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Protect your home or business with advanced video surveillance solutions from one of the leading names in security.

Complete Video Surveillance System Provider for Your Business

We offer one of the best solutions for improving safety at your business. With excellent commercial security cameras for business, you can have eyes on your business day and night. We can protect your assets and provide better safety for people when they are at your business.


Whether you need a simple business surveillance system with just a few cameras or a more complicated setup, the expert team from CornerStone Protection has you covered. We work with a wide range of cameras and we can design systems that work with automation systems and with your access control solutions.

complete video surveillance system provider for your business cornerstone protection
camera surveillance system features cornerstone protection

Check Out Some of the Features of Our Camera Surveillance System

Our security surveillance cameras have advanced features for added protection. From high-resolution video to intelligent analytics, you know you will have the protection you need.

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24/7 Video Camera Surveillance for Homes and Businesses

Cameras are a vital component of security for many businesses. When choosing your system, you need to make sure to pick solutions that will meet your needs. Along with that, you should make sure the system performs well and has the right features. With CornerStone Protection, you get secure devices you can rely on. We also have solutions for remote video surveillance system.


Our wireless cameras have great range and they can work in a number of settings. They can even integrate with smart alarms and access control for added protection. You even have elements that allow you to view camera feeds online from devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. Our advanced camera features can also help protect your business when no one is watching the feeds.

video camera surveillance cornerstone protection Our Cameras surveillance video cameras cornerstone protection Most Competitors
Cameras With HD Recording
The Ability to Connect From Your Phone
Do The Devices Have Strong Encryption 24/7 Continuous Recording 10 Second Clips Only
Can They Work With Cloud Storage
Do They Have Night Vision Capabilities
Does the System Have Motion Activation 65+ Feet Wide Angel Lens 130 Degrees 15 Feet Narrow Lens 45 Degrees

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Why CornerStone Protection

Expert Video Surveillance Installation Services From CornerStone Protection

CornerStone Protection is the top name for commercial video surveillance systems. We can help design the right solution for you, or work on video surveillance integration.

Committed to Great Service
We pride ourselves on providing the best service to our customers and the community. Ask about the service guarantees we offer!
Committed to High Tech Security

At CornerStone Protection, we believe everyone should have access to the best security tech. Learn more about the advanced systems we offer!

Committed to Providing Reliable Protection
Homes and businesses need protection they can count on. At CornerStone Protection, we work hard to provide our customers with reliable solutions.

Experience the Benefits of Video Surveillance from CornerStone Protection

At CornerStone Protection we use some of the most advanced surveillance video security systems. The following are some of the advantages you can expect from a high-quality intelligent video system:

benefits of video surveillance systems cornerstone protection
crime prevention solution cornerstone protection
Crime Prevention

Video security solutions can be one of the most effective tools for preventing crime at your home or business.

always video surveillance monitoring cornerstone protection
Always Aware

Whether it is video surveillance as a service for home or business, real-time monitoring allows you to always see your business.

safe the environment cornerstone protection
Safer Environment

The crime prevention of cameras can help you create a safer environment for your employees and customers.

more effective measures cornerstone protection
More Effective Measures

Whether it is a guard or an alarm system, it can make other measures you take more effective.

protection from liability cornerstone protection
Protection From Liability

The evidence from cameras can be vital if someone sues your business for injuries that may occur on the premises.

peach of mind smart video surveillance cornerstone protection
Peace of Mind

You can rest easy knowing that your home or business has the added protection of smart video surveillance.

We Offer Reliable Business Video Surveillance & Monitoring Solutions For Complete Protection

One of the best elements of modern security camera systems is that they can connect to the internet to offer a wide range of useful CCTV services. With our equipment, you can monitor the feeds over the internet from a phone, tablet, or PC. You can even control some of the components of the IP camera system and access video clips from your cloud storage.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor home surveillance cameras can do a lot to protect your home and family. They can act as a deterrent for criminals and also collect evidence if a crime occurs when you are away. They can also help you keep an eye on things when you are not home.


CornerStone Protection offers convenient indoor home camera system. They can have 24-hour recording or event-based recording. You can access them over the internet on a wide range of devices. They even have HD recording and the ability to capture clear video at night.

24 hour recording and monitoring cornerstone protection

24/7 Monitoring

access your business from anywhere cornerstone protection

Access Anywhere

works day and night cornerstone protection

Works Day & Night

indoor home surveillance cameras cornerstone protection
outdoor home surveillance system cornerstone protection

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor home surveillance systems can be vital for keeping your home safe. They can watch the exterior of the home and perimeter of the property. Outdoor cameras can also act as a visual deterrent for criminals. Some cameras can even alert you to suspicious activity outside the home.


With outdoor security camera installation from CornerStone Protection, you get high-quality systems. Our outdoor cameras are rugged and weatherproof for reliable operation. They can record 24/7 or event-based. You can also connect them to a hard drive for onsite storage or take advantage of cloud solutions.

247 video monitoring cornerstone protection

24/7 Recording

cloud storage cornerstone protection

Cloud Storage

weather proof cornerstone protection

Weather Resistant

Skybell HD Cameras

Video doorbells can be effective for enhancing security at your front door. They can allow you to answer the door without having to physically be at the door. They can alert you to visitors & send notifications to your phone. You can then answer through the app.


At CornerStone Protection, we offer the Skybell camera doorbell. It has features like HD recording and two-way audio. It even has motion detection to alert you when a person approaches the door. With Skybell installation, you can do a lot to secure your home.

2 way voice cornerstone protection

2 Way Voice

remote notifications cornerstone protection

Remote Notifications

hd clear video cornerstone protection

HD Clear Video

skybell video doorbells cornerstone protection

Keep Your Business Safe With Cloud Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance storage is a fully managed cloud camera surveillance solution that provides an end-to-end video management system that is simple to implement and operate. With older alarms, you had to use tapes to store the footage. While the tapes could serve the purpose, they also had several drawbacks. If the tape ran out, the system wouldn’t record until it was replaced with a new tape. If the tapes were stolen or damaged, you would lose all of the security footage.


With modern systems, you can use cloud storage to overcome these issues. With security camera cloud storage, you can access the footage from anywhere. Along with that, cloud storage protects the footage from damage and it cannot be stolen by someone who may want to hide what is on the footage.

ky cloud video surveillance monitoring cornerstone protection
Professional Integrated Services

Top Surveillance System Installation and Repair in Kentucky

video camera installation and repair services cornerstone protection

Even the best camera systems will need repairs and service work from time to time. From replacing batteries and positioning cameras to upgrading equipment and repairing damage, CornerStone Protection is the top name for home alarm service repair. Our technicians have seen it all, and they can service and repair equipment from a wide array of manufacturers.


Our security system repair services can ensure you suffer as little downtime as possible. We can troubleshoot video surveillance monitoring issues, help you upgrade from 3G to LTE, expand the range of your system, fix faulty door sensors, and more. We are the team for all your most promising home video surveillance in Kentucky.


We also work in cities all over the region. Contact us for repairs in Lexington, Paris, Winchester, Richmond, Morehead, Berea, Mt Sterling, Owingsville, Elizabethtown, and Georgetown. We are also expanding our service area to the Charleston, West Virginia area.


Reach out to our team to learn more about our installation and repair services. We look forward to helping you protect your home or business.

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Learn More With Our FAQs

These systems use camera feeds to make it easier for a person to watch a property or collect footage. Some systems are strictly in-house, and others might connect to the internet for features like remote monitoring and cloud storage.
It can be valuable in many ways. The presence of cameras can be a deterrent. They can also provide valuable evidence if crimes do occur. You can also use them to watch a property in real-time to address a variety of issues.

There are systems available for DIY installation. However, there might be limitations to what you can do with those systems. For the more advanced security systems, you will need the services of a security expert and professional installer.

Yes. Services for cloud storage can integrate with your camera system. These cloud solutions can offer convenient storage for clips and make footage more accessible. CornerStone Protection offers a cloud service that can work with your cameras.

The answer depends on the circumstances. Surveillance implies that the cameras are for monitoring a space. Security implies that the cameras are there to prevent crime or collect evidence. However, the terms can be interchangeable, and most camera systems serve both purposes.

We offer some of the best systems backed by some of the best services. We have cameras for indoor and outdoor use. Our cameras also have a wide range of advanced features. We also have security experts that can help you design the best system for your home or business.

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