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Wondering how to streamline your customer services and communication systems to lower operational costs? Consider a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone service in Kentucky.

What We Offer in the VoIP Phone Industry

If you operate a business, VoIP is an indispensable component that allows you to make phone calls over the internet. CornerStone Protection is a trusted expert in security and telecommunications in local areas. We offer wireless business VoIP phone services for small businesses in Kentucky and Lexington. Our VoIP phone systems offer excellent customer experience at affordable rates.

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Our services cover the following:

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Cloud-based Internet Phone Services

A cloud-based business phone system uses VoIP technology to allow voice calls through internet-connected devices.

unmatched reliability cornerstone communications

Unmatched Reliability

VoIP is reliable and it comes with additional features that make calling efficient compared to traditional landline phones.

exceptional customer service cornerstone communications

Exceptional Customer Service

With VoIP phone systems, you will never experience downtime because quality customer service is always guaranteed.

guaranteed privacy cornerstone communications

Guaranteed Privacy

The phone system is designed to enhance privacy, no fear of being tracked.

At CornerStone Protection, we have you covered for your home and business VoIP phone needs.

Key VoIP Phone System Features

Internet phone service allows employees to collaborate and communicate with customers through cloud-based apps. Here are the key features of the business phone systems for install:

call routing cornerstone communications

Call Routing to Direct Incoming Calls

When you’re on another call, you can redirect incoming calls so you don’t miss business.

business text messaging cornerstone communications

Business Text Messaging

VoIP phone system offers text messaging services which you cannot get on traditional analogue phones.

call notify cornerstone communications

Call Notify

If there is an incoming call, you will get a notification.

maintain existing business cornerstone communications

Maintain Existing Business Numbers

You don’t need a new number when you migrate to a VoIP system. You can retain the old ones.

call analytics cornerstone communications

Call Analytics

You can analyse all the outgoing and incoming calls.

call queuing cornerstone communications

Call Queuing

When there are more than one incoming calls, you can queue then so that you don't miss the callers.

Unlike traditional landlines with extension lines, this phone system allows you to get several direct lines to help employees communicate directly with clients.
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Benefits of VoIP Phone Solutions in Kentucky

VoIP comes with several advantages for your communication needs. If you need a business VoIP phone service or business phone solutions in Kentucky, call us now, and we will handle everything for you. Here are the local benefits of VoIP services you should know. 

A small business VoIP solution is cost-effective compared to traditional landline or mobile phone service. International calls are free to landlines in certain countries.

IP phone systems are convenient and reliable since they offer uninterrupted communication services.

VoIP phone systems for small businesses offer excellent audio quality. It offers noise-cancelling features in the background.

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How the VoIP Phone Service Works in Local Lexington, Kentucky

CornerStone Communications offers the best VOIP phone installation for homes and small businesses. Once you request a quote, we will offer free consultation services to gain insight into your unique communication needs. Our VoIP services are customized to suit the needs of each user.


Our experienced technicians will handle the installation process. We offer excellent wiring and configuration services to give you a seamless business experience. Furthermore, we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your VoIP is running smoothly. If you want a system upgrade, we have you covered without additional hardware costs.

Our Success Story

We boast of installing unparalleled business VoIP solutions in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Our VoIP phone service has transformed the operations of several businesses in local communities. We have helped several business operators to focus on their core functions while we handle their communication needs.

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Why Choose CornerStone Communications

We are the best business VoIP service provider and also the best VoIP service for homes in Kentucky and surrounding areas. With a combined 30 years of experience, our skilled team offers reliable VoIP phone services at affordable rates.


We also offer monitoring services to ensure that you enjoy seamless communication systems in your business. We provide troubleshooting and routine maintenance so that you enjoy uninterrupted services. More importantly, our friendly customer support team offers excellent services to give you an outstanding business experience. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you solve the challenges you may encounter during your operations.

Transform Your Business Today With VoIP Phone Service

Whether you want to expand your business communication systems, implement on-the-go connectivity, lower monthly expenses, or provide excellent customer experience, we have you covered. Our comprehensive VoIP phone system is designed to help you achieve your goals.
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