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CornerStone Protection offers Winchester KY state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring alarm systems that keep your lifestyle in mind and the best bet to securing your home & business.

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Winchester home security and automation

Your #1 Rated Winchester Alarm Systems for Home & Business

CornerStone Protection offers Winchester KY a wide range of variety all-in-one wireless home security system and business security solutions.


With the touch of a finger, it is possible for you to arm or disarm your business or home by using our mobile application on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

Winchester home security and automation
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Affordable Security System Supplier in Winchester, KY

Using CornerStone Protection services, you do not only have full control over your surveillance monitoring or burglar alarm systems, but also you can monitor everything wirelessly throughout your business or homes. This includes things such as wireless home security cameras, Skybell HD video doorbell, IP/Dome/Turret IP and Bullet cameras, smart thermostats, fire alarms, and even lights.


CornerStone Protection not only offers automation systems for residential or commercial in Winchester, KY, but we also provide other smart home monitoring kits like Qolsys IQ Panel 4 and Hub, Powerseries Neo, wireless DSC Touchscreen, and much more to help you protect your home or business in Winchester. Some excellent examples of such devices are carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, smoke and heat detector, image sensor, sirens, door sensors, smart locks, window sensors, thermostats, flood protection, and many others.

Kentucky's Most Trusted Alarm Company in Winchester, Kentucky

Winchester security systems installer CornerStone Protection is also a leading provider of the best surveillance and alarm monitoring company in Winchester, Kentucky.


The great thing about wireless alarm systems is that there are no phone lines or wires to cut. It gives your business or home a professional look and allows for communication among all the security sensors. It is helping you to take advantage of the peace of mind that you deserve with the knowledge that your business or home security system in Winchester, KY is protected 24/7.

Your Custom Alarm from Winchester Home Security Services

Every CornerStone Protection security package is designed to help shield your house in a way that works for you and your budget. Whether you need just the security basics or all the alarms and sirens, our trained security expert is always available to help you 24/7 to customize residential or commercial burglar alarm systems to match your home and budget.

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Smart Home

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Video Surveillance

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Emergency Alert

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Reliable Alarm Company in Winchester KY

Whatever your goals could be for wishing to enhance the security of your business or home in Winchester, now is the time to get the best security systems provider in Winchester, KY by hiring CornerStone Protection. An alarm monitoring system from CornerStone Protection is one that’s guaranteed to help you save money and provide business or home safety.


Our company offers an affordable variety of personalized security system packages that are guaranteed to fit your budget regardless of how small or important it is while still ensuring that your business or home in Winchester, KY is protected against a variety of emergencies or crimes.

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Install Alarm Systems In 3 Simple Steps:

We’ll visit your home or business and show you how to best secure your property for free.

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CornerStone Protection Responds During a Security Breach

When Your Alarm System is Triggered, CornerStone Protection Responds Within Seconds

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Signal Sent

Your panel security will immediately transmit a signal to any 3 UL-Listed monitoring stations and dispatch center.

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Signal Received

A CornerStone Protection Dispatcher will immediately evaluate the circumstance and call you to confirm that everything is fine.

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Action Taken

If you require assistance, we will notify emergency personnel and authorities to take action quickly.

Immediate, Personal Support

Our response period for alerts triggered by life-threatening emergencies and home intrusion is less than 15 seconds on average.

24/7 Safe Alarm Service

Our 3 Elite UL-Listed Alarm Monitoring and Dispatch Centers are outfitted to perform constant security monitoring of your home or business.

Discover the Security Alarm and Automation Systems to Automate Your Wireless Home Security

The wireless burglar alarm is one of the most significant advancements to have ever been made in the home security industry. Some people might require interior cameras while other people might be in lack of exterior cameras. Others still might prefer having advanced security measures such as night vision to ensure that images are of excellent HD quality even when it is dark. Today, it is surprisingly inexpensive and easy to include automated features in the security system installed in your Winchester home or business. Thanks to the advances made in technology, it is now both possible and easy for you to control your home more efficiently whether or not you are there.


Automatic security systems also make it possible for you to schedule email and SMS alerts for a variety of situations, such as children getting in or out or even critical security events such as safety breaches. With an entirely automated home, it is possible for you to manage everything from top to bottom, whether you are physically present in Winchester, KY or you are in any other part of the world.

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Our 3 UL-Certified Monitoring Centers Guard Your Home or Business in Winchester KY Using Our Security Systems

Alarm Installation

If you have installed a security system for your business or home, the security installation experts typically place a variety of sensors across your business or home premises including motion sensor sound alarm, glass break sensor, smoke detector, door sensor, windows sensor and among others. All the sensors are linked to your burglar alarm system, whether it is hardwired or wireless.

24/7 Monitoring Experts

Burglar alarm panel communicates with the monitoring professionals at one of our three Elite UL (safety organization) monitoring stations. In case one of these sensors is tripped from a fire, break-in, or any other kind of intrusion, the sensors will send out a signal to the security panel which in turn contacts one of the three monitoring stations that we operate. The security panel is capable of sending a signal message through either the Internet, cellular, or standard phone line depending on how you have the system set up.

UL-Certified Monitoring Stations

The three monitoring centers that we operate are all UL listed for both fire and burglary protective signaling. The three monitoring control centers we handle are situated in different parts of the United States but have been networked together to respond quickly to your emergency with our security systems in Winchester KY in case one center gets cut off because of a disaster or high demand.

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Kentucky Security Alarm Services Winchester, KY from CornerStone Protection

Our aim at CornerStone Protection is to provide the highest quality security system features. We always work hard to ensure that our customers enjoy world-class quality when it comes to the security alarm systems in their businesses or homes. We are the leader in electronic security systems for homes and businesses in Winchester Kentucky and only hire the most qualified personnel to ensure that your commercial and residential property actively protected.


CornerStone Protection offers the most affordable reliable residential and commercial alarm systems that Winchester, KY has to provide for safety and security. You can depend on our alarm systems to provide secure protection and keep your Winchester business or home safe.


Our alarm services in Winchester, KY can come with a variety of security installation devices including security cameras, video surveillance monitoring, access control, siren, alarm detector and security sensors for doors, windows, image, motions, and much more smart protection.


Our trained service department and installation services are guaranteed to provide all the home and business security that you need. Winchester alarm company CornerStone Protection also offers a wide variety of security alarm systems along with the monitoring of your home or business to keep them well protected. All the security systems installed by CornerStone Protection feature the latest technology.

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Find out why CornerStone Protection is the best Home and Business Security Alarm company in Winchester, KY.

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