Qolsys IQ Hub - Smart Home Control & Security in One Platform

With the IQ Hub from Qolsys you get a simple yet powerful platform for managing home security and smart home devices.

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Experience Convenient Control of Your Smart Home Devices

The Qolsys IQ Hub offers amazing control for all your smart home devices. The 7” touchscreen panel is easy to operate with touch and swipe commands. The menus are intuitive and easy to navigate, and the commands are clearly labeled on the screen. From arming and disarming to checking cameras and answering the door, the Qolsys Hub makes home automation easier than ever.

Advanced Qolsys IQ Hub Home Automation Features

With a range of new features, the IQ Hub alarm panel from Qolsys is an evolution on previous products from this manufacturer.

Amazing Smart Home Features
With wireless disarming, touch controls and the ability to control an array of smart devices, the Qolsys Hub is made to impress.
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The Features and Capabilities You Need

The Qolsys IQ Hub comes loaded with advanced features. Bluetooth disarming makes it easy to disarm. It has a built-in glassbreak detector and two-way audio for compatible devices. The panel has dual-path connectivity, strong encryption to protect wireless signals and an incredible wireless range. It even has an array of built-in speakers that offer impressive sound. This smart home panel can do it all!

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Easy Installation

The IQ Hub Wireless panel has easy installation options for wall mount or the table stand.

wireless bluetooth disarming cornerstone protection

Bluetooth Disarming

Convenient wireless disarming from your phone. Just download the app and securely pair the device with the panel.

7 hd touchscreen display cornerstone protection

7" HD Touchscreen

The 7” touchscreen display offers clear HD viewing and familiar touch and swipe controls for your convenience.

iq hub photos frame cornerstone protection

Photos Frame

Display your favorite pictures on the screen when you are not using the Qolsys IQ panel hub.

qolsys hub smart security live view and answer cornerstone protection

Live View and Live Answer

View camera feeds and answer the door in an instant with Live View and Live Answer.

z waves series control from hub iq cornerstone protection

Z-Wave 700 Series Control

Z-Wave 700 series offers a longer range and improved efficiency for your smart home devices.

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Specifications for the Qolsys IQ Smart Home Hub

The specifications of this panel show that it is one of the top smart home platforms available today. It comes with a 7” HD touchscreen display and it is powered by the Android operating system. You have LTE communications and internet connectivity. It also uses protocols like Z-Wave and PowerG Radio for advanced wireless alarm communications. This panel unlocks the full power of your automation devices.

Qolsys IQ Hub (for AT&T)
Control Panel: Part Number: OS9302-0208-840
Dual-Path Communications: WiFi/Cellular AT&T LTE
Interactive Powered by: Alarm.com App
Most Recent Firmware: 3.0.1
Firmware Requirements: All versions begin on 3.0.0
Firmware Update Methods: OTA, patchtag, or USB Flash Drive
User Codes: 242 (Supports 4-digit and 6-digit codes)
Sensors (Zones): 128
Partitions: 4
Daughterboard Slots: 2
Sensor Frequency: PowerG, 319.5 MHz, 345 MHz, or 433 MHz sensors depending on which version of the panel is being used
Sensor Names: Global
Secondary Keypads: I0 Remote
Bluetooth Disarming:
Two-Way Voice:
Panel Camera:
Facial Recognition:
Stream Video to Panel:
Built-In Glassbreak Detector:
Image Sensors:
Smart Home Z-Wave Automation? Qolsys IQ Hub (for AT&T)
Z-Wave Neighbors:
Z-Wave S2:
Z-Wave Plus:
Z-Wave SmartStart:

The Latest Smart Home Technology

The Qolsys IQ Hub is a panel designed to seamlessly blend security with smart home features. It deploys some of the most advanced wireless technology along with an intelligent platform to monitor and manage devices. You can easily control things like lights and locks from the panel, and you can also automate various features. The owner can easily assign access codes and privileges to new users and the system is easy to set up. You can also program automation devices to work with your security alarms.

Smart Home of the Future

With enhanced security and a range of high-end features, this is the smart home hub of the future. It uses technologies like encryption and rapid frequency switching to protect the signals. It also has a much larger and more reliable range than wireless panels of the past. You can easily add security cameras to the system and they can be viewed from the panel or on your phone. The panel can support up to 128 devices and four security partitions. It also offers a range of geolocation features for your convenience.

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User Guides and Installation Instructions

The Qolsys IQ Hub is incredibly easy to install. You can wall-mount the panel or use the table stand. The device also has a convenient setup wizard that is easy to follow. You can also learn about the range of advanced features by reading the user guide.

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Customers Love the IQ Hub

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