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One of the best ways to protect your property is to install an alarm system. To enjoy maximum benefits, you must enlist the services of a professional security system repair company.

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CornerStone Protection is Central Kentucky’s number one provider of alarm system installation and repair for residential and businesses. To keep you secure from unforeseen security challenges, we provide house alarm maintenance. We assist you through all stages of security system installation, repair, and upgrades. Our skilled technicians offer professional services including repairs, upgrades, and maintenance of all home & business security systems. We’re the best local security company in Lexington, Kentucky, and surrounding areas. CornerStone Protection also provides the following services designed to protect your property.

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Ongoing Support

Once you schedule an appointment, our skilled technicians will immediately visit your place. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7, so we have you covered anytime you need our services.

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If you want to upgrade your security system to a modern one, we are there to serve you. All you need to do is to get in touch with our support team, and our technicians will get in touch with you.
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Services to Expect From CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection offers various security services including alarm system installation and repair as well as alarm system maintenance service. Installing a security system is not an end since it requires maintenance. We offer the following services:

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Issues With Door Sensors

Door contacts are designed to detect the movement of doors, but they often malfunction. If you experience this challenge, there is no need to call the manufacturer or original installer. CornerStone Protection is at your disposal to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

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Alarm System Battery Replacement

In case of a power outage, you must always have a battery backup to keep your alarm system functional. At some point, the batteries will also run flat. CornerStone Protection is there to test and replace your alarm batteries.

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Motion Detector Malfunctions

Motion detectors are effective security systems. However, they can malfunction and begin sending false alarms. If you experience this issue, call us, and we will fix it for you. We also fix all systems installed by ADT and other providers.

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Security Camera Issues

Security cameras help property owners and security companies monitor properties to ensure safety. If the cameras malfunction, we are here to help you fix or replace them to provide uninterrupted security.

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Upgrade to an LTE Cellular Communicator

With the latest technological advancements taking place, most security systems are being upgraded from 3G to LTE. To keep pace with the latest technological advancements, call us for an upgrade of your security system at favorable rates

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Security System Upgrade

If you want an efficient and effective security system, it is recommended to upgrade the one you have. Engage CornerStone Protection for reliable alarm system service.

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About Us

CornerStone Protection is the number one local security company that provides alarm system installations, repairs, and maintenance in Lexington, Kentucky, and surrounding areas.
We are reputable for:

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Other Companies Equipment Repair

If your security system was installed by another provider like ADT, don’t stress. We have you covered since we repair and maintain security systems installed by other companies. No matter the quality of equipment or hardware installed, our skilled technicians can handle all your security concerns. In some cases, the original installer might not be still in your local area, but this is not a big issue.


You might be wondering if a different company can provide quality service. Our professional technicians can handle different aspects like ADT repair, security alarm maintenance, and ADT cellular communicator upgrade. We can handle any issue that may affect the normal functioning of your security system.

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Whatever security challenge you experience, call us today for free consultation. When you schedule your appointment, our technicians will visit your place to diagnose and fix the problem. At CornerStone Protection, our primary goal is to provide the best home and business security systems to our customers.

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Get started

The first step toward fixing your security system is to contact us. We’ll assess the issue and provide professional advice.

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Professional installation

You’ll never go wrong when you deal with CornerStone Protection. Our technicians have expertise in all security matters.

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We value your security

At CornerStone Protection, we value your security. Call us today and book a free consultation.

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CornerStone Protection Team

Founded by Shannon Stone Protection is a dependable partner for all your security concerns. Stone boasts 29 years of experience in law enforcement. The company has a combined 30 years of experience in the security services. For all your security system repairs, the company is there for you.