Reliable Security Camera Cloud Storage for Home or Business

Our security camera cloud service can help you maximize the potential of your surveillance camera system. With security camera cloud storage, we can make the monitoring and managing of video easier and more flexible.

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Higher Protection

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Monitor with Ease

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At Your Finger Tips

Do More With Cloud Storage Security Cameras

Cloud-based camera systems free from the need for onsite video storage. Instead of installing a network video recorder to store footage, the cameras transmit the data to a cloud storage service. This not only relieves you of the for onsite storage, it can also do a lot to enhance safety. The system will be more flexible, and it makes it easier to access footage from anywhere.

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The Benefits of Cloud Security Camera Systems

Security camera cloud storage can do so much to optimize your surveillance system. From reducing upfront costs to unlocking more features, there are so many benefits. Check out some of the ways homes and businesses can benefit from IP camera cloud storage.

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Compatible With Existing Cameras

Our cloud storage solutions are ready to work with most existing IP cameras. As long as they operate over a network, they should work with our cloud storage platform.

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Advanced Cloud Analytics

With our video analytics solution, we can make your cameras work for you. These intelligent systems can deploy face or object recognition to enhance protection at your location.

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Easy to Set Up

It is very easy to do the cloud storage camera setup. We can connect the cameras or NVRs to the internet and have them communicating with the cloud service in no time.

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White-label Solution

Can also be deployed as part of your in-house system. Create your own video portal, admin system or mobile apps with cloud storage as a feature.

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Cover Several Locations

This is the best cloud camera system for multiple locations. Our platform makes it easy to monitor and manage surveillance for multiple locations in one place.

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True Cloud Security and Reliability

With Amazon AWS, you get unparalleled reliability from our cloud video storage. These cloud servers are almost never down, and you don’t have to worry about crashes or losing data.

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Multi-level Delegated Administration

The multiple levels of administration mean that you can rest assured that only your security personnel will have access to your system.

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Private Cloud for Enterprises

Do you want to use your in-house IT infrastructure for video cameras? No problem. You can leverage your own data infrastructure while using our platform.

The Top Cloud Storage for Security Cameras

Why You Should Choose CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection is the top name for cloud based video management systems. We pair our expert teams with some of the most advanced cloud technology available today. Our teams also take great pride in providing customers with the best security possible.

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Real Video Surveillance Experts

Get service from a team of real-time experts.

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Get Free Consultation

Our experts will work with you to find the right solutions.

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Keeping Your Video Secure

All video is protected with 256 AES encryption to ensure privacy.

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Advanced Video Features

Our systems can work with advanced features like license plate and face recognition.

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Backed By Guarantees

We offer some of the top guarantees for home and business camera systems.

Best Security Camera With Cloud Storage for Any Application

Our cloud video surveillance solutions are some of the most versatile available today. They can work for home or business. They are also suitable for indoor or outdoor cameras. We can also deploy cloud analytics for enhanced security. Our platform can also integrate with a variety of other alarm system features to make your home or business more secure.

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Surveillance Camera

Advanced cloud camera surveillance from CornerStone Protection. Store video in the cloud and access footage no matter where you are.

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Indoor Camera

We offer cloud security camera storage for indoor use. Whether it is in your home or at your business, they can offer the coverage you need.

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Outdoor Camera

Our cloud security camera recording for outdoors is some of the most reliable. They can capture high-quality footage day or night and during adverse weather.

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IP Camera

We can help you find the right cloud IP cameras or connect to existing cameras. Whether indoor or outdoor, we have cameras for every situation.

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Access Control

We also offer cloud based access control systems. With access management solutions, you can ensure reliable protection at any location.

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Cloud Video Monitoring for Any Business

We offer cloud based security camera systems for businesses in a wide range of industries. From retail and event venues to manufacturing and healthcare, we do it all.

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Advanced Video Analytics for Cloud Cameras

Cloud analytics can help you get the most value from your cameras. The AI can analyze footage to identify issues in real time.
Identify Trends:
The system can identify trends and recognize normal activity at a location.
Auto Detect:
The AI can detect various objects based on rules set by the administrator.
Data Insights:
Get insights with the analytics counting things like people and cars or creating heat maps.
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cloud based security camera systems for business cornerstone protection

Cloud Based Cameras for Business

Protect your business with cloud service for security cameras. With our platform, you can store and manage surveillance video from the cloud. Experience teams can view the camera feeds and access clips from anywhere. Our systems can also make it easier to manage multiple locations. You can easily check cameras from different places all in one dashboard.

Simple Cloud Video Management System

Video camera cloud storage has never been this simple. Our cloud platform makes it easy to store footage without an NVR. It also makes it simpler to access and manage stored footage.

Check Out Our FAQs

Have questions about cloud storage for video surveillance? Read our FAQs to get answers to some of the most common questions.
What is cloud video surveillance system?
It is a type of video surveillance system that uses cloud computing for the storage and management of video footage.
You would need to sign-in the platform using a verified account. From there, you could access the user interface to select cameras or search for saved footage.
Yes. You can use cloud storage for CCTV footage.
Our system uses 256 AES encryption, so it is very secure. However, if a user’s account gets hacked, a data breach would be possible. That is why users need to implement best practices for managing passwords and security.

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