Secure Your Kentucky Home with Smart Door Locks Installation

A smart lock gives you instant access and lets you control who can enter. Get convenient alerts whenever anyone enters for more peace of mind.
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Keyless entry

Let anyone enter without a key.

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Phone access

Set up commands on your linked phone.

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Live alerts

Receive alerts of all lock usage.

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Stop Taking Your Keys With You

A smart lock front door allows you to head out without taking your keys. Simply use your unique numeric code when you get home to unlock the door. You can also set up unique codes for guests, visitors, and even temporary workers. Use your phone to unlock or lock the door and to check any alerts when someone enters your home.

More Security for Visitors

If you invite guests to spend the night or use your home as a rental, you’ll love the security afforded by smart locks for doors. Create unique codes for every member of your family to let them come and go without using their key. You can also assign temporary codes that only work for a short period of time. Once the code expires, the lock will not accept the code. It’s also easy to open the door during an emergency. The next time someone loses or forgets their keys, set up a new code to give them convenient access.

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Pair with Your Security Camera

Have you ever found yourself relaxing in bed or on the couch when someone knocked on your door? You never know if it’s someone you want to see or another annoying salesperson. When you connect your security door locks to your camera, you can now see who is knocking before you get up. Decide whether you want to talk to that person in seconds. As a bonus, you can also unlock the door on your phone. This comes in handy if it’s someone you expect but didn’t have time to assign them a code. Unlock the door in seconds.

Remote Door Locks Make Smart Home Integration Easy

Owning a smart home helps you add value and make your home easier to use. Do you want to check on visitors as soon as they knock or ring the bell? Opt for a SkyBell HD smart doorbell. With two-way audio, you can talk to the person on the other side and even confirm their identity before you open the door. Integrate smart lights and a smart thermostat with your keyless entry door lock to adjust the temperature and your lights at the same time. When you add a fire alarm system, you get a warning when a fire starts and the chance to call for help. You can also incorporate a security panel and indoor security cameras.

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Program Locks

If you or a loved one has a tendency to leave the door unlocked, you’ll love the program locks. An unlocked door is almost an invitation to thieves. They don’t need to break a window to get into your home because they can simply open the door and walk inside. Smart modern locks for doors come with programmable locks that are easy to use. Design a program to lock the door when someone leaves it unlocked. After 30 seconds, the door will lock itself. You can add up to 30 unique codes to the keyless door lock, too. Assign different codes to anyone who needs access. The included app also allows you to change or remove their codes.

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Track Usage

When you’re away from home, you worry about what happens until you get back. A remote door lock helps you relax and enjoy your trip. It even comes in handy when you’re at work because it lets you track users. Pull up the app to see everyone who entered your home since the last time you checked. Not only does it show you how many times the door locked and unlocked, but you can see how many times each person used their code. This also lets you know if a cleaner or another worker used the door.

Voice Commands

Add to your smart home integration with voice commands. What could be easier? You just need to make sure you have a compatible device first, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. When you come home in a hurry, you don’t need to manually lock the door. Once you set up your device, use a voice command and lock the door automatically. It also works if you have the device on your phone. If you forget to lock the door and don’t program it, pull up the app and engage the lock. A door lock with alarm will even use the device to alert you when someone opens the door and you’re close by.

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Smart Locks For Garage Door

As a bonus, you’ll find door lock alarm devices that also work with your garage door. Whether you park inside every day or use your garage for storage, you have valuable things you want to protect. Nothing is worse than finding that someone stole your tools or your vehicle. People can also get inside and damage your car. With a smart door lock, you set up codes just for those who need to open the garage door. They can use the same code to close and lock the door before they head off. Assign codes to teens, mechanics, and many others. Connect a camera to your security system and know instantly when someone opens the garage door or goes inside.


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