Steps Taken To Protect Your Personal Information

Your personal information in our system is protected by physical, electronic, and procedural measures to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Hold back your personal information safe is our priority work.


The security of personal information is a responsibility shared by all employees with access to that information. Our employees who have such access must first sign a confidentiality agreement formally binding them to this responsibility as a condition of employment. Employees receive initial and periodic training on our personal information security policies and the reasoning behind them.


Your personal information is only held for as long as it is required to provide services effectively. When your personal information is stored or destroyed, Cornerstone Protection will take the utmost care to ensure that unauthorized access is not allowed.


If this Privacy Policy is changed or modernize, such changes will always be posted on this page. Our intent is still to be clear about what information we collect, how we use it, and how and when we share it with others.


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