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Keeping An Eye On Your Business With Remote Video Monitoring

Installing a business security system can be one of the most intelligent steps you take to protect your business. Remote video surveillance can be an element of protecting your business. While these systems can be effective at preventing crime, they are reactive. That means they depend on a device being triggered for them to respond to a crime.


With live video monitoring, you can take your safety to the next level. At CornerStone Protection, we work with Active Watch to offer live security monitoring for video surveillance systems. With a security camera monitoring service, you can rest assured that your property is always being watched by a professional. In addition, these surveillance professionals can manage all of your camera feeds and react with a range of responses depending on the situation.


Remote video monitoring services can provide an added layer of protection that you would not get from standard equipment. Live monitoring offers a range of active solutions. Instead of waiting for an alarm to be tripped, the surveillance professional can watch to prevent the crime before it happens.

Our Active Security Solutions for Remote Camera Monitoring

A camera system can be a great deterrent, but some criminals are not worried about being seen on video after the fact. To protect against this type of crime, you need real-time monitoring from professionals ready to take action.
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The Following Are Some of the Features You Get With Our Live Surveillance Monitoring:

Active Watch is one of the top live video monitoring companies in the country. With their monitoring service and our advanced camera systems, businesses of all types can get the protection they need. Our live video surveillance can be good for construction sites, factories, healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, retail operations, financial institutions, warehouses, ATMs and more.

Enhanced Surveillance Systems With Cloud Storage for Security Cameras

Along with live remote video monitoring, cloud storage can do a lot to enhance protection. With cloud solutions, you do not need to house video storage onsite and it makes storage more flexible. It also means you can access stored footage and clips from anywhere. You can also benefit from features like video analytics.

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Live Video Monitoring With Advanced Features

CornerStone Protection is one of the top names for security systems in Kentucky. With our advanced camera systems and remote monitoring from Active Watch, you have one of the most powerful surveillance solutions available today.

Prevent Crime Before it Happens

Alarm systems can be great for dispatching a response if something like a door contact or motion detector is triggered. The problem is that this means that a criminal is already in a place you don’t want them to be. If the location is remote or it is a crime that can be committed quickly, the police might not get there in time. For businesses that need that added layer of protection, our remote surveillance service can make a difference.


While cameras are effective crime deterrents, they do not deter every criminal. If a criminal decides to proceed even with the presence of cameras, the video will only be useful as evidence. With real-time monitoring, your cameras can become much more effective at preventing crime. With our monitoring solutions, a trained professional is always watching. They can see a person approaching the property or preparing to commit a crime.

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Loss Prevention Operations

Cameras can be a critical element for loss prevention operations. Under conventional models, you would hire a professional to monitor the cameras at your location and they would work with other staff members to prevent loss. This can be an effective way to prevent theft and other forms of crime at your business. With our live security camera monitoring, you can run loss prevention that will save your business money.


Our monitoring team can watch your cameras to spot crime while it is happening. They can work with your onsite personnel to make sure the appropriate action is taken. Our professionals have training in camera monitoring, and they can be effective at detecting crime and working with the personnel at your business. This can also save money for your business because you will not have to pay to train and retain a surveillance professional to watch the cameras.

Prevent Crime While Reducing False Alarms

Incorrect alarm signals can be a real problem for law enforcement. In some cities, it can cost law enforcement millions of dollars a year and take officers away from the places where they need to be. This is why many cities charge fines for unnecessary alarms. If your alarm system sends a false alarm, it could cost you money. The fines also tend to get higher for repeat offenses. Incorrect alerts can also cause law enforcement to start ignoring signals from your alarms.


At CornerStone Protection, we are committed to reducing false alarms. The remote video camera can be another way to mitigate this issue. With a trained surveillance professional watching your property, they will be able to see if there is a real crime taking place.


If an alarm is triggered, they can take measures to assess the situation before police are dispatched. This will save you from fines and it will also ensure that you get a prompt response when an alarm gets triggered for a real event.

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Reducing Costs With Remote Surveillance

Some businesses cannot avoid the need for onsite guards. This is especially effective if you have off-duty police officers working as guards. With that said, guards cost money. While you might not eliminate the need for onsite professionals, remote video monitoring systems can help you cut costs.


With Kentucky monitoring services, you won’t have to pay a professional to do the work at your location. The service does come with a fee, but it is much cheaper than paying professionals to work shifts at your property. Additionally, monitoring can reduce the need for so many onsite professionals. With cameras in the right location, one monitoring professional could do the work of several onsite guards.

Professional Remote Monitoring System Installation

CornerStone Protection has you covered when it comes to surveillance camera systems and video monitoring. We offer an array of advanced camera systems that include features like HD recording, night vision, two-way audio, and cloud storage. We also have cameras that can work both inside and outside.


With our camera systems and monitoring from Active Watch, you get the height of remote security monitoring. Our experts can design and install a custom system that is made to meet the needs of your business. We can then help you select a monitoring plan that will offer the additional protection you need.

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Camera Systems for Any Industry

We offer live camera monitoring for businesses and organizations in any industry. From retail stores and event venues to healthcare facilities and government agencies, we do it all. Our live monitoring security camera services can adapt to any situation.

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Strong Remote CCTV Monitoring Services Backed By Strong Guarantees
At CornerStone Protection we are proud of the work we do and we offer some of the best guarantees available in the industry. You can expect some of the following guarantees with eligible systems:

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