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Protect your business and employees with smart retail security systems from CornerStone Protection.

Retail Security Solutions That Can Protect Your Business

Any person working in retail knows crime is a serious problem. Theft and other forms of crime cost retail operations billions of dollars every year. If you run a retail business of any size, this should make retail security systems one of your top priorities.


With CornerStone Protection, you have one of the leading names for retail security for commercial business in Kentucky. Our experts have the experience to work with retail operations that cover everything from large department stores to small boutique retailers. If you have concerns for employee safety, theft, property damage, or burglary, our retail security solutions can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Security Systems for Retail Stores from CornerStone Protection

Different retail stores have different security concerns. At CornerStone Protection, we understand these differences and we offer an array of retail business solutions that can help you prevent crime while also providing a safe environment for employees and customers.

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CornerStone Protection offers the following security services to retail stores:

We offer the best security systems for retail stores in Kentucky. Our security experts can work with your team to help you build a custom alarm system that covers the full range of retail security concerns. We offer free consultations for retail security systems & our experts can survey your property to identify any risks that may be present.

Local Retail Security Services with Anti-Theft and Enhance Safety

As a local security systems company, we understand the importance of trust. CornerStone Protection has built its name by working with local businesses to address their security concerns. When you work with us, you not only get one of the leading names for retail security in Kentucky, you get a team of local experts ready to help you achieve your goals.

01. Intrusion Detection for Retail Stores

A retail store can be an attractive target for burglars. Without adequate protection, criminals could break in to steal inventory, cash, or other valuables. With CornerStone Protection, you have access to a range of intrusion detection solutions that can work with your retail store alarm system.


When our experts build your store security system, they will identify the devices you need and the best locations for those devices. It includes elements like motion detectors, door sensors, window sensors, and glass break detectors. Then, we can create a custom security system that will detect intrusion events and dispatch a response from the police with these devices.

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02. Video Surveillance for Retail

If you are looking to prevent crime at a retail store, few things will be as effective as security cameras. With proper security camera placement, most shoplifters and other criminals will think twice before committing a crime. Along with that, the retail surveillance system can also be effective for preventing internal theft.


At CornerStone Protection, we work with some of the most advanced technologies for retail security camera systems. We offer indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, and IP cameras. Our systems also offer features like HD recording, night vision, zoom, cloud storage, remote monitoring, and more. With these camera systems, you not only get an effective deterrent, but they can also provide crucial evidence in the event a crime does occur.

03. Retail Security Guards

On its own, a retail security system can be very effective at preventing crime. However, many operations will still need onsite security personnel to prevent loss and protect employees and customers. Having a security guard onsite can be one of the most valuable assets for preventing crime for these stores. With a trained guard, you not only have an effective deterrent, but you also have a person keeping a watchful eye out for any suspicious behavior.


CornerStone Protection offers off-duty police services at your locations. With the training and experience of a real police officer, you get the best in security guard services for retail stores. Our off-duty police guards can be posted at a doorway, patrol large shopping complexes, engage in loss prevention operations, and more.

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04. Access Control Solution

The old lock and key are not always the best option for securing a retail location. To enhance security, many retail stores should consider access control solutions. With an access control system, you can assign unique credentials to each employee and maintain records of the opening of different doors. You can even assign privileges for areas like offices or storage areas where you may store valuable items.


CornerStone Protection offers a range of access control security that can be suitable for retail operations. Keycards and personalized PINs are popular options for retail, but we also offer biometric authentication if needed. Our systems are also easy to use, and managers can assign and revoke privileges as needed. That means no more keys that can be copied and a complete record of who is accessing the store or different areas at different times.

05. Retail Alarm Monitoring

The onsite security is an important part of retail security. Beyond that, you also need alarm monitoring to ensure complete protection. With alarm monitoring, you know that retail security systems professionals are always ready to receive any alarm signals, and they can dispatch the appropriate response when alarm signals come in.


When you choose CornerStone Protection, you get monitoring from one of the best networks in the country. We work with three UL-certified monitoring stations to ensure a fast and reliable response to alarms. These three stations work together to ensure that there is never downtime and that there are always two stations backing the system up if there is ever an issue at one monitoring location.

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06. Retail Video Analytics

Our camera surveillance systems can be monitored from an onsite security station, a remote terminal, or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Along with that, we also offer video analytics as a way to detect and prevent crimes.


With our video analytics systems, your camera feeds are constantly being analyzed by smart algorithms. These algorithms can detect suspicious activity and alert your onsite security personnel. As an example, the system might detect a person prowling near a back exit. It could then send an alert to the phone of a  manager or security personnel. You could then check the footage and dispatch the appropriate response.

07. Integration & Automation

Part of what makes our retailer security so effective is that they can all work together under the same platform. For example, you can have access control, intrusion detection, and cameras all working together with business security integration. It makes it easier to manage security and enhances security by allowing the different systems to work together.


Beyond store security system integration, our systems can also support smart automation. For example, it could include things like smart lights and smart thermostats. With these systems integrated into your alarm system, you can make your business easier to manage, and you can also cut energy consumption to make your operation more efficient.

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Customized Retail Security Guard Services

Local retail businesses can rest easy when they have security solutions from CornerStone Protection. We have some of the top security experts in the region, and we back our work and equipment with strong guarantees. We offer the following guarantees with the retail store alarm system we sell and install:

Security Systems for KY Retail Stores

Our team at CornerStone Protection takes great pride in the work we do with local businesses. As a result, we have some of the top retail security systems professionals in the region, and we work with the most advanced technologies available today.


CornerStone Protection is ready to help you enhance security solutions for retail businesses. We look forward to providing a free security consultation, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact our team to get started with your free consultation.

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