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The #1 Richmond Alarm Systems Company for Home Automation and Business Security Solutions

CornerStone Protection security systems in Richmond, KY monitor your business or home 24/7 with our best security cameras and video surveillance systems that will help you keep your property safe.

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Business and Home Security Systems in Richmond, KY

Alarm systems by CornerStone Protection allow you to have everything protected that your family holds valuable and monitor your home from anywhere. This includes everything you own and your loved ones, since you will not always be around to keep them safe.


When you use our Richmond security system services, you are going to have the benefits of three UL-listed monitoring centers located all over Kentucky monitoring your residential homes and businesses 24/7. The help is just a touch away, and you have a mobile app to control all alarm devices remotely from your phone.

richmond home security and automation cornerstone protection
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Reliable Security Systems Supplier in Richmond, Kentucky

With CornerStone Protection, you have the home security installation, burglar proof windows, commercial wireless security cameras, and fire alarms systems for home or business.



We also offer smart lights, security video recording, smart door locks, sirens, alarm sensors installations and much more. You will have the ability to control your home thermostat, and even check and answer the doorbell remotely, all from your smartphone.

Kentucky Leader in Alarm Systems of Richmond

We are aware of just how much a break-in can ruin your trust in people and make it hard for you to go to your business or house. Since that is the case, we are offering you the best quality in Richmond alarm security for home or business, and the best part is it is fully automated.



You will even have a chance to upgrade as new systems come out, and we will provide you with the latest technology you need to have at-home security. We have multiple options of the best home security installation in Richmond KY. No matter what kind of surveillance systems or CCTV camera for home or business you need, we are going to install the best wireless security systems on the market for your peace of mind.

Security Systems Customized for Your Home Automation

CornerStone Protection has a professional security-trained team that is going to provide you with the security information you require to maintain and fit your home monitoring monthly budget. We have the best security alarm installation options for your company or at-home security. We offer a free Richmond home security consultation to help you out to make your living a bit easier.

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Home Automation

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Alarm Monitoring Services From a Home Security Company in Richmond Kentucky

If you are looking for all-in-one Kentucky alarm services for residential or commercial, you need to contact us, Richmond home monitoring company CornerStone Protection, as we have the best security systems kits that are wireless and make it easier to have a DIY home security installation. All you need to arm and disarm is the touch of a finger and you can use our mobile app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to monitor and control remotely.



You have full access to control all features of the alarm monitoring from your mobile device and can also monitor your homes or businesses in Richmond, KY at the same time. CornerStone Protection has an intelligent electronic security system, and it also has other devices that are going to help you make your home or business safe. You will have latest wireless technology protection from the CO detectors, windows or glass break sensors, flood protection, the smoke or fire alarms, and even the different type of security sensors which will help you from all kind of emergencies.

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Three Easy Installation Steps to a Safer, Smarter Home

The new level of quality in wireless home security and home automation.

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We’re happy to help you and figure out the best way to secure your home or business, with a free consultation.

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Days, nights, and weekends are all okay for us. And if you’re ready to purchase, installation can often be done the same day.

How CornerStone Protection Answers

When your home alarm is triggered, CornerStone Protection responds within seconds.

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Signal Sent

Your home alarm panel will immediately send a signal to any of the 3 UL-certified monitoring and dispatch stations.

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Signal Received

A CornerStone Protection security expert will immediately evaluate the spot and call you to confirm that everything is okay.

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Action Taken

If you need any help, we will inform the emergency personnel and authorities to take quick action.

Fast Alarm Response Times

Our alarm response time for alarms triggered by life threatening emergencies and property intrusion is less than 15 seconds on average.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Our 3 Elite UL-listed monitoring centers are ready to deliver uninterrupted alarm monitoring services for your home or business.

Security and Automation Systems Create a Safer and Smarter Home or Business

We are the leading Richmond home and businesssecurity provider of wireless monitoring and alarm systems. The best part is most of the items that we are going to install are wireless sensors, which means you do not have to worry about having a wire cut or phone lines being taken down. That means it’s going to allow you to have a great look at your home, and not worry about the security items not being able to communicate. We are going to give you the peace of mind that your business or home is protected 24/7 with our security systems.

No matter what you want to use for maintaining the security system, it is now the best time for you to get a security system for your Richmond property. CornerStone Protection has a wide range of security alarm products that are not only personalized to you, but also going to be affordable, and you can finally have the protection you need for your home or business no matter what type of disaster is going to hit.

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3 Elite UL-Certified Monitoring Centers Protecting Your Richmond, KY Home or Business 24/7 Using Our Security Systems

UL-Certified Centers

The three observing focuses that we work are all UL-certified recorded for both fire and burglary defensive signaling. The three checking control focuses we work are arranged in various parts of Central Kentucky and have been organized together to react quickly to your emergency with our security systems. They are all networked together to guarantee that you are going to have monitoring in place, even if one system goes down.

Security Systems Installation

If you already have a security system installed in your home, our highly trained professionals are going to check and then recommend the changes that will help you in getting the complete protection you need to have with the newest advances in home security technology. The alarms sensors are going to link to the wireless security panel that is continuously monitoring.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

The surveillance security monitoring panel is going to communicate everything that is going on with the professionals at the monitoring location. When one of the monitors is tripped, it's going to give a signal to your nearest home monitoring center and will determine what the issue is based on the alarm type. The security alarm panel can use multiple methods, depending on which one is put in place, to contact the security center.

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Affordable Richmond Alarm Services from CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection is a certified and reliable home security provider in Richmond, KY. The aim we have is to give you the best alarm and monitoring systems for home or business security near Richmond, Kentucky. Our work is always done at an expert level of highly trained security professionals that you will be satisfied.


CornerStone Protection is the fastest growing as the top Richmond alarm system company and guarantees your residential or commercial property is entirely monitored and protected. We have some of the most reliable systems you can find in Richmond to use for home protection or business alarm solution.


Our alarm systems give you great comfort with video surveillance and monitoring that we can provide for you. The business alarm systems that we have are going to monitor for a variety of factors, and each one is going to be covered all the time.


When you are looking at our service department, you will notice they are going to have the same guarantee to meet your needs. The company has many devices to incorporate into your security system to ensure that your home is protected all the time. Our alarm equipment is the best around with the latest technology.


Richmond alarm company CornerStone Protection specializes in custom security systems design, surveillance security cameras installation, and alarm supplier for home & business security.

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