Smart Home Automation with Cornerstone Protection

Our home automation systems integrate all smart home security devices providing you remote access, complete home control, and wireless monitoring.

Home Automation Security Systems That Has Your Back

Cornerstone Protection understands what’s going on around and in your home, and can take action proactively whether you are at home or away. Plus, with our smart home systems adapt to your lifestyle over time and alerts you when something out of the ordinary occurs. You can easily manage your smart home from anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone. Cornerstone Protection is powered by Alarm.com, the industry leader in automated smart security systems.

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Benefits of Using Smart Home Automation Systems

benefits of smart home automation systems cornerstone protection

Secure Your Home Without Thinking About It

Forgot to lock the front door or turn off the lights? With home automation your system can lock your home and turn off the lights automatically anytime you leave the house! And of course, you can do it remotely from your phone.

Reduce Energy Usage While You’re Away

Our smart house system can be set up with geo-location services, and it will automatically adjust any of your utilities based on whether you’re coming or going, helping you avoid an excessively large bill when you weren’t expecting it.

Focus On The Things That Matter Most

Home automation gives custom alert you when something is out of place (like if you leave the garage door up on your way to the airport for vacation), leaving you more time to enjoy the things in life that are right in front of you!

Home Automation Services For Just About Everything

detect fires and automatically cornerstone protection
Fire Alarm

Detect fires and automatically contact the local fire department for help.

Flood Sensor Cornerstone Protection
Flood Detection

Be notified if there is a flood while you’re not there.

Carbon Monoxide Cornerstone Protection
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Get notified when CO rises to dangerous levels and get your family out of the house safely.

Light and Thermostat Cornerstone Protection
Smart Thermostat and Lighting Control

Automatically adjust lighting and temperature based on whether you’re home or not (or about to be!).

automatically lock or unlock your doors cornerstone protection
Smart Locks

Automatically lock/unlock your doors based on whether you’re coming or going

shut off your home water tab remotely cornerstone protection
Water Sensor

Shut off your water to the whole house remotely to prevent ruptures or high water bills when you’re away for a long time.

Outside Home Security Cameras Cornerstone Protection
Home Security Cameras

See what’s going on inside or outside your home when you’re away.

Motion Detector Cornerstone Protection
Motion Detector

Get notified if someone is in your house when they’re not supposed to be!

24/7 Professionally Monitored For Unusual Activity

With an automated home security system from Cornerstone Protection, you’re covered if something goes wrong. Our wireless monitoring security is redundantly backed up in 8 locations across the United States and will contact local authorities automatically if there’s an incident with your home.

professional monitor camera for home automation service cornerstone protection

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