Hardwired Reliability Meets Wireless Flexibility.

The Powerseries NEO security system is like a traditional hardwired security system without most of the wires. Installation time for Neo is half of what it would take to install a traditional hardwired security system, but reliability is unparalleled for wireless thanks to industry-leading PowerG connectivity.

And, Neo scales beautifully for a wide variety of applications from residential to commercial, thanks to a repeater-free range of 1.23 miles on wireless connections.

Powerseries NEO by DSC Includes:

Industry-Leading Wireless Reliability, Thanks to PowerG.

When PowerG was first introduced, it revolutionized the wireless security industry almost overnight. Signal connectivity between sensors and the control panel is secured by random multi-channel frequency hopping and NSA level encryption simultaneously, making it exceptionally robust and dependable.

Reduced Interference

Using technologies like FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and dynamically optimized signal routing, each sensing device is protected against accidental or intentional frequency interference.

Consistent Connectivity

Thanks to TDMA (time-division multiple access) technology, signal collisions from multiple sensors are eliminated. Your devices are always connected, and connection is verified with true two-way communication.

A Secure Connection

PowerG uses 128-bit AES encryption to secure the connection between sensors and the control panel. This ensures privacy and meets most insurance requirements for encryption.

Scalable From Residential to Big-Box Commercial.

Neo’s wireless connections have a standard effective range of 1.23 miles with clear line of site (no repeaters necessary). Which means it’s suitable for applications including large residences and commercial operations.


And, Neo’s control panel can support from 16 to 128 different zones wirelessly, so adding new sensors and expansions has never been easier.

neo installation in the half time cornerstone protection

Installation in Half the Time of Hardwired Security Systems.

Since Neo is a hybrid security system (with hardwired control equipment and wireless sensors), installation time is reduced by 50% on average. Plus, it’s repeater-free, so you save money on equipment costs upfront as well.

user friendly neo interfaces and software cornerstone protection

User-Friendly Interfaces and Software.

Neo can be fully controlled via smartphone app or a wall-mounted control panel of your choice. Connect to your security cameras from home to see what’s going on at work or disarm your system remotely – it’s all possible with Neo.

Powerseries Neo Supports GSM and CDMA Cellular Camera Cornerstone Protection

Controlled by You, Monitored by Us 24/7

Powerseries Neo is automatically connected to all 3 of our elite UL monitoring stations. Each center acts as a back-up for the other two, so you’re covered even if the connection to the closest location is temporarily disrupted.



Neo also supports GSM and CDMA cellular connections as a primary or backup so you’re secure even if your internet connection is down.

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