Make Your Kentucky Home Smarter With a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat works by monitoring the temperature inside your home and adjusting the temperature accordingly. You can set the thermostat to turn off when you leave the house, or to automatically adjust the temperature based on the weather outside.
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Keep Comfortable With a Smart Home Thermostat

Kentucky weather changes so quickly that you can turn on the AC before heading to bed and wake up in the middle of the night, shivering and trying to find a blanket. With smart thermostats for home use, you don’t need to struggle to keep up with the weather outside because the device will do it for you. Thanks to the included app, you’re only seconds away from creating zones in your home and setting up schedules for every day of the week. You can even use one app to access all of your smart home security and thermostat features.

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Get Instant Alerts With Your Smart Thermostat

One of the big benefits of smart home thermostats is that they come with a built-in alarm. Have you ever come home from work and found that your home was even colder inside than the temperature outside? With your new smart system, you can set up alarms or alerts. You can choose a high temperature in the summer and a low temperature in the winter. When the temperature goes outside of the range you set, you get an alarm on your smartphone. You can then go in and change the temperature. This ensures that you’re comfortable when you get home and that your pets stay comfy when you’re gone.

Using an Automated Thermostat

Using one of these thermostats is much easier than you might think because of the app that is part of your home automation system. This app is compatible with most phones and will work whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone. You can even download a copy to your tablet. Thanks to the climate zone setting, you get the chance to establish zones around your house. You might put the second floor together and add another zone for your first floor. On the other hand, you might group all of your bedrooms together. You can set the temperature for each zone and rest assured that the thermostat will do all of the hard work for you.


Another nice feature is that you can create schedules for a week or longer. Kentucky gets so cold in the winter that your pipes can freeze and burst. You don’t want to leave the heat running 24/7 when you’re out of town, but you don’t want to come home to a flood either. With your new thermostat, you can set a schedule that turns the heat on a few times a day and shuts it off after a few hours. You even have the option of creating a schedule where the thermostat adjusts the temperature as you head home to ensure it’s comfortable.

Get the Best Thermostat Installation With Any of These Packages

We install, upgrade, and repair wifi smart thermostats for homes and businesses to fit any budget.


Basic Security
  • Security Panel
  • LTE Broadband 24/7 Monitoring
  • 3 UL Monitoring Stations
  • Remote Arm & Disarm
  • Real Time TXT Alerts
  • Live View on Screen
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Built In Z-Wave Home Automation
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Interior Camera
  • 24/7 Cloud Video Storage


  • Security Panel
  • LTE Broadband 24/7 Monitoring
  • 3 UL Monitoring Stations
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Real Time TXT Alerts
  • Live View on Screen
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Built In Z-Wave Home Automation
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Interior Camera
  • 24/7 Cloud Video Storage

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More Than Just A Smart Home Thermostat

When you work with us, you get more than just a thermostat because we can help you pick the perfect thermostat security system. You get all of the benefits of a new thermostat such as cheaper heating and cooling bills along with the benefits of a security system. Why should you worry about what can happen to your family when you’re at work or what robbers can do to your home when you’re out of town? Our systems give you all of the convenient features needed to keep your home and family secure.


In addition to a home thermostat controlled by smartphone, you can pick all of the security essentials you need. Are you tired of losing your keys and worrying about who might find them? With smart locks, you get a code you enter to unlock the door as well as the option of setting up permanent and temporary codes for others. Motion detectors give you an easy way to keep an eye out for people who gain access to your home. When you use them as part of a smart thermostat and security system, you can monitor your home whenever you’re away.

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Connect Your Residential Thermostat to Your Security System

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Here at CornerStone Protection, we believe that you deserve the best for your family. That is why we’re so happy to offer smart thermostat installation Kentucky services for locals. To install one yourself, you need to deal with a lot of wires and steps that can take hours or longer to complete. You risk doing some serious damage to your home’s electrical system and creating problems that cost a lot to repair. Not only can we install one of these thermostats for you, but we will ensure that it works and that you have access to the app before we leave.


Don’t forget about other products that work as part of your home security and thermostat setup such as glass break detectors. They fit on doors and windows and monitor for signs of the glass breaking. Burglar detectors, security cameras, and flood detection also come in handy. At CornerStone Protection, we make it easy for you to get all of the security that you need at the same time that you make your life easier with security cameras and other products. Schedule your free consultation today to find out how easily and quickly we can install a smart home thermostat along with any security products you need to create the perfect system for your Kentucky home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart home thermostat is a great option for most homes in Kentucky because it lets you control the temperature on the go. You use an app with your smartphone that allows you to change the temperature and set up climate zones. As a bonus, we help you set the thermostat up to work with your home automation system.

Not only do these lights help you save money, but they do so in several ways. The first is that they last for quite a while. You do not need to buy and replace the bulbs as often as you would other types. The lights also save you money because they use less energy as they run.
Most of our clients found that smart models were well worth the price. You can use automated schedules to adjust the temperature when you’re not home and set up custom alerts when the temperature climbs too high. A home automation thermostat is perfect for people of all ages.

This type of thermostat works in the same way that your old thermostat does. It connects to your HVAC system and sends messages to that system when you adjust the temperature. Smart systems come with more features than standard systems do such as the ability to use a remote control and set up schedules.

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